The Ultimate Guide on How To Thaw Cool Whip Effectively

Thawing is the first job when it comes to cooking, especially with dairy products like cool whip. There are many ways of defrosting, such as immersion, steaming, reheating, or even by microwave. Below are simple methods for how to thaw cool whip without compromising the taste of your food.

How To Thaw Cool Whip?

How Long Can Cool Whip Sit Out

As a general note, you should not defrost more than once. When thawed for the first time, the ice crystals melted into water, which partially broke down the cells of the material and lost nutrients.

The next time, the nutrients are divided and drifted out through the cytoplasm and ice, so more nutrients are lost. Furthermore, when thawed, pathogenic microorganisms also penetrate and grow rapidly.

Without any further ado, let’s dive right into these useful ways to thaw cool whip.

1. Put it On The Countertop

Well, the freeze cool whip must be in the fridge with freeze chili, sour buttermilk, and many other ingredients, right? So, first thing first, take it out.

During cooking, the countertop heats up due to heat from the stove or oven. The key to this method is to use that heat to quick thaw cool whip. It’s just like you would at room temperature, but a little hotter.

When using this approach, the home cooks also need to check the consistency and texture of the mixture as it will often dissolve into a liquid. It would be best if you pay close attention and stir every once in a while.

You should only thaw for about 2 hours on average room temperature because cool whips are made from milk and light cream, so they are very perishable at 40 degrees. Furthermore, as soon as the ice melts, the temperature of the food changes and bacteria can quickly penetrate.

Bad bacteria such as staph, salmonella, e.coli, and campylobacter can thrive between 4 and 60 degrees Celsius. In fact, when the temperature is around this range, the number of pathogens can double after only 20 minutes.

2. Use Microwave

Use Microwave

Microwaves simply heat food with the action of microwaves. The magnetron source along the waveguide transmits the waves into the furnace cavity, where they are reflected back and forth by impacting the furnace wall and absorbed by the food.

Water particles in food absorb these waves best, so they vibrate rapidly with strong frequencies. Therefore, the process of radiating heat to surrounding molecules thereby heats food or melt Nutella very quickly.

With the principle of operation, thawing cool whip by microwave will help keep the original taste while not affect human health. For microwave heating, choose a heat-resistant dish or container to avoid dangerous fires.

To defrost foods and not overcook them, you should choose low-capacity varieties. Some mechanical microwave ovens have a rotary knob, so it would be best to select the average power level and the duration level of 30 seconds. Electronic microwave ovens also have a defrost function selector button for you to set up and give the device the best support.

When microwave wrapping is complete, remove the cream and use a spatula or spoon to stir for about 1 minute to allow the mixture to heat evenly. Then again, put the cream in the microwave for another 30 seconds to complete defrosting cool whip.

Microwaves defrost cool whip very quickly, in just a few minutes. But because of this, it is easy to let the defrost time too much.

As a result, food can be watery or partially cooked after the thawing process. This will make the whip become tasteless, losing a lot of nutrients in the food. So, remember to just turn on the microwave for 30 seconds.

3. Use Water

Use Water

Using cold water to defrost is always the most effective and simple method. The key point of this approach is not to use hot water. The reason is that hot or even lukewarm water only melts the ice outside while the inside of the product is still cold. Meanwhile, bacteria and toxins will accumulate, even if inside the mixture is still frozen.

Before soaking it in water, you should put the freezing cool whip in sealed bags and remove as much air as possible to avoid the invasion of bacteria, causing nutrient loss. If there is no zip bag, then sealed containers are also acceptable.

First, you should prepare a pot or medium bowl of water, then turn on the tap to let the water drip into the bowl. Once the bowl is overflowed, the water inside will be changed naturally. This is an effective and safe way of defrosting without any sudden changes in the ambient temperature, so the food remains intact.

You can add a little salt to the bowl to keep the whip temperature. If you do not allow the water to run continuously, make sure to change it every 30 minutes. It will help a lot if you cook immediately after thawing to ensure the food retains its flavor and does not degrade.

How Long Can Cool Whip Sit Out?

At normal temperature (from about 20-40 degrees Celsius), cool thaw whip only lasts for a maximum time of about 2 – 5 hours. Over time, the risk of spoiled food is very high. At this time, if you look carefully, you will see that the cream on the surface is no longer smooth but swollen (also known as bulging).

The cream inside may be sour in the event of severe spoilage. If it is at the cool temperature of the refrigerator, you should also only leave it for up to 2 days after opening to ensure the best quality.


Here are our suggestions for some methods on how to thaw cool whip to ensure the taste and quality of the food. You can choose the best option for you to get the job done simply and quickly. We hope you found this information useful, and thank you for reading it.

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