How To Use A Pizza Stone Without A Pizza Peel? – The Best Method!

Making pizza at home is fun, but it is surely not a simple task. You should acquire many steps to create a decent pizza at home, from having the correct ingredients to having sufficient pizza-made tools.

People fail at cooking pizza since they don’t have enough tools for pizza baking only. If you have enough ingredients but not enough tools, do you think you can still cook your pizza to perfection?

In this article, let’s learn how to use a pizza stone without a pizza peel to help your pizza cooking process become easier and faster!

What Is A Pizza Stone And A Pizza Peel?

What Is A Pizza Stone And A Pizza Peel

Since many of you haven’t been familiar with pizza-specific tools, let’s learn about pizza stone and peel

A pizza stone is a special name for a baking stone that is primarily used for baking pizza. It is made of ceramic or stone, which are materials compatible with high heat in the oven. Bakers will put pizza on a pizza stone and push it into the oven for cooking.

The pizza stone helps the pizza absorb moisture to make it crispier on the crust while being soft and moisturized on the inside. If you want to bake a pizza like a pro, you need a pizza stone to make your pizza more professional.

A peel is a pizza stone’s company – it is a tool shaped like a shovel to help slide pizza in and out of the oven. Although it is called a pizza peel, you can use it to grab in and out pastries products like bread, cakes, etc. You will frequently see a wood peel with a flat surface big enough to hold a pizza and a long handle to help you get the pizza in and out with ease.

How To Use A Pizza Stone Without A Pizza Peel?

How To Use A Pizza Stone

Without a pizza peel, it can be difficult to find the way on how to get pizza on pizza stone. In this case, we will use parchment paper or a baking sheet to move the pizza using a pizza stone without a peel.

Compared to a structured pizza peel which you can find in specific restaurant tools stores, parchment paper is much more familiar and easy to buy, so we can use that easy, accessible option to replace pizza peel. Let’s see our guide on how to transfer pizza to pizza stone without peel:

Step 1: Grab a piece of parchment paper or baking sheet that is bigger than your pizza. Lightly dust that piece of paper with some flour to prevent stickiness when your pizza is cooked later.

You can find these baking sheets easily in any local market. They come in multiple pieces at a cheap price which allows you to purchase them easily. If you can grab the high-quality parchment paper, make sure to grab one as you don’t want to cook your pizza on a baking sheet that is too thin.

Step 2: Place and stretch your pizza dough on the parchment paper. You can add pizza sauce before or after this step, but we recommend adding it later to settle the pizza’s position on the paper.

Step 3: Now, you need to bring the pizza and the parchment paper to the stove. You need to grab the parchment paper’s two opposite corners and lift the paper so that the whole pizza lies in the middle of the paper while transferring pizza to hot pizza stone.

Step 4: When you have secured the position of your pizza on the pizza stone, gently pull out the paper so that the pizza won’t move much on the stone.

If you don’t put some flour on the paper beforehand, you will have difficulty doing this step as the dough will stick to the baking sheet. You can use an extra spatula to lift the pizza if you cannot pull out the paper easily, but be careful not to touch the grips or the toppings.

Step 5: After your pizza has finished cooking in the oven, you need to take the pizza out. Instead of using a pizza peel, you can take a spatula or a tong to lift the pizza out from the stove onto a new baking sheet. Leave your pizza to rest for 5-10 minutes before serving.

And that’s how to use a pizza stone without a paddle, by using a pizza peel substitute such as parchment papers or baking sheets. You can use the same method on how to cook frozen lasagna in the oven.

Since we are using parchment paper as a pizza peel substitute, can you replace another flat item? What are the possible pizza peel substitutes? Let’s move on to the next part to find out the best pizza peel substitutes.

What Are Pizza Peel Substitutes?

To your surprise, even the most simple kitchen bouquet substitute can be used as a pizza peel substitute, as long as it is clean, flat with an area that is enough for your pizza to sit on. We are looking for non-contact material to prevent pizza stuck to pizza stone. Let’s see the top 6 easy-to-use pizza peel substitutes that you can find in your kitchen right away:


We all have cardboard in our house, right? Although it seems strange to use cardboard as an alternative to pizza peel, you will be surprised by how cardboards work as long as you make the switch. All you have to do is find a flat, clean, sturdy cardboard to hold the pizza.

Since the cardboard’s paper material cannot stick to the dough, you can easily transfer pizza to stone by using cardboard pizza peel with ease.

The quickest way to get the cardboard is to cut out one surface of the pizza box, but if you don’t have it as you prefer making your pizza, then cut a side of one of your used boxes. Make sure the cardboard is big and sturdy enough to hold the pizza and its ingredients. 

Parchment paper

As we have given the instructions, we can use parchment paper to replace pizza peel when you don’t have one. Please put on your done or undone pizza with parchment paper underneath, place some garnishes and extra seasonings, then toss it on the pizza stone. If you want to keep the paper on the stone, it is fine if you are not confident about removing the paper once the pizza has gone in the oven.

When you purchase parchment paper, you can easily confuse parchment paper with wax paper. Although these two sheets have a similar appearance, wax paper cannot withstand the high heat coming from the oven when your pizza is cooked. If you accidentally purchase wax paper, you should change it into parchment paper; otherwise, you will create a mess in the oven while cooking pizza.

Cookie sheet

If you love baking, you must have had a cookie sheet sitting around your kitchen. The lucky news here is that you can use a cookie sheet to replace a pizza reel. Cookie sheets are flat with one side up for easy removal, making them a great candidate to replace a pizza reel. With the almost same shape, sturdy material, you can use a cookie sheet as a pizza peel alternative.

Baking sheet

Although there are many baking sheets, we recommend you use lifted-edge sheets to make the pizza removal process easier and faster. The raised edges will prevent extra oil or fat from slipping into your newly-baked pizza. That’s why many people use baking sheets on how to cook Italian sausage in oven as well.

If you have a rimmed baking sheet, instead of using it the traditional way, you can flip it upside down and use the upper edges as leverage to move your pizza effortlessly.

The Final Word

And that’s all we can answer on “How to use a pizza stone without a pizza peel?” It’s extremely easy for you to handle how to transfer a pizza to a pizza stone by using a different pizza paddle substitute. Thank you for reading our article, and we will see you soon in the next one! Enjoy your delicious freshly baked pizza!

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