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The Ultimate Guide on How To Tell If Tilapia Is Bad?

Tilapia is a freshwater type of fish. It originated in Africa and now raised in fish farms all over the United States and worldwide. It is a very good source of vitamin and protein such as Omega 3s fatty acids, Omega 6s and Vitamin D.

Tilapia fillets have amazing taste with light flavor that can please even the pickiest diners. It is also affordable and popular, and many people may be confused about not picking the highest quality one. If you are wondering how to tell if tilapia is bad, then this article is for you.

Let’s dive right in!

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How To Clean A Microwave After A Fire? Methods To Clean Burnt Microwave!

No one can deny the fact microwaves play an essential role in our daily lives. We use microwaves to reheat shrimp, unfrozen a pizza, recook a lunch meal, everything to make our meals warmer and tastier. 

However, despite how familiar we are with microwaves, constant threats pose if we don’t utilize microwaves the right way—one of the most frequent incidents with microwaves in burning. 

So, how to clean a microwave after a fire? That’s the topic we will discuss in this article. If you also want to solve this issue, come and join us. 

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How To Thicken Grits? The Best Method To Make Your Grits Denser!

Making food can be disturbing once the final result comes out below your expectation. For example, a dish of alfredo turns out to be too runny in the end, and you have to restart to thicken alfredo.

Similarly, if you have been making grits before, you must notice that nailing the perfect density is one of the biggest challenges while making the dish.

How to measure the correct thickening and, more importantly, how to thicken grits so as it won’t be too loosely? We will give you the answers to these wonders right in this article!

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How To Heat Milk On Stove Without Accidentally Scalding It

Typically, the milk can be stored in the fridge for a long period without being spoiled. The common practice is that any type of milk, from plant-based like buttermilk to animal-originated like cow milk, can still retain its flavor even after being frozen.

However, reheating frost milk is not an easy case, like storing it. Without proper technique, this milk can be boiled, be scalded, and, worse, be spoiled. So, let’s read this article to learn how to heat milk on stove.

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How To Fix Grainy Caramel Sauce? Learn How To Fix Your Caramel Treat!

Making caramel sauce can be fun but also challenging since many problems can occur during the process. To master the perfect caramel sauce technique, you should bear in mind some useful tips.

In case you mess up and wonder, “How to fix grainy caramel sauce?”, this is where you can get the information to fix your work. Do you want to know what these tips are? Check our article out!

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