How To Reheat Fried Fish? 6 Best And Easiest Ways To Do!

Fried fish has become increasingly common and favored in most family meals. This food is well-known for its amazing taste and nutrients.

So we bet that you will not have the heart to throw it out if you can’t finish up this dish after meals and intend to warm it the next day.

Yet, not everyone can properly catch up with “how to reheat fried fish” properly. That is the root of why we are here today. Let’s dive in with us to get satisfactory content. Read on now.

What Do You Prepare to Warm Up Fried Seafood?

Besides some optional items such as aluminum foil, baking sheet/ baking racks, absorbent paper, batter, there are two major parts of reheating seafood: oil and frying tool. 

Some Oil

Vegetable oil ideally fits the dish. It doesn’t have too much flavor, so it will not spoil or affect the flavor of seafood.

Stand out from the most oils in the current market, peanut and grape-seed ones are perfect for crispy fried dishes. Canola oil is great, too.

Yet, if you are preparing for your salmon, we absolutely recommend trying olive oil. Their savors complement each other perfectly.

It would be better if you choose essential oils since it does not contain a strong taste which will help enhance your food’s flavor. Still, if you focus more on your health, coconut oil will meet your needs beautifully.

No matter which oil you choose for coating on the fish, don’t forget to check the expiry date, label, and select refined products. The unrefined oil has a stronger aroma, which might upstage the flavor of the main food.

Optional Frying Utensil

Depending on your kitchen, you can choose one of the optional items below to treat the leftover fried fish.

Utilizing A Toaster Oven / Microwave


  • Easy
  • Evenly treated


  • Not fit for too big fish

Utilizing A Frying Pan


  • Easy and fast
  • Returns the initial state of your fried seafood


  • The fish smell might cause your house to be filled with a strong smell in a few hours.

Utilizing An Oven 


  • Suitable for many slices of fish
  • Even reheating


  • Time-consuming because it has to include time to heat the oven

Utilizing A Broiler


  • Keeps food’s flavor well
  • Healthiest choice
  • Pretty fast


  • The fish might end up with a soggy texture sometimes

Utilizing A Grill


  • It permits you to spice up the fish


  • Crumbling of your dish
  • Might end up overcooking

Using An Air Fryer



  • Might be overcooking if you don’t know how to set an appropriate temperature

How To Reheat Fried Fish?

#Method 1: Using A Microwave? (Or In A Toaster Oven)? 

In The Microwave
Using A Microwave

Step 1: Get the frozen food out of the refrigerator and let it defrost naturally for about 20-30 minutes at room temperature. Then, set 175 degrees Celsius to preheat your toaster oven.

Step 2: Dribble some oil on the seafood and wrap it in aluminum foil. After that, keep the baking rack or container lightly greased, which will help your fried food from being over-dried after re-cook. Then put the covered food on the dish.

Step 3: Typically, it takes 6-7 minutes for the process of reheating fish in microwave. Yet, frozen fried seafood will require around 15 minutes.

Step 4: Don’t forget to let the dish rest for approximately 1-2 minutes inside the oven after being warmed up. Then, it’s time for it to shine on the dining table.

#Method 2: Using A Frying Pan/ Skillet

Using Stovetop And Frying Pan
Frying Pan

This method is among the easiest ways to refry your fish. Yet, you have to remember that it will be wiser if you warm food up without being too oily.

This will be better for your health and maintain the initial flavor of seafood well. In order to push this reheating process more smoothly, we suggest you can prepare a dedicated frying pan.

Preparing a great skillet will give you a hand to refry your food, so it becomes more crisp, crunchy on its outside, and evenly heated on its inside without adding much more extra oil. But if you happen to put in too much, cleaning the oily pan is not a big deal!

Step 1: Put your special pan on the stove and leave it completely dry.

Step 2: Add around a quarter of a cup of extra virgin oil to make sure the fried food is perfectly in contact with the liquid.

Step 3: Heat this oil for 95 to 120 degrees Celsius. Typically, when you discover oil commences budding, you reach the desired temperature.

