How to Grate an Onion – Best Way To Save Your Time

How to grate an onion? This question gets asked more often than you think! Sometimes, just chopping won’t be enough to get the super tender bits that melt in your mouth after the first bite. Plus, onions that are grated into tiny pieces will cook faster and more evenly.

So, how do you grate an onion? We’re about to help you find out the best method in today’s article.

What Is Grated Onion?

What is Grated Onion

When it comes to preparing onions for cooking, chopping, slicing vertically or ring-cut are some of the most well-known methods. However, there is one method that may be game-changing if you apply it to your cooking – grate an onion.

Grating is a way of onion preparation that will create well-minced onions or, more likely, onion paste. Why is it a game-changing method?

Grated onions help deliver the flavor more thoroughly to the dish. Big chunks of onions may not be well spread throughout the dish, yet things are different with grated onion. When using this form of onions, you can easily distribute them all around your dish, which will absolutely enhance the overall savor of the dish.

Another reason for grating onions is that you won’t bother cooking the onions beforehand, especially when baking a casserole with grated Spanish onion. This approach is time-saving as you only need to grate the onions finely and fold them directly to your casserole mix.

It also gives you a pleasant mouth-feel while eating as you will not get any big chunks accidentally. Plus, your onions will be cooked thoroughly due to their small sizes, resulting in better flavor to the dish.

The final and most important reason is no eye irritation. Normally, you may happen to burst into tears as the onions release their chemical when being cut. However, with grated onion, you will not have to face that situation at all. Amazing, right! 

How To Grate An Onion & How to Shred Onion

Ultimately, there are two ways to grate an onion – with a food processor and a grater.

How To Grate Onions With A Food Processor

When grating onions with a food processor, the most common problem is that instead of getting shredded onions, people end up with a combination of onion juice and smaller chunks of onions.

How to chop onions in the food processor? Or, more likely, how to grate onions? The truth is, you cannot use the shredding disc on onions. They contain too much fluid, and the texture is just wrong.

So, what is going to work? Unfortunately, there is nothing to ensure the final result of grating onions with a food processor. Opt for a food processor if you’re okay with a puree texture or a mixture of smaller chunks.

To start grating onions with a food processor, put them in the shredding disc. Then, do manual pulses until you’re satisfied with the texture and you’re done.

How To Grate Onion With A Grater

If you don’t happen to have a food processor, you can also grate onion with a grater. Even though it won’t be as fast, the texture is likely to be better. And if that’s not good enough for you, a quick run-through with your knife will do!

The process is simple and shouldn’t take you any longer than 5 minutes to grate a regular-size onion. To start, cut the onion vertically in half. Now that you see the basal plate, simply grab the onion half and grate until you get to the little nub. Voila! Isn’t that simple?!

This technique is a game-changer as it goes one step further to expose the watery part inside, making the onion so much softer and jammier as you cook it.

How To Prepare Onion In Different Ways

How to cut a sweet onion in different ways? Before stepping to the real instruction, you will need a sharp knife and a clean cutting board. What to do next is chop off the head and the tail end of the onion. Then, start to peel off the skin, and now you are ready to move to the main part.

Vertically Sliced Onion

How to vertically slice an onion? Let’s begin!

After peeling off the skin and slicing off both edges of the onions, you will get a new onion with two flat ends. Now, turn one end facing the board and the other being up towards you.

The next step is to cut the onion in half. After that, you place one half on the cutting board ( the flat appearance). Then, start from here, slice it vertically with the size up to you, and that is it.

Onion Rings

With onion rings, the key is slicing onions pole to pole. Instead of cutting the onion in half, you position it and slice it horizontally from left to right. Cut it in the size you want, and then you will have perfect sliced onion rings.

Chopped Onions or Coarsely Chopped Onions

Chopping onion in hand? No big deal! Just follow the instructions, and you are good to go.

In contrast with the first two ways, you keep the butt end when chopping. After cutting off the head and doing the peeling, slice the onion in half and then slice it vertically. Remember that your vertical slices should be a half-inch from the butt to hold your slices together.

When you have done with the vertical slices, turn it 90 degrees and slice horizontally. Chop off the butt and give it a quick chop for one last time. Now, you have some perfectly chopped onions.

Tips For Chopping Onions- Easiest Way To Chop An Onion

Do you know how to properly chop an onion? As trivial as it sounds, not everybody can chop onions without tearing up. Good news, with these tips, you’re sure to be cutting at ease in no time!

  • Cut with a sharp knife: A sharp knife aids in sharper, more accurate cuts, causing less damage to the cell wall.
  • Put the cut onion halves away from you: After cutting the onion into 2, place the halves on the cutting board, facing down. Only peel the other when you’re done cutting one half.
  • If you don’t need the whole onion, your best bet is to pop the rest in a zip bag and store it in the fridge. Remember, refrigerate, not freeze it.

Rumors have it that having the root end intact keeps your eyes from being watery. This has proven to be true as chef Gordon Ramsay confirmed it in one of his cooking tutorials on YouTube.

  • Cutting technique: Instead of sawing, chop in an up-down motion.
  • Turn on the vent hood: Irritants will be sucked up to the fan, keeping your eyes from watering.
  • Protect your fingers: While chopping, keep your fingertips slightly curled to avoid cutting them by accident. This also gives you a firmer grip when cutting.

Tips For Peeling Onions- Easiest Way To Peel An Onion 

How to peel an onion at ease? All you have to do is boil the whole onion in boiling water for 3 minutes straight. Drain off the hot water and rise it back with cold water. Voila! You will surely peel those 100% easier than normal.


Chopped Onions or Coarsely Chopped Onions

We hope after reading, you will know how to peel and cut an onion and, more importantly, how to grate an onion. Also, there are some tips that we find useful to help you with preparing your onions. Try out and tell us about your experience in the comments.

We look forward to it. Thank you for reading.

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