How To Reheat Jambalaya? 3 Safely And Save Time Ways

Jambalaya is indeed a tasty dish to serve for a happy family dinner. Yet, what if there are still leftovers after the meal? Can you get the same tastiness after storing and reheating the dish?

In case you are looking for the answers to those questions, look no further than this blog! Scroll down to learn how to reheat jambalaya properly with our useful tips and methods now!

Top 3 Best Methods To Reheat Jambalaya


Using A Microwave

Using The Microwave

Just a few minutes in your microwave, the fare will be ready for your meal. You also only need to wash a dedicated dish for the microwave instead of washing the pan or baking tray as usual. This is why we consider that using a microwave is the best way to reheat jambalaya.

However, this method has a downside: it often makes the fare dehydrated, which is even more detrimental with dry foods. Many people often complain that when reheating leftover jambalaya in the microwave, the food will become dry, the grains are fragmented, or even hard sometimes!

Yet, you can actually overcome that issue if you follow these steps:

  • Place it in a microwaveable dish.
  • Cover a layer of damp paper towels or plastic wrap over it.
  • Heat for 30 seconds or until slightly hot. (If the portion is large, reheat until all is hot.)
  • Let stand for 30 seconds for even heat distribution.
  • Take out and enjoy the meal.
Save a lot of time, only within a minute.No need to wait for the microwave oven to heat upNo need to clean up much.Make the dish dry, hard, and not crispy.

Make sure you clean microwave after using. You can refer my posts here: How To Clean A Microwave!

2. Reheating By An Oven

On the market today, there are two types of conventional ovens and convection ovens, both of which use the principle of heat bar heating. The heated bar will radiate heat to the surroundings and cook the food. In particular, the line with a convection fan will distribute the temperature more evenly to all areas to help food cook faster.

Therefore, the oven can completely reheat all foods like other types of kitchen equipment. If you don’t have a microwave at home, you can also replace it with a toaster oven to reheat jambalaya.

Your dish will retain its original delicious taste if you do it correctly. Although it takes a little longer, it is worth it. Don’t forget to follow the steps below:

  • Heat to 300 degrees F.
  • Place sustenance on a plate. You can use ceramic, heat-resistant glass, aluminum, or stainless steel dishes.
  • Add a little water to keep it moist (1-2 tablespoons, avoid making it mushy).
  • Using aluminum foil to cover it.
  • Please place in the oven and reheat for about 30 minutes, or longer depending on the amount of food and how frozen it is.
  • Wear gloves to remove food. It is better to use it while the fare is still hot.
ConvenientDoesn’t make the food turn dry if the reheating is done properly.Take more time.

3. Using A Stove

Using A Stove

Another reheating jambalaya method that we want to share in this article is utilizing the stove. This is the simplest and most popular method. Cooking on the stove is not as fast as the microwave, but it saves you some time compared to the oven.

So, how to reheat jambalaya by the store? Follow our guide below:

  • Put the dish in the frying pan
  • Keep the fire just right; the high heat can make your food burn
  • Add a little water to the pan to keep the food soft.
  • Stand for about 5 minutes.
  • Remove your food from the pan and start serving them.
Do not take much timePreserve the taste of the foodMay stick to the panKeep track of the temperature.

Things To Remember When Reheating Rice Dishes

According to a report released by the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), reheating food is not the cause of health problems. It lies in how you store leftover rice after the first cooking. This means that improper food storage can severely affect our health.

Like steak or bread, jambalaya also is a popular dish in Western cuisine. However, not many people know that there is a bacteria called Bacillus Cereus in rice. This bacteria occurs during growing and harvesting. It is not destroyed but transformed into another variant to protect itself when cooked.

If we eat the rice right away in a reasonable amount of time, the spores won’t do any harm; but leaving it beyond that time without proper preservation methods will lead to the growth of harmful bacteria in the rice.

So, how long is jambalaya good for? – 6 hours. You should consume it within 6 hours after cooking.

In addition, rice is starch, and when it reaches 60oC or more, the starch will turn into a starch paste. At this time, cold rice tends to be more pliable, softer after heating. This part of it will harden and be more difficult for your stomach to digest than usual.

Keep in mind that the longer rice is left at room temperature, the more likely it can cause food poisoning. Thus, you need to store the rice properly quickly to reheat it later.

If your rice is crunchy, let’s check my guidelines here to fix it: Why Is My Rice Crunchy? 6 Quick And Easy Steps To Fix It


How Many Times Can I Reheat Jambalaya?

Many people have the habit of cooking a lot of rice to save for later meals. However, is this safe for your body?

According to experts, food will lose its nutrients if you reheat it many times. Not to mention that this also leads to a very high risk of food poisoning.

This habit of long-term application can accumulate toxins, causing extremely unfortunate chronic diseases. Even when stored in the refrigerator, it still makes you toxic as usual.

That’s why experts recommend people try to finish all the food the first time it is cooked. Otherwise, you should only reheat it once. Let’s divide them into small portions when storing leftovers in the refrigerator. In this way, you can get rid of reheating it over and over again – Only reheat an adequate amount of food once.

How To Preserve Excess Jambalaya

As mentioned above, it is best to use the food after it is cooked for the first time. What if you are full, but it still has a lot of it? It would be a waste to throw them away as well! What to do with leftover jambalaya now? – Store it for later!

Here is the best way to store it:

Cool before storing

After eating, you should not rush to put it in the refrigerator immediately but wait for it to cool. Leave the rice plate in a cool place for a while (no more than 2 hours), and remember to avoid letting other foods stick to it.

Store in the freezer

In the next step, place it in a food container. If you are going to use a zip-top bag, vacuum it up. Don’t forget to spread the rice evenly to save space and make it easier to defrost.

Finally, put it in the freezer, and you’re done. You can keep it for three months.

If stored and reheated properly, the jambalaya will still taste great even though it may not be as fresh as it was.


After this article, you have learned how to reheat jambalaya and the precautions when preserving it. Reusing food for a long time can lead to more serious consequences than you think. Make sure that you take note of our advice and methods!

Hopefully, with our suggestions above, you will have delicious and safe meals.

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