How To Shred Mozzarella? 2 Easiest Ways To Get Shred Cheese!

Have you ever tried grating cheese at home and ended up making a mess? 

If the answer is yes, we got your back. 

Shredding cheese is not an easy task that can be completed in a blink of an eye, especially when you haven’t known the correct way to do so. Many people often assume that cheese shredding is the same for all kinds of cheese, but that’s one of the reasons why your cheese turned into nothing but shreds. 

So, what are the secrets of cheese shredding? How to shred Mozzarella – the most basic cheese in the world? Join us in this article to find out how!

Frequently Mistakes When Shredding Mozzarella?

If you can see chefs shredding Mozzarella so easily, but when it comes to you directly doing it, the cheese becomes a huge mess, then maybe you are making some mistake handling this cheese. Let’s see if you are struggling with shredding Mozzarella because of these reasons:

1. Not knowing that Mozzarella is a soft cheese.

What does it mean by acknowledging Mozzarella is a soft cheese? Well, there are two kinds of cheese, soft and hard cheese. While hard cheese such as Parmesan and Gouda are firm in texture and appearance, soft cheese like Mozzarella, on the other hand, is extremely soft, mushy, and tender. 

This characteristic makes Mozzarella extremely sensitive to cutting and shredding. Under a few chops, the cheese texture can immediately collapse, and you cannot get any shreds out of it. Many people don’t notice this fact and keep shredding Mozzarella like when they successfully did with hard cheese until they found out that they cannot achieve the same result. 

Soft cheese like Mozzarella can easily break down if you push it too far in a cheese grater, and that’s when you fail when trying to grating mozzarella. That’s the same mistake people usually find on how to reheat mozzarella sticks as well.

2. Shredding mozzarella that has stayed at room temperature for so long

Before shredding cheese, we usually take the cheese from the fridge and leave it at room temperature for easy shredding later. However, you cannot apply the same rule to Mozzarella or any soft cheese. 

Since Mozzarella has a soft profile, the fact that you let it stay outside cool for more than 15 minutes will demolish the cheese from the inside, making its texture melted. 

Also, the longer you let your cheese stay outside, the more risks you let environmental bacteria attack it. We get that you want to serve your cheese when it’s not cold, but leaving it outside for a time before shredding is not going to help.

3. Use too much Mozzarella at a time.

We often want to shred as much Mozzarella as we can in a time so that we can witness the pretty picture of cheese shreds coming out. However, too much Mozzarella going in the shredder at one time makes the shredding clogging easily. 

Once logging is not solved properly, the cheese will come out badly in shapes and sizes, and you will have to take time to clean everything before starting shredding again thoroughly.

How To Shred Mozzarella Correctly 

How To Shred Mozzarella

To shred mozzarella, you can rely on a cheese grater or not. If you have a cheese shredder, then follow our instructions, otherwise follow the guides to use other tools that can shred cheese also. 

Method 1: Shred With a Cheese Grater

We recommend you do the following easy steps on how to shred fresh Mozzarella: 

Step 1: Freeze Mozzarella before shredding 15 minutes

Before shredding Mozzarella, you need to freeze Mozzarella for 15 minutes for the cheese texture to freeze temporarily. This freezing technique laters will allow your cheese to become stiff enough to sit in the grater and turn into beautiful shreds. If you cannot leave the cheese in the freezer, make sure to keep it at a cool temperature.

Step 2: Use a cheese grater

Having a cheese grater will support you to the fullest if you want to make mozzarella shreds. It is the best way to shred Mozzarella. There are two kinds of simple, cheap, effective cheese grater you can directly get: a box cheese grater and a handheld cheese grater. 

Depending on your purpose, you can choose one in two Mozzarella cheese grater. Both these helpful tools can shred fresh mozzarella with ease, under the condition that you keep them clean before shredding, and you follow the manual to shred correctly. 

A cheese grater will also help shred other kinds of cheese if you want to change your taste into a goat cheese substitute, perhaps.

Method 2: Shred Without a cheese grater

So, what if you don’t have a cheese grater? Is there any way you can shred Mozzarella to perfection without needing any tool? The answer is yes, but it needs some of your careful, delicate cooking skills. Don’t give up yet. Look around your kitchen and bring out these tools if you have them to start how to shred Mozzarella cheese.

  1. Food processor

If you have a food processor in your kitchen, you can still get delicious cheese shreds. Here are the steps you need to follow if you use a food processor to shred cheese: 

  • Cut cheese into big cubes first. Don’t leave all your cheese in the food processor, as it can be stuck into corners when mixed.
  • Place the cheese shredder tool on the food processor and feed the cheese cubes through the shoot. 
  • Get your cheese shreds at the end of the food processor.

Grated Mozzarella cheese coming from the food processor may not look even to each other. However, it is a fast and convenient way to have instant grated Mozzarella.

  1. Zester

Yes, the zester you use to zest out lemon and orange can shred cheese. The small holes in a zester will make your cheese turn into lightweight shreds that go perfectly on pasta as toppings. A zester is such a cheap and accessible option in any market, so if you don’t have time to grab a whole cheese grater, grab your zest and start to grate your cheese like a pro.

  1. Knife

The problem with zester shredding mozzarella is that the shreds may come out too tiny. If you want to shred cheese in bigger sizes manually:

  1. Take a knife and a cutting board and place your cheese on them.
  2. Depending on what shapes and sizes you want your cheese to be, cut the cheese into portions like you would when you cut butter.
  3. Make sure the cheese is frozen before. The knife is sharp so that you can cut the cheese perfectly into small shreds as you wish.

This method takes time, but we are sure you will be happy once the results are out. And that’s how to grate Mozzarella. 


How Do You Shred Mozzarella Balls?

To shred mozzarella balls, you need to follow the steps of shredding Mozzarella first, by freezing the cheese beforehand and shredding later. However, instead of following the shredder instruction of grating Mozzarella in an up and down motion, you need to make circular motions when shredding mozzarella balls. 

Instead of dropping down flat shredded cheese Mozzarella, you will see circular shreds on the plate. Refrain from shredding mozzarella balls in an up and down motion if you don’t want to see your cheese balls going wasted.

How Do You Shred Mozzarella Sticks?

Mozzarella sticks may be difficult to shred in the first place, but all you need to do is shred the stick in an up and down motion after breaking the stick into two pieces. 

Since one mozzarella stick might be too long compared to the shredder’s surface, breaking them into two or three parts beforehand will make sure you can shred them effectively. 

If too much cheese falls in the middle of grating, you can use a cheesecloth to catch them and make sure to know how to clean cheesecloth afterward.

The Final Word

And that’s all the instructions we have on how to shred Mozzarella. Grating Mozzarella cheese is easy as long as you follow our helpful guide below. With all methods to easily shred Mozzarella, we hope you can master shredding fresh Mozzarella in no time. Thank you for reading this article, and enjoy your delicious shredded mozzarella.

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