How To Reheat Donuts? 5 Proven & Easy-Peasy Methods

What to do with day olds donuts? What about the ones you can’t finish in one go? Don’t even think about throwing them away! Why do that when you can keep them fresh for later? That’s right – donuts, if properly stored and reheated, can taste just as good as when they came out from the deep fryer.

This article includes a simple guide on how to reheat donuts near perfection with different kitchen appliances. Stay tuned!

How To Reheat Donuts – 5 Best Methods

how to reheat donuts
reheat donuts

So how to heat up a super donut? You can find the answer from the methods below. In case you’re wondering, they also work on a stale donut.

1. Using A Microwave

In The Microwave
Using The Microwave

Out of the several methods on how to reheat a donut, the first and most common way to reheat donuts is to use a microwave. It doesn’t take long to microwave donuts, allowing you to enjoy your donut goodness within a couple of seconds.

Start by laying the donuts on a microwave-safe plate, then place it in the microwave. Turn down the heat and let them reheat for 20-30 seconds on medium heat.

Next, take out the donuts and enjoy! If you prefer them a little warmer, another 10 seconds will do.


  • Frosted or glazed donuts don’t heat up very well in a microwave because the sugar will melt and run off the donuts. You may want to scrape off the glazing and reapply later, but it will likely be a mess with lots of effort needed.
  • With jam/jelly donuts, you’ll want to see how hot they are before taking a bite. The dough may feel warm, whereas the jam inside is too hot. Trust us, burning your tongue when biting off a hot doughnut is the last thing you’d want to do.

2. Using An Oven

In The Oven
Using an oven

Reheating donuts also works if you don’t happen to have a microwave. Even though they take a little longer, the results coming out from the oven are equally amazing.

First thing first, you preheat the appliance at 350℉ for a few minutes. Then, place the donuts wrapped in aluminum foil inside the oven and let them sit for 5 minutes.

After that, check to see if they’re properly heated to your liking. If not, put them back in the oven for another 2 minutes. Voilà, now you can sit back and enjoy your deliciously warm donuts.

3. Using An Air Fryer

an air fryer
Using an air fryer

Yes, you can totally use an air fryer or a mini donut fryer to reheat your donuts. In fact, it’s also one of the best ways because the air fryer will ‘revive’ the dough with all the flavors packed within. Here’s how it’s done.

First, you’d want to preheat the fryer at 350℉, just like how it is with an oven. Next, use aluminum foil to wrap each donut, then cover the wrapped donuts in a damp paper towel to soften them up.

After that, allow them to reheat in the fryer for 5 minutes. Those fond of a crispier outer layer may want to leave them in there for a bit longer, let’s say 2 minutes more.

Finish the process by removing the paper towel and aluminum foil, and enjoy! 

4. Using A Toaster Oven

Using a toaster oven
Using a toaster oven

Using a toaster oven to reheat donuts makes a good call when you don’t want to use a conventional oven, not to mention, what if there’s only one donut that needs warming?

Again, we’re going to start by preheating the appliance at 350℉. Wrap the donuts in aluminum foils with an extra layer of damp paper towels. Sounds familiar? Yes, this process is almost identical to the air fryer method we’ve just mentioned above.

You know what to do next, folks. That’s right, place the donuts inside the toaster oven for 5 minutes (or a little longer, according to your liking).

Use a pair of heat-resistant gloves to take out the donuts. You are free to devour them now! How to eat doughnuts to fully appreciate their deliciousness? Take a big bite!

5. Using A Frying Pan

Frying Pan
Frying Pan

We bet you didn’t think this was possible, but surprisingly, it is! 

After all, this is how donuts are made in the first place. This method works wonders if you’re trying to reheat frozen or day old donuts. However, reheating glazed donuts or those with toppings may not be a good idea as the glaze will melt and the toppings will fall off. That being said, you should only use a frying pan to reheat cinnamon sugar doughnuts or plain ole sugar donuts.

Since you’ll be adding oil to ‘cook’ the donuts, using a frying pan is definitely not a healthy option. If you’re trying to cut up your calories consumption, you will want to skip this method.

To start, fill up a deep frying pan with oil (enough to help the donuts ‘float’). Next, leave the oil over high heat for a minute, then change to medium heat.

After that, carefully add the donuts to the pan, one at a time. Make sure they’re separated, unless weird enough, you want a bunch of donuts sticking together.

Allow the donuts to cook for 3-4 minutes on each side, then remove from the pan once they’re nicely golden. Place them on top of some paper towels to soak out the extra oil, then poke the inside with a fork to ensure they’re fully cooked, not frozen.

It is optional to add powdered sugar on top to make them sugar raised donuts. A simple way to turn your 3 day-old donuts into warm donuts.

How To Store Donuts To Keep Them Fresh

Fresh or stored, sweet treats like donuts or cinnamon rolls taste the best when they’re warm. Ideally, they should be somewhere between room temperature and body temperature. Such temperatures aid in detecting the sweetness of these little treats to the fullest.

For that reason, you can keep your donuts, covered in aluminum foil, on the counter for 2-3 days, and they’ll still taste like heaven when you take a bite.

If you place them in the fridge, the time goes up to a week. When tucked in the freezer, the donuts are likely to harden but return to their original textures as you heat them up. Now you know how to soften donuts.


Can I Reheat Stale Donuts?

Totally! As we’ve mentioned, the best way to reheat stale doughnuts or frozen donuts is to use a frying pan. If you don’t want to put out that much effort, use a microwave instead.

Can I Freeze Donuts?

Even though sweets like donuts or cream puffs are best eaten right away, some people wish to store them longer. In this case, you can freeze them.

Making donuts isn’t that hard, but the process is quite long and takes lots of effort, explaining why several folks want to freeze the donuts.

To do so, simply place each donut in an airtight bag and store them in the freezer. You wouldn’t want to put them in the same bag because there’s a high chance that they will end up sticking to each other.

Placing them in separate bags means you can thaw the exact number of donuts you want in the future.


Someone once said, “Enjoying warm, soft, and delicious sugar doughnuts is all it takes to make a person happy.” Honestly, we couldn’t agree more! Fried cinnamon sugar donuts with pistachio sprinkles on top? Now we’re talking!Now that you know how to reheat donuts, you can have yourself freshly-made (or close enough) donuts whenever!

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