How To Reheat Kraft Mac And Cheese For An Extra Creamy Result

The soft and steamy macaroni mixed with creamy and lukewarm cheese is such a mouth-watering experience that you want to keep having it for days. As you have stored them in the fridge for a few days now, it is time to reheat them for your next meal.

One push in the microwave and a few seconds later, your macaroni and cheese are ready to be used, but why does it get so dry?

If you have a problem with your Kraft mac and cheese or Kraft chili mac, it is time to learn how to reheat Kraft mac and cheese properly in my post below!

Kraft Mac And Cheese

Suppose you have a batch of leftover cheese and mac in the fridge; it is time to know how to heat up mac and cheese for your tasty meal. Check out the best way to reheat macaroni and cheese below! 

How To Reheat Kraft Mac And Cheese In Oven

How To Reheat Kraft Mac And Cheese In Oven

Using an oven is one of the most efficient solutions for how to reheat Kraft mac and cheese, especially when you have a larger amount of frozen cheese and mac waiting to be finished. 

Many professional chefs also believe that it is the best way to reheat Kraft mac and cheese to keep them as creamy and tasty as their original taste. Here is how to reheat mac and cheese in the oven:

How to reheat macaroni and cheese:

  1. Firstly, you need to determine the temperature of your oven. What temperature to reheat mac and cheese in oven?

You can prepare your oven by turning it to 351 degrees Fahrenheit.

  1. Take out your frozen cheese and macaroni and transfer it to an oven-safe dish or container. Add some milk to every cup of cheese and mac. If your fish has some bread crumbs, you can skip the milk as it can soften the crumbly texture.
  2. Now, you need to put on aluminum foil to cover the dish. Transfer it to the oven to bake them. 20-30 minutes is a good period in case you wonder, how long to reheat mac and cheese in oven?
  3. As soon as the dish reaches 20 minutes, you might need to remove the foil on top and bake it for another 10 minutes. Once the cheese surface is turning brown, it is ready to be served. You can also put more breadcrumb topping, fried onions, or extra cheese sticks at this time before putting it inside the oven again.

How To Reheat Kraft Mac And Cheese In Microwave

How To Reheat Kraft Mac And Cheese In Microwave

Cheese and mac are too delicious to wait for long. So, what’s the better way to reheat them quickly than microwaving? Using a microwave is my favorite method, but it can easily make your Kraft macaroni and cheese dry if you don’t know how to keep mac and cheese warm properly. Check out my method of reheating macaroni and cheese below:

How to reheat baked mac and cheese in the microwave:

  1. Transfer the cold macaroni and cheese to a microwave bowl.
  2. Next, you need to put a splash of milk into your macaroni and cheese bowl. This step is such an underrated step leading to dry results. Depending on the size of your leftovers, you can add some milk one at a time to get the desired mixture.
  3. Once you have stirred it well, use plastic wrap to cover the bowl partially. Don’t cover them completely, as the steam needs to be released during microwaving.
  4. Put the bowl inside the microwave and choose medium power. But how long to microwave mac and cheese? You can reheat it for a minute. If you have a larger serving, you can have an additional 30 seconds.
  5. Now, you can take it out and give it a nice stir. Then put it inside for a few intervals until it is fully heated.

How To Reheat Kraft Mac And Cheese On The Stove

How To Reheat Kraft Mac And Cheese On The Stove

Let’s say you’re not a fan of microwaves or ovens; you can always use the stovetop for your delicious macaroni and cheese. With these simple steps, you can easily reheat your cold cheese and mac in a few minutes.

How to keep cheese and mac moist during reheating on the stove:

  1. Take out a saucepan to contain the cheese and mac.
  2. Pour in a bit of milk or cream to avoid dry macaroni and cheese. Stir it well.
  3. Once you’re ready, put the saucepan on the stovetop with medium-low heat. During the heating time, you can stir once in a while. Until around 10 minutes, the macaroni and cheese will be hot enough to be served. You can season the dish with some salt and cream.

Other Tips on Reheating Mac And Cheese

If you don’t know how to make mac and cheese creamy again in the right way, you risk ruining the texture of your cheese and mac completely. If you worry about the flavor of your cheese and mac, here are some tips for you:

How To Reheat Homemade Mac And Cheese

One of the most common mistakes happens because you don’t know how to keep mac and cheese from drying out with strong heat, especially with the microwave method. So, one way to fix it is by adding liquid. You can pour in more water to moisten the dish. If you want milky and creamy goodness, cheese, cream and milk are perfect wet ingredients for your cheese and mac.

Another tip when reheating macaroni and cheese in oven is to use the same way you cook them. So, if you bake the macaroni in the oven, you should possibly reheat them the same. As the texture of your dish is used to the temperature of how it was made, whether it was in the stovetop or oven, the creamy and milky consistency won’t change much.

How To Fix Dry Mac And Cheese

Mac & cheese are known for their creamy texture that is mostly responsible for the cheese sauce. Therefore, if you have a dry cheese and mac, it is important to thicken the sauce by adding some wet ingredients.

Put the macaroni and cheese in a saucepan on medium-low heat. When the sauce is heating up, you can add a tablespoon of flour and butter inside for a fatty and tasty flavor. After that, gently add a cup of milk into the mix. Once they are well blended, you can finally grate some cheese for a cheesy effect.

How Long Are Leftover Mac And Cheese Good For?

Sometimes you want to enjoy the creamy and cheesy macaroni and cheese every day. However, macaroni and cheese can have a limited shelf life which you need to consider to enjoy thoroughly. So, how long do macaroni and cheese last?

A dry box of macaroni and cheese can last for a few months after the production date. However, in reality, the box can last up to one or two years if they stay intact and untouched.

For leftover cooked Kraft macaroni and cheese, you can store them at a cool temperature in the fridge for up to 5 days. It is a good duration when you plan to eat them soon.

If you don’t intend to put them in your weekly diet, you can also freeze them to extend their shelf life. Cooked macaroni and cheese can stay good in the fridge for six months without any freezer burn.


Cheese and macaroni are my most favorite comfort food at any time of the day. However, not many people know how to reheat them to be as creamy and tasty as their original taste. As you have learned how to reheatKraft mac and cheese, it won’t be something hindering your path to enjoying delicious dishes.

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