How To Reheat Fried Rice? 4 Down-To-Earth Ways

Are you hungry? Do you want to have a hot and appealing dish to fulfill your dish immediately? You come across some fried rice left in your fridge from last night. Wow, the job now is much easier. Instead of spending e great deal of time making e new dish, you just need to reheat the leftover fried rice and sit down to your meal. ( To make sure the quality of rice you should choose a good rice cooker first).

Though preheating fried rice is just as easy as a piece of cake, there is still something you need to know to get great fried rice and ensure your safety. Therefore, the article is about to show you what you need to prepare and 4 awesome ways how to reheat fried rice. Then recommendations on safety are given so that you could get a healthy dish.


Essentials For Reheating Your Dish

a bowl of delicious fried rice

Obviously, when reheating the dish, the first one you need to have is fried rice. If you leave your rice at room temperature, you can kick off your work immediately. But you have to check whether your fried rice could be used. If you find it smelly, throw it the right way.

In case you store your fried rice in the refrigerator, after taking it out, leave it aside for a few minutes to make the rice becomes less cool and softer because keeping fried rice in the fridge makes it lose moisture and therefore become dry, hard and chewy. You may sprinkle the rice stored in the fridge with water to add moisture.

If you want to add some other ingredients to make your dish tastier, it is more advisable for you to precook some ingredients like vegetable, beef or bacon since the time to reheat fried rice may not be enough to cook the raw ingredients. Also, you can add some butter to get extra flavor.

a piece of butter

Using microwave is the fastest and most convenient way to reheat your dish, but if you don’t have one, you may replace with pan, oven or stovetop. For pan or stovetop, remember to get some olive oil to grease working surface

4 Ways To Reheat Fried Rice

microwave is good way to reheat food

Using A Microwave

a glass bowl

When it comes to reheating dish, the first thing that comes to our mind for the question "How to reheat fried rice" is using the microwave. It is undeniably the easiest and most time-saving way to preheat your fried rice. The dish could be done within a few minutes, and then you could sit down to your meal fulfilling your stomach.


  • Put your fried rice in a microwave container or a glass bowl; you may leave some butter to get the flavor and other precooked ingredients if you want.
a glass bowl
  • Turn on the microwave and heat about 2 to 3 minutes
  • Check the reheated rice to make sure that it is perfectly heated. If not, keep heating for 2 more minutes
  • Get the reheated rice out and enjoy.

Using A Saucepan

saucepan is used widely

If you don’t have a microwave in your home, heating the dish in a saucepan may be a good idea. In fact, reheating by a saucepan is quite popular. For the method, you need to get some olive oil for greasing the pan.


  • Heat the pan over medium heat, then grease the pan with olive oil, add some butter if you like
A cook put a little oil on saucepan
  • Put the rice into the pan together with other ingredients you want to like eggs, vegetables, bacon or hot dog
put all ingredients into pan
  • Stir-fry the rice constantly until heated from 5 to 10 minutes
  • Remove from heat and enjoy your hot dish
stir all ingredients about 5 minutes

Using Your Oven

using oven is a new idea to reheat fried rice

Preheating fried rice in an oven is not highly recommended since it takes you a great deal of time. But it still gets the dish done, so if you can keep patience, this might worth trying.

  • Turn on your oven to 350 degrees F
  • Leave rice in an oven container, plate or bowl, put a little butter together with precooked ingredients on the top of the rice if you want, then wrap the container, plate or bowl with foil
  • Put it in the oven and heat for 10 to 15 minutes
  • Check to ensure the rice is evenly hot if not, mix it around and keep heating.
  • Get the dish out and enjoy your meal

Using The Stovetop

stovetop is a good way to reheat food

Reheating your fried rice on the stovetop may be a creative way to get your dish ready. You also need to prepare some olive oil for greasing work-surface.

