How To Reheat Egg Drop Soup? 2 Best Ways That Worth It

How to reheat egg drop soup? It’s a common question we come up with after making a large batch of this dish for a winter day.

It is such a satisfying appetizer to sip some egg drop soup that you have already finished cooking on a cold day. In particular, this dish is so simple and quick that anyone can make it well. And sometimes, you could cook too much.

The leftovers can still be edible if you store them in the fridge when that happens. And can you reheat egg drop soup? The answer is YES. The reheating process even takes minutes only.

We bring here detailed instructions for those who get confused about this headache. But first, why don’t we learn a bit more about this Asian-styled food?

What’s Egg Drop Soup?

How To Reheat Egg Drop Soup
Egg Drop Soup

This dish is one of the most popular food ingredients of Asian cuisine (like Chinese cuisine). Compared with other types, this one is distinctive for both taste and texture.

It looks pretty appealing in a thick and rich texture with scattered eggs throughout the bowl. The cook or chef often uses cornstarch to create that thickness for this texture.

As for taste, it is a blend of many ingredients. The most important part is the chicken stock (not the going-bad chicken broth) and eggs.

Besides, some garlic, green onion, scallion, pepper, and ginger are also in this recipe. Sauce such as soy sauce and sesame seed sauce is optional since it is up to you to adjust the saltiness of the soup. But do not worry since there are many ways to fix over-salted food.

Another highlight is that the recipe will not be complete without eggs. You have to ensure that the eggs do not get overcooked or undercooked. Furthermore, if the broth is not hot enough when you add eggs, it will become a bit watery. By contrast, the egg could turn so rubbery with too hot liquid.

Despite simple ingredients, this Chinese food is rich in nutritional value. Thus, it can meet expectations related to the eating behaviors of humans. One cup of this dish contains:

  • 57 calories
  • 4.5g carbs
  • 2.4g fat
  • 4.3g protein 

In general, the egg is a low-calorie food that can help you feel full and lose your body weight. Not only that, it is a great ingredient offering an excellent boost for protein, too.

How To Reheat Egg Drop Soup?

What to do with leftover egg drop soup? Well, you can reheat it by two common methods as below.

With A Microwave

In A Microwave
With A Microwave

The microwave is not only for this dish. It is also the quickest and simplest way to reheat any leftovers in your kitchen.

That said, a bad thought shows that the microwave could destroy the food. But there is still no official announcement from any experts about this rumor yet. So now, here is a guide to reheating soup in microwave.


  • A microwave
  • A microwave-safe container

How To Do

  1. Place the food into a microwave-safe container, not a plastic one
  2. Set the microwave at the medium or low heat;
  3. Set the time of microwaving from 30 to 45 seconds and press “Start”;
  4. Check whether the liquid gets your desired heat or not;
  5. If it is a bit warm or even still cold, microwave it for another 15 seconds;
  6. Leave it to cool a bit before serving.

With A Stovetop

With A Stovetop
With A Stovetop

Another option of how to reheat egg drop soup is to use a stovetop. Despite not being as quick as the microwave, it does not need too much of your effort.


  • A stovetop
  • A saucepan or pan

How To Do

  1. Pour the liquid into the pan;
  2. Turn on the stove at low or medium heat;
  3. Stir the mixture until it gets completely heated (for about 5 minutes);
  4. Serve it.


When you reheat egg drop soup, there are several tips related to the heat and stirring as below.

The Heat

When reheating soup, it is important to ensure that the temperature is not too high. In other words, the high heat may cause the scrambled to become rubber-like. You can view the egg as food with high versatility. Due to sudden heating, it can lose its original flavor and turn rubbery.

As a solution, set the low heat for the best result.

The Way You Stir The Soup

For heating with a microwave, it would help to combine microwaving and stirring the liquid. After microwaving the dish for 30 minutes, you should stir it. Then, microwave for another 15 minutes. Then, your food will be completely heated.

Should You Reheat This Dish?

To sum up, can egg drop soup be reheated? It is a big YES. Yet, we still find out both advantages and disadvantages of this idea.


  • It helps reduce kitchen waste since you do not have to throw the leftovers away and cook the new ones.
  • It is a great idea for busy people to save time cooking daily.
  • It brings ease with the simple and quick reheating process.
  • It can still maintain the tasty flavor and texture of the dish.
  • The food will always be ready for any meal on any day you love.


  • Eggs could lose their original flavor and become rubbery due to improper heating.
  • You only can store the food in the fridge for a certain period of time. After that, the dish is no longer edible for sure.

How Long Can You Store Egg Drop Soup In The Fridge?

As we mentioned above, the time of storing this food gets limited. So, how long does egg drop soup last in the fridge? Well, it should be between 3 and 4 days.

And, how can you freeze egg drop soup? There is no need to worry. Let us help.

  1. You must let it cool first.
  2. It is time to cover the container with its sealable airtight lid.
  3. You place that container in the fridge.

Undoubtedly, we can refrigerate this food. But it would be better to eat the leftovers as soon as possible so that most of the original flavor and texture can stay nearly the same.

During the storage in the fridge, some slurry gets formed. However, there is no need to worry because you can loosen it up by the thawing and reheating process.


It is our guide on how to reheat egg drop soup with detailed instructions about heat and the way to stir the soup. Are you also a fan of this so Asian dish? Do you have any personal experience and tips to share about the reheating method?

We are eager to hear from you.

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