How To Reheat Deep Dish Pizza? 2 Best Ways To Help You Out

Arguably nothing beats a fresh, hot deep-dish. But sometimes, a Chicago-style pizza, or deep-dish pizza, is too much for a sitting.

In that case, you won’t want to waste your leftovers either. One of the best ways to enjoy it without wasting it is to heat it up.

Of course, though, there are times when such a massive piece of a pie can’t be finished off in the restaurant. Besides, they are too good to enjoy for only one meal.

In case you want to bring your pie home and enjoy it as a good leftover, one might ask, “how to reheat deep dish pizza” or “How to reheat stuffed pizza?.”

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What Is Chicago Deep Dish Pizza?

What Is Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

Just like the hummus of Middle Eastern cuisine, deep-dish pizza is among the most iconic foods of Western Cuisine. People in the US love it, especially those who come from Chicago.

With its ever-growing popularity, more and more restaurants are making this delish dish. From Giordano to Bartolini, they all bake heavenly, fully-stuffed, mouth-watering pies.

Who doesn’t love an excellent, crusty deep-dish pie? The question should be, how deep is your love? Inspired by Mediterranean cuisine, this dish has many variations that anyone can grow to enjoy.

From the thin-crust traditional Italian cuisine style to Chicago style, it’s only up to your preference.

Chicago style, in particular, features a deep-panned pie. The dish usually consists of many layers of sauce, veggies, meat, and cheese for a super flavor bomb.

While the crust of this dish falls somewhere between thin and medium, its height should be at least two to three inches deep. Also, expect it to be a little fried when you reheat stuffed pizza.

Just imagine the crispy outer leads to the cheesy and mouthful stuff inside the pie. It’s understandable that this dish requires a proper process, as in any professional food and drink preparation.

Note that the way for reheating Giordano’s pizza, for example, can be different from Bartolini’s pizza cooking instructions, based on their ingredients and thickness.

Now, if you are curious about how to reheat deep dish pizza, let’s dig into it.

Best Ways To Reheat Deep Dish Pizza

Prerequisite Rules On Reheating Pizza

According to some Italian cuisine experts, there are a few tricks you can easily apply to make the best out of your reheated deep-dish pie.

Remember: Never Reheat In The Box

Baked goods usually come with a paper box, but it will be a terrible idea if you try to heat your food in it.

The reason is simple. A Chicago-style is so massive that it will possibly burn the paper container before heating the dish if you heat the whole thing. You sure don’t want to set your kitchen on fire, right?

Avoid Microwave If Possible

To many people’s surprise, the second tip is to stay away from the microwave. In short, a microwave is the fastest way to send your pie to a European cuisine’s hell.

Some will even imply that microwaves and pizza are like pasta and ketchup. They are natural enemies, for sure.

The only exception is ready-to-eat pizzas that were specially made for microwaves. But that is off-topic here, as we only discuss authentic pizzas.

However fast the microwave is, it will turn your delicious pie into a mess of a soggy, ill-tasted slab of dough and cheese that deserves damnation. It is even truer for a deep-dish since it needs a lot more heat and time to warm up evenly.

Yet, this might be a great challenge for students – some of the most loyal fans of the dish. They tend to live in small dorms or apartments, making having a proper oven a hassle.

No worries, though; as we discuss further, one of the best ways to reheat pizza is by using a toaster oven. They are not that big with a hefty price tag and should be present in a medium-sized apartment.

Best Way: Use A Skillet

Using a skillet
Best Way: Use A Skillet

Pizza enthusiasts, the best way to reheat your frozen pie is by using a traditional, good ol’ cast iron skillet. Heck, sometimes a Dutch oven is equally good.

As the old saying goes, “A cat comes back to its skin”; to heat up deep dish pizza the same way they cook it is always the safest bet.

Step 1: To start, you want to grease your skillet evenly and take it to medium heat. Remember to use olive oil and heat your skillet by using high heat before lowering it to medium. Don’t worry about the oil cleansing, it’s super easy!

Step 2: Put the pie in, give it some splashes of water around the side, then cover up the whole thing.

The covering part, it’s there to ensure the pie is heated evenly. More importantly, it locks the moisture in to keep the pie juicy as new.

Step 3: You want to watch it for three to five minutes. After that, take the pie out and enjoy your way.

Pro tip: A great way to make sure the sides of the pie are crusty is to use a skillet that fits it snuggly. The heat from the walls of the skillet will do its job excellently.

Now you know how to reheat frozen deep dish pizza in the best way!

Runner Up: Toaster Oven

Toaster Oven
Runner Up: Toaster Oven

As we mentioned above, reheating deep dish pizza in the oven is one of the space-saving and safe alternatives for a microwave. Yet, the method is still very straightforward and fast.

Step 1: You need to preheat your oven to 450F. The preheat trick here is to ensure you don’t burn the outside of your pie before heating up the inside of it.

Some might say 600F is the way to go, but that will be too hot of a warm-up, and you may end up with ash. 

Step 2: After preheating, cover the baking tray with a sheet of aluminum foil, give it a nice touch of oil. That will save your pie from sticking to the tray.

Now, when you place your slices of deep-dish pizza on the foil, please remember to leave some space between them to prevent sticking.

Step 3: Give each side of the pie some drops of water, just like you do with the skillet method. The water will keep the moisture from going away and add a crunchy touch to the side.

Keep in mind that the amount of water you use is crucial. Too much water, and it becomes soggy. Too little, and you will have cardboard, tasteless dough. It’s a tried-and-true process that takes some practice.

Step 4: Don’t forget to cover your pie with another sheet of foil before putting it in. The sheet protects the pie from overheating or losing moisture.

You should heat the pie in the oven for 20-30 minutes, a little longer than the skillet. Also, please don’t go out and chat with your neighbors and forget to check it every few minutes if you don’t want a burned piece of wasted good food, though.

And that’s how to warm up deep dish pizza in an oven.

To Wrap It Up

Long story short, the best way to reheat Chicago style pizza is with a skillet. A toaster oven is usually decent enough to stand in if you don’t want to do that. Whatever you do, please never microwave deep dish pizza.

We hope that our article helps you answer your question on how to reheat deep dish pizza. As usual, take good care of your food, and even a leftover can be a great meal to enjoy with your fam squad.

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