How To Melt Peanut Butter Like A Pro

Do you usually use peanut butter? It is always important of my breakfast. And I also recall the days of using peanut butter to make delicious desserts at home. Like many people, however, I struggled a lot with the issue of melting peanut butter in a proper way.

Popular as it is, peanut butter originated from South America and had become an important product on the global scale thanks to Spanish and Portuguese explorers. Nowadays, it plays an essential part in the making of many foods, namely, desserts and cakes


Benefits of Peanut Butter

Not only is peanut butter a mere ingredient in cooking, but it also provides a lot of health benefits. Many of its health benefits have been supported by clinical studies. A moderate consumption of peanut butter will help you stay healthy.

Peanut butter contains such a high amount of calories as well other nutrients, such as proteins and fiber. As a result, it is beneficial for our digestive system, heart health or it even serves as a potential fighter against cancer.

Surprisingly, peanut butter is recommended for those who want to lose weight as well.

How To Melt Peanut Butter

With its versatile uses and various health benefits, there is no doubt that peanut butter is consumed on a daily basis. However, a lot of people find it challenging to melt peanut butter.

Because of its stubborn nature, peanut butter might stick to your mouth’s roof. While some people enjoy this, others may struggle with it and escape from it as much as possible.

Undeniably, peanut butter is a great ingredient to your salads, desserts, and sauces. Therefore, it is important to know how to melt peanut butter properly.

There are many ways to melt it, with technological support, such as microwave. However, you can also melt peanut butter without heat. That’s where secret is revealed. Here are several tips on how to melt peanut butter for you.

It is essential to remember that melted peanut butter should be used as soon as possible. If it is left at room temperature, you will find it hard and creamy as normal. It means that your efforts are useless.

#1. Stove Softening

Stove softening is one of the quickest and most direct ways to melt peanut butter. All you need is just a small pan along with heat.

You should start with pouring the necessary proportion of peanut butter into a saucepan or small pan. Then, low heat should be used to let peanut butter melt on its own. In this step, you can combine other ingredients in your recipe in the pan.

After that, you need to be certain that peanut butter becomes liquid. Next, you need to whisk it well to separate oil part and solids.

Immediately, you need to take peanut butter out so as to achieve your expected consistency level. Normally, 6 minutes or over will be the suitable time to melt peanut butter; however, it is dependent on how much peanut butter you use. Other ingredients are factors that need to be taken into consideration as well.

If you use too high temperature, the likelihood is that peanut butter will get burnt. And burnt butter has no application and benefit at all. In fact, it might even threaten our health. Therefore, you should focus on the process.

#2. Microwave

Perhaps this is one of the most popular tips on how to melt peanut butter. Being such a popular appliance in every house, microwave can be used for many purposes, one of which is to make butter become liquid.

However, it is also quite tricky when it comes to microwave. You have to calculate the amount of time precisely in order not to make it too liquid.

You are recommended to follow these steps. It is important to notice each step, especially if you are not familiar with using the microwave.

  • Step 1: Get peanut butter into a bowl. It is possible to replace the bowl with the microwave container as well.
  • Step 2: Then, put it in the microwave.
  • Step 3: You should use high temperature. The timer that is suitable for melting peanut butter is around 30-40 seconds.
  • Step 4: Open the microwave and check your peanut butter.
  • If the result is not satisfactory, you can continue to set the temperature again.

30-40 seconds is an appropriate amount of time for each time you try. Do not start with a long period of time at first because it would be easier to do so once more. If you set too long from the beginning, you cannot do anything with too liquid butter.

#3. Ladling in Liquid

This is a very common lesson on how to melt peanut butter, especially for those who want to use butter for making cakes or desserts. The combination of peanut butter with other liquids will be easier.

First of all, you should prepare a little peanut butter in a mixing bowl.

Then, pour a certain amount of liquid into a saucepan. It depends on your recipe to choose which liquid you will use. Some typical examples are milk or cream.

Put the saucepan over low or medium heat. Do not attempt to use too high heat.

After that, the hot liquid should be poured into the mixing bowl which contains peanut butter. You have to continue to whisk the mixture very well until peanut butter is completely melted.

Now you have the combination of peanut butter and milk to mix with other ingredients in your recipe.

You can find out more about melting peanut butter with milk to make chocolate bar drip cake with this instruction video:

#4. Blending/Processing

It is another very simple tip on how to melt peanut butter, as long as you have your blender at home. Also, you also need to follow some secret techniques that would help you achieve what you want.

You had better add peanut butter into a blender, followed by other flavoring agents or some liquid.

Some are reluctant to use other liquids because they fear that they will overpower the flavor. In fact, if you use water, things are going to be tougher because the butter taste will become bland. There are plenty of options for you regarding these two products. It can be garlic, soy sauce or rice vinegar.

Then, let the blender do its job, and you will finally have soft liquid and melted peanut butter.


The crunchy appearance of peanut butter might make people a bit reluctant at the beginning. However, to melt peanut butter is not a difficult task at all.

With all tips on how to melt peanut butter mentioned above, we hope that you can do it perfectly. As a result, you will have a wonderful achievement from your recipe and enjoy the flavor of peanut butter, along with its health benefits.

Perhaps never does a single method work for every circumstance. You should choose the tip on how to melt peanut butter, based on your recipe and the availability of some appliances at home.

Please share with us if you have any better method of melting peanut butter. Or simply share your experience or recipe with peanut butter being an important ingredient. The community is looking forward to hearing you soon.​

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