How To Keep Burgers From Shrinking? – Tips To Improve Burgers’ Quality!

We all love burgers because of their extraordinary flavors and the fast-food material.

If you want to make some hamburgers for your dinner party or a BBQ night, there are some important cooking tips you need to remember, except for putting the ingredients together between two slices of bread.

How to keep burgers from shrinking will be our topic today!

How To Keep Burgers From Shrinking?


How To Keep Burgers From Shrinking On The Grill?

Burgers on the grill are perfect treats for an outdoor at-home party with their excellent taste of grilled and savory. However, cooking burgers on a grill is one of the most frequent situations when burgers get shrunk.

So,  how to prevent hamburgers from shrinking on the grill? There are two important tips for you to bear in mind and follow:

First, make a burger dimple between the burgers when prepping them before cooking them on high heat. This dimpling method requires you to make a round-shaped depression on the burgers before placing them on heat.

This little technique helps prevent burgers from getting burned because the pressurized area will release the hot air out of the burger, preventing the burgers from getting shrunk and burgers falling apart.

Second, you need to cook with the grill open when handling grilling burgers. Openly-cooked burgers taste great, look delicious, and it is easier for you to spray some special BBQ sauce on the hamburgers for extra flavor and spice.

 Closing the grill will accidentally cause the burgers to be too hot, and the hotter they get while being cooked, the more chance they shrink. Moreover, it’s understandable to see that burger texture cooked with a lid on will have a slightly-pressed appearance compared to non-pressed ones, so unless you want shrunk burgers on purpose, refrain from closing the grill lid to keep burgers from shrinking.

In contrast to cooking a Cuban sandwich in a slow cooker where you need to close the lid for the sandwich to be evenly cooked, it’s the opposite for grilling burgers. Since a slow cooker cooks food at a slow, moderate temperature and speed while grill pans are all about high heat, there is a difference in the way you should handle food.

A small fact that you should know is your homemade burgers might not look the same as the advertised ones. How to keep homemade burgers together is a difficult task to achieve. However, the taste matters when cooking, so you should not ever look down on your cooking result.

Once you follow the two tips on keeping burgers from shrinking, we assure you that you can have the best tasty, juicy burgers ever.

How To Keep Burgers From Shrinking In Frypan?

Like the grill, the frypan can also be used for burger grilling, but it tends to be a safer option and more home-meal material. With the same method of making a dimple (a circle press in the middle of each burger) before you fry them on the frypan, your burgers can eliminate the risk of shrinking while being cooked.

Remember this small technique to ensure that you won’t have to redo all of your burgers once again. If you don’t make the hamburger dimple up or down, burgers can shrink to the size where the burgers themselves cannot hold the filling and the hamburger texture is ruined.

Only one simple step beforehand will solve how to keep hamburger meat together!

What Are The Other Tips On How To Keep Burgers From Shrinking?

Don’t Use Meat That Is Too Lean

Don’t use meat that is too lean

Lean meat is great for steaks for entrees, but it is certainly not the best choice for burger filling!

Once you cook lean meat on high heat, they will drain to the point when there is no water or juice left in their body, and eventually, you get back a crumbly burger recipe and dry hamburger. That is not the kind of meat you want in your juicy, tasty burgers.

How much does meat shrink when cooked? – We don’t know that, so it is vital to cook with caution. Moreover, with meat that was too dry in characteristics, such as turkey, its shrinkage causes the burgers’ shrinkage. So, choosing the right meat is important while keeping burgers from shrinking.

Don’t use meat that is too lean. Instead, purchase meat that is served specifically for hamburgers. These meats have plenty of juice, so when cooked on high heat with the right cooking method, they can still taste yummy, juicy and that’s how to keep burgers from drying out.

Don’t Handle The Meat Too Much

Not handling the meat too much is a ground rule for cooking every kind of meat in a grill or a frypan. After seasoning the meat with gentle massages, you should leave them at rest for 15-20 minutes for the seasonings to absorb into the meat entirely.

People usually handle the meat too much by scrubbing, pulling the meat to make sure that they are flavorful, but keeping your hands on the meat all over the time is not a great deal.

Let the meat handle itself alone for some time, and then you can continue handling it by putting it on the grill or fry pan to cook.

Don’t Forget To Season Your Burger At The Right Time

Don’t forget to season your burger at the right time

Like any other kind of fast food, seasoning is the key to making the food irresistible. You can season your burger’s meat initially, but the extra tip here is to keep seasoning the burgers while it is grilled on the grill or frypan.

The high heat will make the seasoning flavors more extra, and that’s how you can elevate the burger’s performance onto a whole new level. Depending on what burgers you are cooking, try to spray in extra salt, pepper, or paint the burgers with some delicious honey BBQ sauce or hamburger sauce, etc.,

Don’t Overcook The Burger

One last tip on how to keep burgers from shrinking is don’t overcook them. This tip is very easy to achieve if you follow one of the rules given previously: cooked in opened lids.

Either pan-frying or heating the grills, the burgers need to be cooked openly to prevent shrinkage and to overcook. Close lids create higher heat than usual; the higher the heat your burgers are cooked, the higher the chances of overcooking.

If you ask whether you can cook with open lids for frozen hamburger buns, the solution is to let them rest at room temperature first, then bring them to the frypan/grilling pan when they have reached room temperature.

Overcooked burgers are edible, but they are greasy hamburgers, not the result you anticipate. To check whether your burgers have reached the perfect temperature or not, use an instant thermometer and poke the meat to check its temperature. If it is 165 degrees F, then you can confidently confirm that your burgers are ready to serve!

The Final Word

And that’s our tips on how to keep burgers from shrinking. Tasty burgers have the first impression of being good-looking, so remember to follow our tips to make sure your hamburgers are not shrinking.

Thank you for reading our article, and we will catch up with you soon in the very next one!

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