How To Heat Up Pita Bread? 5 Super Easy But Worked Methods

Normally, people use Pita bread to scoop dips or sauces and wrap gyros, kebabs, falafel, pizza, or sandwiches. Yet, it would be quite annoying when your reheated Pita bread does not taste as good as when you take them out from the oven?

Then, how to heat up Pita bread correctly in order to retain its taste and texture like they are freshly baked? In this post, we will provide you with a detailed guideline on reheating Pita bread and other relevant information. Scroll down now!

How To Heat Up Pita Bread

Pita Bread

There are five typical methods to reheat Pita bread, let’s discover each of them now!

1. In The Microwave

In The Microwave

Regarding reheating food, the microwave must be the first to flash through your mind. This device brings no hassle to reheat the bread or other things. Still, it will be best to be mindful of the instructions and temperature, or else you end up with a dry pita due to overheating.

Four simple steps on how to heat pita bread in microwave:

  1. Slice the Pita bread into tiny triangular pieces.
  2. Cover a plate with a damp towel and put those bread slices on top.
  3. Place the Pita bread dish onto your microwave and set the time of about 30 seconds.
  4. Keeping heating for the next 15 seconds is how to keep pita bread soft and hot!

It is worth mentioning that you must give this Middle Eastern bread a little rest before putting it back into the microwave.

2. On The Grill

On The Grill

Have you ever tried to use the grill for warming pita bread? Well, it is quite effortless to handle.


  1. Always preheat your device first, and turn the temperature to lower when it has reached around 400 degrees.
  2. Apply a thin coating of olive oil to two sides of your pitas.
  3. Place them on the rack, then leave the entire grates inside the warmed grill.
  4. Set the period of about 40 seconds for each side, flip over the other when seeing one pita side puff up like a pillow.
  5. How simple it is to warm up Pita bread!

3. In The Oven

oven method

We cannot deny that the oven is also the best way to heat up pita bread, as it can handle frozen pita bread quickly without any difficulty. As such, it can satisfy your need when you are suddenly craving a hot pita bread toast!

Instructions on how to warm pita bread that you can consider by putting Pita in the oven:

  1. Preheat the oven like the grill, but at a lower heat of 350 degrees.
  2. Wrap the freezing pita bread with an aluminum foil sheet for making pita heat up evenly.
  3. Place the package of bread in the oven and set the time up for up to 10 minutes.
  4. Make use of any supporting items like a pair of tongs or gloves to take the foil parcel out of the oven, and unwrap it carefully without hurting your fingers. Congratulations! You’ve successfully reheated Pita bread!

4. On a Pan

On a Pan

Some people often consider a well-heated pan to be the best way to warm pita bread for their convenience, especially when cooking other food.

The only thing you need is a frying pan or skillet that is big and flat enough for the bread to sit. If your pan is warped, follow those methods of how to unwarp a pan first!

Steps of how to reheat Pita bread with a skillet:

  1. Turn on the stovetop, and preheat the pan or skillet until its temperature gets high.
  2. Coat a layer of olive oil on the bread, and place it onto the previous skillet.
  3. Cook one side for about 10 seconds, flip over the other and keep heating for 10 seconds more. Make use of a fork, spatula, or a pair of tongs to hold the hot bread.

That’s exactly how to cook pita bread to ensure that it is soft enough. If you overheat or scorch it, the bread will dry out and lose its delicious taste.

Once you finish reheating Pita bread, cover it in a pot to keep it warm. Continue reading for the last method to reheat Pita bread!

5. On The Gas Stove

stovetop method

Want to have the pitas for your meal immediately, but they are all frozen? How to soften pita bread quickly? Here is how to heat the Pita with a gas-powered stove! The best way to heat pita bread with the medium-low flame is below.


  1. Turn on the gas stove yet keep the low or medium temperature.
  2. Hold the frozen pita bread with a pair of tongs and lay it on the open flame for around 40 seconds.
  3. After one side has puffed out and turned into a pocket, flip it over and warm up pita bread for 40 seconds again.
  4. Adjust the warning time freely depending on how charred your Pitas get.
  5. Take the bread out of the flame on the gas stove, then move it to a clean plastic bag. Its steam will make your bread crisp, soft, and taste better. Now, your best pita recipe dish is ready!

How To Soften Pita Bread?

There are three common tricks to soften this Middle Eastern bread Pita: Putting it in along with a piece of thick moist bread, microwave, and using the oven!

What if your Pita bread is too dry? Put this bread along with a thick moist bread piece into a big plastic bag overnight. The dried-out pita becomes softer as it has absorbed the moisture from the other bread piece.

Another tip for reheating is to microwave Pita bread. Use a clean and moist paper towel to wrap the plate of Pitas, and put it into this electronic device in high heat. After 1 minute, turn over the other side, rewrap and continue a 40-second cooking process.

The oven is also another reply to your question of how to prepare pita bread quickly to serve! Place the pita wrapped inside the moist towel onto an oven, and set up the heat for 200 degrees F in 10 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Freeze Pita Bread?

Some people might wonder: “Can you freeze pita bread?”. The answer is yes, of course! You will figure out many groceries and supermarkets freeze the pitas before placing them on the shelves.

To store bought pita bread, wrap it in some aluminum foil sheets and put it into the freezer if it is unopened.

How To Store Pita Bread?

Normally, a pita can be soft for two constant days at room temperature if you keep it in a bread box. However, you must be careful about how to store pita bread if you want to keep it for a few months.

Always use the freezer bag before storing and do not keep it refrigerated to keep the original shape and prevent drying out.

How To Make Greek Pita?

Greek Pita bread is a delicious yet ancient dish. Here are some important ingredients you need to prepare:

  • All-purpose flour
  • Whole wheat flour
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Virgin olive oil
  • Dry, active yeast.

Now we will move to the main part of how to make Greek pita:

  • Pour dry yeast into a small bowl of lukewarm water and keep activating for a few minutes.
  • Mix both all-purpose and whole wheat flour together. You can stir half of it in a large bowl, then add a little salt, the previous yeast, and some oil to the bowl. Keep in mind to pour the leftover flour into the dough and stir until a dense mixture.
  • Move the dough into a clean wooden board and knead it lightly and evenly to get a softer mixture. After that, put it back in the bowl, take a towel to cover the dough for about 15 minutes. Continue kneading for 2 minutes until your pita mixture gets elastic and smooth as well.
  • Leave the final dough combination to rest with a damp towel above 2 hours to let it rise. Shape it into some medium-sized balls, roll out in a circular shape, and use a fork to prick it. It’s done!

How To Cook Pita Bread?

First of all, you need a large pan to cook pita bread. Let’s pour a little bit of oil into the skillet and heat it. When it is hot enough, you can put the pita inside and cook for up to 3 minutes on one side. The noticeable sign is the brown spotting on the bread. After the cooking process is done, move it to a clean paper towel and wrap it.

Final Words

Our article on how to heat up pita bread covers some useful methods and tips for the best served Pita bread! You can opt for suitable and convenient methods that fit your kitchen condition. Overall, you have five choices to reheat Pita bread: microwave, grill, oven, pan, and gas stove. Please also be mindful of the heat temperature and other notes!

Share this post with your friends if you find these methods useful. Thanks for reading.

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