How To Reheat Prime Rib? 3 Best Ways That You Must Know

Prime rib is not an easy cut to process and cook. Thus, it is certainly not an easy one to bring back on its feet once it has cooled down.

What if you have left some meat overnight after a big party, now you want to make use of it in the morning? How do you reheat prime rib properly?

Read this article to learn how to reheat prime rib so that you can enjoy it to its fullest even on the following day!

Prime Rib – What You Should Know About It

How To Reheat Prime Rib
Prime Rib

Nearly any season of Masterchef features at least one dish or one challenge surrounding prime rib, and for a good reason also.

It can be a wonderful centerpiece to a great dinner feast or complement a wonderful open-faced sandwich. But how well do you know about this famous cut? Let’s find out!

Where Is The Cut From?

The prime rib is a very large cut since it contains the six ribs in the primal section from the chest area of the animal.

This is also where ribeyes come from, so you can be sure to get everything from the meatiness of the eyes to the fatty side of the chew.

You might want to do that since one rib can feed two adults, or you will have to learn how to reheat leftover prime rib.

What’s So Special About Prime Ribs?

Believe it or not, the fat percentage in the meat depends on its position on the rib. Rib 6-9 – also known as the chuck end – has higher fat content since they include large clumps of fat, unlike the leaner rib 10-12.

The sign to a good prime rib lies in the “eye” – the tender, juice-oozing, and mouth-watering fatty center.

How Should You Eat Prime Ribs?

Once you have got yourself a good cut of prime rib, you will immediately have the instinct to worry about treating it right.

We cannot tell if it’s the serious dent in your wallet that causes such reactions, but the hard work you put into it will prove worthy.

A prime rib cut is going to be very thick, so do not be stingy with seasoning.

If you have trouble seasoning the meat on the bone, simply cut the meat off and season.

After the seasoning has tenderized and flavored the meat, you can definitely tie it back on the bone and let the meat hit the stove.

If we are honest with ourselves, it’s easy to overestimate how much you can eat, especially with a tempting cut like prime rib.

What if you buy more than what you need and have to refrigerate the rest? How would you reheat rib roast?

Let us help you with the three ways below, from the best way to heat up prime rib down to the least optimal!

How To Reheat Prime Rib: 3 Methods

Technically, any heat source is good enough to heat your meal. Still, if you want to do your prime rib leftovers some justice, head your attention towards your oven, your stovetop, and the microwave.

Dust them off, roll up your sleeves and let us guide you through reviving your delicious cut of meat!

Method 1: Reheat With An Oven

Using an oven

This is the most gentle and arguably best way to reheat prime rib on this list, and it works exceptionally well with sliced prime rib. Here’s what you should prepare:

  • Your cut of meat, left outside to be around room temperature
  • 100ml of pan gravy or broth (water works too if you don’t worry about diluting the cut’s flavors)
  • A roll of aluminum foil
  • A small baking pan and a serving tray for transference

Before warming pre cooked prime rib, preheat your oven to around 250 degrees Fahrenheit to prepare it for your rib’s arrival.

While waiting for the oven to wake itself up, place your cuts into the baking pan along with the pan gravy/broth of choice.

Then, you’d want to pull out a sheet of aluminum foil from your roll and cover the entire pan tightly. This way, the broth will steam the pre cooked prime rib slices without letting any heat escape.

Once you are done, shove the entire tray into the oven. The rib should become tender and warm again after 10 minutes, but you can always pull it out and test the tenderness with a fork.

If the fork goes through the meat easily, your prime rib is ready for serving. All you have to do now is bring the ribs out of the oven and onto the tray towards the table.

Steaming the cuts for too long will cause the meat’s structure to break down and become a sloppy mess. Nevertheless, don’t spend more than 18 minutes reheating prime rib in oven!

Method 2: Reheat On Stovetop

How To Reheat Chicken Parm On Stovetop
Using stovetop

The stovetop should be a quicker alternative than your oven because you do not have to preheat it. This method will also call for a steamer basket.

If you have never learned to use the utensil, this is a great opportunity to learn. Here’s what you should do if you’re reheating prime rib roast:

  • Your cut of meat, left outside to reach room temperature
  • 100 ml of water, or a quarter of your pot of choice
  • A roll of aluminum foil

With this method, you will not have to worry about water diluting your meat’s flavors since we will only use the water vapor for its heat. As for the steam basket, you should check for two things:

  • If it can take the entire rib portion
  • If you can close the pot with it and the meat inside. Only with those two elements can you start reheating prime rib.

Step by step instructions:

First, you should pour the water into your pot and consequently place the steam basket in it as well. Cover the pot and bring on the heat because you will need the water to simmer before anything else.

After that, wrap the meat in an aluminum foil pouch, place it into the steam basket, and cover your pot.

The meat should be properly heated after 5 minutes, but if you have not let the meat defrost or hit room temperature, you should wait a little longer.

As always, the fork is your best friend in checking whether the ribs are done or not.

Once the ribs are soft and warm in their pouch, take them out of the pot and pouch combo immediately to stop them from cooking any further.

If you don’t do this, the meat will turn to mush, returning the worst possible outcome on this guide on how to reheat prime rib roast!

Method 3: Reheat With A Microwave

In The Microwave
Microwave method

Although it isn’t the best way to reheat prime rib roast, this is the fastest and harshest method out of the three so far. You might want to think twice about using the microwave.

You might get one of the following results: it will come out extremely quickly, or you’ll see your cut of meat turn from deliciously pink to grey in front of your very eyes. Here’s how to heat up prime rib in the microwave:

  • Your cut of meat, left outside to reach room temperature
  • A microwave-safe bowl with a lid
  • Around 50ml of broth/gravy

Reheating instructions:

  1. You have to put your cut of meat into the bowl with the broth and cover the bowl.
  2. Set the timer to 1-2 minutes, depending on whether you let your meat reach room temperature or not.

The most important thing with this process is watching the meat closely in the microwave. It is even better if you have your finger on the “Stop” button in case things go out of hand.

Another tip to remember is never use metal in the microwave. Leave your aluminum foil aside for this.

Once the meat is done, take it out of the microwave immediately to prevent overcooking your cut.

With this method, you can also reheat prime rib  in air fryer, but we suggest you look at the air fryer manual for the specific settings.

Can Prime Rib Be Served Cold?

Believe it or not, some people love their prime rib cold rather than hot, and it is definitely edible that way as well. Not warming up prime rib allows for a less prepping period as well.

Hence, it is only logical for us to say the answer to “Can you freeze cooked prime rib?” is a definite “Yes”.

You can go down many roads with a good cold cut of prime ribs, such as the Slow-cooked Cuban sandwich that calls for moist and cool meat to contrast the bread’s soft and warm texture.

Another recipe that calls for rare beef is any Asian beef broths and noodles due to how they are served.

If you cook the beef too harshly beforehand, it will become chewy and tough in the hot broth as the bowl makes its way to your table.

If you want to get experimental with prime ribs, but your wallet is screaming for help, try using a short rib alternative instead!

Closing Note

That’s all you have to know about how to reheat prime rib! We hope you can follow through with the guide, and in turn, know more about this stunning cut of meat.

As always, if you have any recipes you want to share, we would love to hear them and share them with other cooking enthusiasts. Bon appetit!

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