Step 4: Lightly drop the leftover food into this hot liquid and avoid any pieces of fish from breaking up.

Step 5: After around two minutes per side, take a spatula or anything you can tightly grip to turn the fried fish easily.

Step 6: Prepare some absorbent paper to better soak up the cooking oil before taking out the refried dish.

It will be a perfect combination if you choose garlic mayo or ranch to come with the food.

#Method 3: Using An Oven

In The Oven
In The Oven

If you’ve got around 15- 20 minutes on your hands, then warming food in the oven is the best way to reheat fish. This way can help you heat your dish evenly. Below are some steps that guide you to reheat fried fish in oven.

Step 1: Turn on and preheat the oven around 170-180 degrees Celsius. At that time, get your fried food out of the fridge and place it on a countertop while waiting for the oven to heat up.

This is an ultimate and vital principle to help fish pieces get a similar interior temperature.

Step 2: Using aluminum foil to line the oven dish or baking sheet, then put the fish in the oven. After that, set 10-15 minutes in time-setting and an interior heat of 65 degrees Celsius in temperature setting.

Step 3: Push the fried food on a center rack with these appropriate sets; wait until the time is over; take the food out. Voila! Your leftover food will be as good as new! 

#Method 4: Using A Broiler

Using A broiler

Step 1: Apply some extra oil to the food. In that time, the liquid will play a role as a preventive layer to help your rewarmed seafood not lose its moisture. 

Step 2: Cover the seafood with aluminum foil if you use a baking rack. You also can utilize a baking sheet in this stage. Place the food on the lightly oiled tray.

This will prevent the deep-fried food from sticking to the sheet. Set it on the lowest rack or the highest rack, depending on your type of oven.

Step 3:  Broil the food for one to two minutes on each side. After that, the reheated seafood is available for your meals.

#Method 5: Using The Grill

Reheating With a Grill
Reheating With a Grill

If you hope your seafood to have a stronger aroma than before, this way allows you to give some tasty spices by brushing them on the remnants of a fried meal before reheating with a grill.

Ok! Let’s discover this excellent way!

Step 1: Clean the grill thoughtfully and let it dry well before commencing to warm the food up.

Step 2: Prepare your favorite sauce, garnishes, or coat of batter you want to leave on your leftover fish. Apply these spices to the food and use aluminum foil to wrap it carefully. This will offer your food more time to absorb the sauces and keep this dish from collapsing or crumbling.

Step 3: In the very beginning, it would be better if you set the heat at a low temperature first. Leave it to roast evenly for around 40-45 minutes, even until one hour to grill the whole big fish. Don’t forget to follow it carefully and often turn the food to prevent it from being overcooked.

Done! Your reheated dish with a stronger taste is ready to serve you now!

In case you intend to warm the seafood up with a grill, and there are no required BBQ utensils in your house, we know how to grill without an actual grill!

#Method 6: Using An Air Fryer

Using An Air Fryer
Using An Air Fryer

The steps below will definitely give you a contented guide for reheating fried fish in air fryer and, in turn, receiving a warmed fish with amazing crispness.

Step 1: Put the leftover seafood into your basket air fryer. Don’t miss double-checking to ensure that no foil or sauce will remain on the fried food. Yet, you can spray with some extra olive oil.

Step 2:  The stage of preheating the air fryer can skip. Setup temperature modes at a medium heat around 160 to 165 degrees Celsius for six minutes.

Step 3: After approximately three minutes, press the Pause button and flip your fried food halfway through, which will leave a uniformly heated dish. Also, this contributes to warding off one side being soggy and the other over crispy. When it reaches six minutes, your warmed dish is ready to eat.

The Wrap Up

If you accompany us to these bottom lines, we bet that you have found out “how to reheat fried fish” that suits your needs the most.

Also, some common queries on cooking discussions like “How do you reheat fish without drying it out?” or “Can you eat leftover fried fish?” will not leave you a headache.

No matter which method you pick, you just have to do it following our above thoughtful ways; the amazing fried food won’t let you down thanks to its reheated taste and crispiness.

Lastly, thank you for your company, and see you soon in the coming helpful content.

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