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How To Reheat Shrimp? Simple and Effective Ways

As a food lover and cooking enthusiast, I always find myself mesmerized by endless ways to turn fresh ingredients into delicious meals.

Being a rather imaginative cook, I am particularly keen on creating new exotic dishes, and shrimp is one of my favorite one. Keep scrolling down and you will learn how to reheat shrimp properly.

Shrimp is a delicious food that is packed with nutrition and can be combined with many options.

There are a wide variety of shrimp recipes. You can steam them, grill them or fry them in different styles be it Asian or Italian.

But once the party is over, you have faced with a problem: the leftovers. Thanks to whoever invented refrigerators, you can easily keep the leftovers or untouched shrimp and reheat them to eat later.

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How To Thicken Alfredo Without Affecting The Flavor (Updated)

Many of us are Fettuccine Alfredo big fans, and the biggest problem of making this dish at home is always about the sauce.

There are thousands of recipes for how to thicken Alfredo sauce. However, it seems to me that they just make the sauce has milky consistency and gets cold.

So, what we want is a creamy sauce serving with the piping hot pasta. This writing will thus offer 5 simple and proven ways to thicken the Alfredo sauce.

And the best part is, they do not have any alteration to the taste.

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