How To Use A Nutribullet? – The Fastest Way To Get A Smoothie!

We all love to enjoy delicious summer fruits when the weather gets hot—some like eating fresh fruits, while others prefer blending fruits into drinks like juices and smoothies.

These colorful natural drinks make up the perfect summer with their sweetness and bring numerous beneficial nutritional values to humans’ health. The best way to enjoy fresh fruit juice is making it yourself with the help of a great blender, like a Nutribullet. If you haven’t been familiar with this amazing tool, let’s see how to use a Nutribullet in this article!

What Is A Nutribullet?

Nutribullets are high-quality blenders that can blend all kinds of vegetables, fruits, and nuts into paste and liquid. Nutribullets differ from other blender brands because they have a bullet-shaped blending cup instead of a jug. More specifically, this design allows you to drink the juice directly from Nutribullet, which is super-convenient for sports lovers to have a fast and delicious drink to enjoy!

The tightly closed cap also makes the juice blended more evenly, giving you the finest drink to taste. In detail, Nutribullets blenders have two different-shaped blades. Each blade is responsible for a different chopping and cutting technique. One blade will blend the fruits into juice, and the other blade will grind hard fruit.

Nutribullets blender has many different sizes and prices to choose from depending on your preference.

How To Use A Nutribullet?

how to use a nutribullet

Follow our instructions to learn how to use Nutribullet effectively! Take out your Nutribullet, and start making delicious juice and smoothies with us!

Step 1: Unbox The Nutribullet

If you have a brand new Nutribullet, unbox it and try not to miss any parts left in the box. Every part is crucial in creating a decent Nutribullet, so you must check the box well when inbox to make sure you don’t miss a thing. Then, leave all the carton boxes to one side and place all Nutribullet’s components on a flat surface.

Step 2: Read The Instructions

Every kitchen boutique substitute comes with manual instruction to guide you on assembling and handling it safely and correctly. A Nutribullet is not an exception.

Once you unbox the Nutribullet, you may have come across the manuals on magic bullet assembly. Here’s one important thing to remember: no matter how experienced you are with a blender, it is always essential to read the magic bullet blender instructions beforehand to understand what you are dealing with clearly.

It is never an excessive task when you go through the instructions to get the best use. In particular, take a quick look at the components and the “How does Nutribullet work?” part. Having a full understanding of magic bullet instructions is never a waste!

Step 3: Prepare To Blend

Once you have all the information clear about Nutribullets, let’s start blending our first-ever smoothie or juice using this blender. Normally all Nutribullets will be packed and assembled beforehand, so you will only need to take all the components out, run them thoroughly under water and assemble them back together to be ready for fruits coming in.

Let’s have a look at the fridge and see what you have that is ready to blend. Feel free to put in any vegetable and fruit that you like to create a stunning dish on your own using Nutribullets!

Here are some tips for you to create a stunning smoothie or juice using this phenomenal tool:

  • If you have too big fruits for the blender, such as a whole apple, cut it into pieces first before putting them in, into a size of a substitute for orange zest, for example. The smaller your fruit is, the easier Nutribullet can blend it out into smooth puree.
  • No matter how much fruit you put, the ice level should be more than 25% in the whole container.
  • The order of putting ingredients in a blender is fruits, vegetables, ice, and liquid.
  • Each Nutribullet cup will have a “Max” line, indicating the limit of ingredients you put inside the blender. There should always be a space left in the container for the mixture to go up frequently when the bladers start to work. If you stuff too many things in, the bladers cannot work well, and the drink becomes rough.
  • Refrain from putting any hot or carbonated food into your Nutribullet, as these foods may pressurize the blending process, which results in a mess later. That’s the correct way on how to work magic bullet!

Step 4: Blend

Now that you have all the ingredients ready to blend, let’s start blending our juice!

You need to take out the extractor blade, screw it into the cup and secure it tightly based on the Nutribullet instructions to prevent leakage. Then, secure your cup into the motor base by turning the cup clockwise while pushing it down to the motor. Once you hear a click sound, it means your cup has been secured, and it is ready to be blended hand-free. That’s how to turn on Nutribullet.

Subsequently, have a close look at the blender when it is working. Depending on how complex your ingredients are and your drink’s consistency, it would take about 40-60 seconds for your drinks to complete.

You can always monitor your drink’s condition while observing it through the glass cup. If you find something stuck while blending, counterclockwise the cup and push to get the cup out; shake it with your hand to adjust the blending texture and continue to let the motor blend it.

Once your drink has reached your wanted appearance, twisting the cup counterclockwise for the motor to stop. And that’s how you get a smoothie by using a Nutribullet!

Step 5: Drink Your Achievement

Remove the blade and the screw ring out of the cup, and you are ready to taste that delicious smoothie without needing an extra cup. If you want to take your drink on the go, put on a top-to-go lid and rock a day!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use A Nutribullet Without Liquid?

It would help if you never used a Nutribullet without liquid unless you switch to using the milling blade. In case you use an ordinary blade and blend without water, it will create a lot of fractions and pressure inside the container, which is not healthy for your blade’s lifespan and your drink’s quality.

Hence, a bit of liquid such as water or milk will make the blending much easier while giving a perfect base for your drink to become a smoothie or a juice.

Can You Put Dry Ingredients In A Nutribullet?

Dry ingredients are welcome in Nutribullets if it is blended with water or under grinding/milling mode. Nutribullets are designed to blend fruits and vegetables. Suppose you want to blend dry ingredients, according to how to use a magic bullet instructions. In that case, you must create a welcoming environment by putting liquid in or using the Nutribullet’s signature milling blade.

Can You Put Frozen Fruit In A Nutribullet?

Unlike ice which can never be left alone in a Nutribullet, you can put frozen fruits in a Nutribullet. With extra liquid you put alongside frozen fruits, these foods won’t cause any harm to the blades and the after drink.

It is possible to blend frozen vegetables in a Nutribullet as well! With such a high-quality blender as Nutribullet, you surely successfully make the beet leaves smoothie using frozen beets!

The Final Word

And that’s all the instructions we have on how to use a Nutribullet. Once you follow our instructions on how to work a Nutribullet, handling this tool and blending your favorite summer drink is easier than ever.

Let’s have a healthy summer with all the lovely drinks you get from the amazing Nutribullet! Thank you for reading our article, and we will see you soon!

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