A Short Guide On How To Thicken Hummus

Hummus is a popular sauce used in the Middle East and Mediterranean cuisine for a long time. Recently, with its global popularity, more and more people learn to make this sauce by themselves.

In fact, hummus is not an easy-to-do food. There are only four ingredients creating it, but you have to learn the perfect technique and set the right ratio to make good hummus.

The most common mistake people make when cooking hummus is letting it be too watery. Therefore, in this blog, let’s learn how to thicken hummus to “revive” your runny sauce!

Why Is Hummus Runny?


Before getting to know how to make hummus thicker, let’s discuss why the hummus is runny. There are many factors, both internal and external, that make the food too watery. In this section, we will select the most common reason and analyze it briefly.

Specifically, the hummus may get cooked improperly.  Breaking down the recipe, there are four main ingredients made of hummus: chickpeas, tahini, spices, and lemon (juice). Two of them – chickpeas and tahini – directly affect the quality of hummus. If you accidentally misuse only one of these two, the hummus can be too runny than normal.

That being said, now that your hummus is too watery, what should you do then? Well, let us introduce you to the most effective way to thicken hummus. Lucky for you, this is what we learn after years of cooking experience so that you can believe in its effectiveness!

How To Thicken Hummus

Originally, hummus is made by the process of smashing and grounding the chickpeas, tahini, salt, and lemon juice in a food processor until it turns into a smooth, soft, finnish paste.

If you want to change the status of hummus, what you should be concerned about is adjusting the amount of those ingredients, especially tahini and chickpeas.

To be specific, you must check whether the problem is based on tahini or chickpeas. Then, you adjust by changing the amount of that food in the hummus mixture.

Personally, we believe wrong chickpeas measurements are the most common reason to make the hummus runny. The tahini influences the quality of hummus, but not as significant as the chickpeas, though.

So, in this blog, we will only prioritize thickening the hummus by adding chickpeas to the mixture.


We don’t need much preparation for this procedure. What we must have to get the job done is chickpeas, blender or food processor, and some seasonings like salt and sugar.

Please take out your runny hummus and let it sit out at room temperature for about two minutes. A mixing bowl and spatula are also needed.

That’s all you need for the process of thickening hummus. If you have already prepared those tools and machines, let’s start the procedure right now!


Step 1: Just like when you make hummus, the first step is to wash chickpeas carefully, let them dry, and put them into the food processor or blender.

Step 2: When the chickpeas are halfway done, add the seasonings into the smashed mixture if needed.

Based on our experience, if you use the old blender, there is a high chance that it is not powerful enough to smash the chickpeas into powder. When your machine isn’t capable of the task anymore, it’s better to try to buy a new one or smash the chickpeas into small pieces before blending.

Step 3: When the smashed chickpeas mixture is completed, pour it into the hummus, using a spatula to mix the old hummus and the smashed chickpeas powder until they blend well. Taste the hummus again to check whether the hummus is tasty and thick enough as you need.

If yes, then there is nothing for us to do more, just enjoy the meal! If not, please consider making more smashed chickpeas or buying some tahini to add to the hummus sauce. Keep repeating the procedure until you find the hummus thick enough.

In case you have followed the process, but unfortunately, you use too much chickpeas mixture, and the opposite case scenario happens: you make the hummus too thick. Then, please counteract the process of making thick hummus to thin it. There is no need to ask how to thin hummus then.

The Secrets Behind Thick Hummus

As mentioned above, the hummus is made by adding chickpeas smash, tahini sauce, spices, and lemon juice at the proper level. So, the secret for the perfectly thick and tasty hummus is to get the ratio right and the ingredients mushy and blended enough.

Given that fact, we must learn how to prepare the food well to make the thick hummus. To ensure that the chickpeas are delicate and juicy enough to smash thoroughly, please soak the chickpeas overnight for about 6 to 8 hours to soften the beans.

On the next day, before grounding the chickpeas, boil them in a closed lid pot for 20 minutes. This step isn’t compulsory, but it is helpful to make the chickpeas more smashable and blendable.

On the other hand, the tahini can also affect the thickness of a hummus dish. Tahini and chickpeas are key factors to create the overall taste of hummus, so if we have mentioned chickpeas, it is impossible to forget about tahini.

Ideally, the ratio for tahini and chickpeas is 1:2, with the minority belonging to tahini. In other words, assuming that you use a can of chickpeas, then only half a cup of tahini sauce is enough.

Simply follow the chickpeas and tahini rule above, then your hummus must be thick, creamy, soft, and tasty as demanded! However, if you think that the peas – tahini paste – lemon juice – spices combo is not delicious enough, then you can add a bit of almond, walnuts, or pistachios to make the hummus dish richer and more powdery. But, remember to add only a little amount, gal!

Tips For Making Thick Hummus

Now that you have already learned how to thicken the humus, let us provide you with more in-depth secrets on this process so that you can make it perfect.

First, adding the sweet potato smash into the hummus is a great idea to thicken the hummus. Hummus and sweet potato smash share lots of similarities: smooth, grounded, powdery texture, sugary taste, and high amount of starch. So, if you want the hummus to be thicker, try adding the sauce that is similar to it – the sweet potato smash.

Second, you can add the flour-water mixture to the hummus dip. Typically, flour has always been used as a thickening agent for most recipes, which proves its ability to thicken any mixture. Given that fact, when you want the hummus sauce to be more condensed, add the flour-water mixture to it.

Finally, we suggest you add more chickpeas to the hummus. As mentioned above, chickpea beans have a thick, rich, and creamy taste that can solidify the hummus if being added. The natural composition of chickpeas automatically thickens the liquid inside hummus and makes it more consistent.



Through this article, we have found out how to thicken hummus quickly and simply. In fact, there are many other ways to help you revive the runny hummus, but based on our experience, this is the best approach.

One of the most important tips for making a perfect hummus is to be careful and follow the ratio strictly. If you pay more attention to the measurement, you won’t have to waste time researching how to fix hummus now, right?

Is this article helpful enough for you? Let’s share with us your experience!

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