How To Make Ground Turkey Taste Like Beef? The Cooking Secret!

Ground turkey and beef have no such thing in similarity at first, except that they are both delicious meat to cook in dishes.

While beef has a wonderful taste despite any cooking technique, turkey tastes a bit rougher, making it not favorable compared to its friend.

What if there are such techniques to transform turkey’s flavor into beef’s? Would you love to learn it? Then, let’s head to our topic today on how to make ground turkey taste like beef.

How To Make Ground Turkey Taste Like Beef?

How To Make Ground Turkey Taste Like Beef

Making turkey taste like beef is not a big deal as long as you follow our instructions carefully. Here are the detailed steps on how to make ground turkey taste like ground beef!

Step 1: Fire Up The Grill

In this technique, you can use the grill to transform turkey into beef. Your grill can either use charcoal or wood; both will give off a stunning flavor and a smoky barbecue sense to your meat.

Before heading to do the actual steps, firing up the grill beforehand will save you lots of time afterward. How to make ground turkey taste good depends strongly on how you cook it.

Step 2: Mix Turkey With Ingredients To Create A Beef-Like Taste

Does ground turkey taste like ground beef? It’s not – but with some changes, it can be!

The ingredients you need here are turkey and Worcestershire sauce. Pour the sauce into the turkey and start to blend them using your hands.

Your turkey can be mashed or unmashed. However, the more puree your turkey is, the more flavor it can absorb from the Worcestershire sauce.

This special sauce is mixing ground beef and turkey while keeping your turkey moist and absorbent. If you want the flavor to go a bit bolder, feel free to use extra spices like salt, pepper, cumin, garlic powder, etc.

You can search for a roasted turkey recipe, turkey beef burgers recipe, or a roasted veal substitute article and follow their instructions on which spices and how much to use to season a turkey perfectly.

Besides those spices, you should prioritize salt and pepper to make ground turkey taste like beef.

Remember that it’s a must to use more flavor than when you season beef to ensure that the taste of turkey spots on and reflects beef.

That’s how to season ground turkey to taste like beef.

Step 3: Shape The Ground Turkey

Since your turkey is in the shape of a puree or a mixture, you need to shape it to prevent it from drooping or falling apart from your grill skillet.

Use your hand or a form-maker and form ground turkey in shape, such as in stick-shaped or round-shaped meatballs.

It would help if you remembered that turkey is quite dry, and when you press it into shapes, they can likely fall apart since the meat does not contain a bending solution, the same as meatballs without an egg.

So, the trick here is to add half an egg into the turkey portion you are making. When you form it with your hands, the meat can get sticky to each other and won’t likely fall apart when you grill them on the skillet.

Just remember, don’t make the shape too big. Turkey does not have enough fat to hold it against each other compared to beef.

Step 4: Cook The Ground Turkey

And now you have all the turkey prepared, let’s start to grill them. Make sure that your grill is hot and ready to serve at the same moment.

For extra-well grilling, you can spray some cooking spray on top of the grill. Then, gently place your turkey over the heat. Turn them frequently to prevent them from burning under high heat.

Since they are cooked directly in heat, you need to keep a close eye and be attentive all the time to make sure they are not overcooked or burned.

All you need to do is flip them from time to time, check for doneness, and don’t press them against the fire using a spatula.

People usually do this trick to get a more grilling flavor, but this mistake can extract all the yummy juice from your turkey.

Unlike beef, turkey is not safe to digest once it is medium-rare or rare. Undercooked and overcooked turkey is not what we should expect, so perfectly cooked or reheated smoked turkey must be achieved.

If timing for the perfect turkey tends to be so difficult, then you can look for its cooking on the internet or as someone great with cooking to do the difficult task for you.

You are on the right steps of how to make turkey burgers taste good.

Step 5: Serve The Final Dish

Take the turkey out of the grill. You can use a food thermometer and poke it in the middle of the meat to see whether it is cooked or not.

If the number shows 165 degrees F, then congratulations; your turkey is perfectly roasted and safe to eat. Otherwise, it would help if you let it stay longer in the heat for extra cooking time.

Cut the meat out and place them in burgers to create turkey burgers taste or eat alone to enjoy this fantastic turkey vs beef burger! That’s how to make turkey taste like beef!

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Cooking Ground Turkey

Using Ground Turkey With Too Little Fat

Turkey is notoriously known for its dry content. However, you can choose which ground turkey to go for as they are different in fat ratios.

To create a ground turkey that tastes like beef, you will need a turkey with a fat ratio above %, or else your ground turkey will never taste the same as beef. You must consider this tip if you want to create turkey beef burgers.

Not Seasoning The Meat

Apart from the dry texture, turkey is unfavorable due to its bland flavor as well, so seasoning turkey meat is a key point to bring up its flavor and make it similar to beef.

All you need is Worcestershire sauce, some salt, and pepper spices, some herbs, and you can create a stunning meat dish.

Also, seasoning your meat well is the first important step if you want to know how to make turkey burgers taste better. Seasoning the meat well is a must when cooking with ground turkey.

Depending on what turkey dish you are making (meatballs on the grill or turkey and beef burgers), you can adjust the flavor according to your sense and cooking purpose.

Handling The Meat Too Much

We understand that you want to make your turkey meat perfect by handling them a lot over spices, but in cooking, more is less.

No matter what dish you want to do with your turkey, it’s best not to handle too much. Otherwise, the finished dish will become rough and tough to visibly see once you get the meat out to the dishes.

To handle the meat moderately, scrub your hand with some oil and gently massage your meat. Then leave them some time for the seasoning to naturally absorb into the meat.

You will be rewarded with stunning-looking and tasting turkey.

Cooking The Meat For Too Long

As we have stated in the previous part, you shouldn’t cook turkey for too long. It is easy to get overcooked because of the low-fat content.

If you don’t keep an eye on your turkey and let it sit in the grill, your meat can get crumbly and unappetizing.

The temperature of the cooked turkey is 165°F, and for turkey, you should purchase an instant-read thermometer to check whether the meat is done, rather than guessing from its outer look.

Undercooking Ground Turkey

Turkey is a slice of delicious yet hard-to-serve meat, as undercooked ground turkey is not acceptable.

Unlike rare or medium-rare beef that everyone adores, undercooked turkey can cause you to vomit and digestive issues.

So, to sum up, the best way to deal with turkey’s ripeness is to make sure they are cooked 100% by checking if the internal meat’s temperature reaches 165 degrees F.


And that’s pretty much everything on how to make ground turkey taste like beef. We hope this article is helpful to help you achieve the best beef-like turkey as soon as possible.

Give it a try, and you will be totally in love with the taste for sure!

 Thank you, and we will see you again!

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