  • Heat the work surface, then pour some olive oil or butter( to get extra flavor) on it
  • On the heated work surface, put your rice on together with other ingredients (if have). Then, steam and mix around constantly to get all the rice heated thoroughly
  • Turn the heated fried rice onto a plate or bowl and enjoy your meal

Even you've already known how to reheat fried rice with our awesome above methods, we'd like to introduce some tips with rice which make you surprise.

Pro Tips That You Can't Find At Anywhere

How To Fix Crunchy Rice

Your fried rice may get a bit of overheating and turn out too crunchy to chew. This happens commonly as too high temperature evaporates the water, drying the kernels out.
But whatever the case, there is still a way to rescue it. You may add small amounts of water, set at a simmer mode until you get the fluffy content of rice again in the pan.

How To Fix Hard Rice

tip to fix the hard rice

Similar to crunchy rice, you can fix hard rice by adding little water and simmer until you get the right texture. Remember when recooking fried rice, you want to season the dish again because water may wash over some of the taste.

How Long Can You Leave The Rice Out?

keep leftover rice

If you don’t intend to use up the fried rice, don’t leave it out in the room temperature in more than 2 hours. It is because the growth of bacterial spores in the cooked rice can make you sick.
It’s likely that you don’t use up the dish and want to leave the rice for breakfast. Cooked rice overnight should be wrapped up and kept in the refrigerator so that it doesn’t go spoiled in room temperature.
You can store the leftover in a glass jar and leave it in the cool box. When you want to eat again, reheat in the microwave. If the rice is too dry, add little water before putting it into the stove.

How To Defrost Rice

best way to defrost rice

Maybe you accidentally left your leftover fried rice in the freezer.
No worries! Take the food to a microwave-safe bowl with lid. Put the bowl in and run the microwave in one minute. Use a spoon to break up mounds of rice, then microwave again in 1-minute intervals until it’s thawed.
If the rice still seems too dry, add a bit of water and continue microwaving. You can also defrost the rice in the refrigerator, but it will take several hours.

What About Egg Fried Chicken?

a delicious fried rice with eggs

Some may concern what you need to do if your rice contains some eggs. Well, the fact is eggs in your fried rice have been well-cooked before placed on a plate and brought to your table, so don’t worry if you have leftover egg fried rice. You just need to heat the eggs properly then you can get your dish ready for your meal.

Safety Facts About Reheating Fried Rice

Though you don’t want to throw your leftover fried rice into the trash bin and keep it for the following meal, eating leftover rice is not recommended due to some threat to your health. In fact, Rice may have the spores of Bacillus cereus that is a type of bacteria causing food poisoning, and the spores may survive even when the rice is well cooked.

some notes when reheat fried rice

As usually, leaving cooked rice or fried rice in the room temperature creates favorable conditions for the bacteria to grow and produce a toxin, which causes food poisoning. The more the leftover rice is kept at room temperature, the more unsafe it is to eat. Hence, you need to bear in mind the following suggestions for safety.

  • Try to use your rice as soon as it has been cooked.
  • If you can’t consume all the rice in one serving, don’t leave it at room temperature. You must cool it immediately to prevent bacteria growing.
  • If you aim to store for the following day, put your leftover rice into a refrigerator.
  • When you reheat your leftover rice, ensure all the rice is heated thoroughly to kill all bacteria and toxins.
  • Only store and reheat your rice within 24 hours, for more, don’t hesitate to throw it into the trash bin
  • Never reheat your rice more than once

You also try other reheat methods for other foods such as shrimp, smoked turkey, tamales, risotto.

To Sum Up

To conclude, you just need to prepare the essentials and follow on of the directions "how to reheat fried rice" (Many kinds of rice such as white rice, brown rice or red rice). Don’t forget to pay attention to safety suggestions to ensure your health. The most important thing to remember is that you need to make sure all rice and ingredients are heated thoroughly to kill bacteria.

Hope that the content of the article may help you in some ways. If you find the article helpful and interesting, don’t hesitate to like and share to people around you so that the tips may help more and more people. 

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