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This module will point out the way to keep the foods for the long time such as: freezing, refrigerated, cooling.


How To Store Figs?- All You Need To Know About Figs

Figs are extraordinary fruits that have been a symbol of fertility and life since ancient times. In Greece, it is the sacred fruit to gods and goddesses. It is because of its sweetness and juicy flesh. Figs have 2 types: fresh and dried figs. Fresh figs should be consumed in max 7 days from harvest day to keep the best taste.

However, this delicate fruit has a short shelf life if you don’t store them properly. It means that you should care about how to store not only fresh figs but also dried figs. Because even dried figs can keep for a longer duration compared with a fresh one, but it is still good no more than a month when opened.

So, how to store figs? Let’s find out in my post below!

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How To Freeze Dry Ice Cream? Create Dreamlike Ice Cream!

At the end of the day, we all crave some sweet treats to reward ourselves. Easy-to-make desserts can be varied, from egg free cheesecake for non-dairy lovers or ice cream for your lovely kids.

If ice cream has been too common and you and your family have tasted all the flavor, try dry ice cream! In this article, we will offer tips on how to freeze dry ice cream for you and your loved ones to have a cool yet yummy treat!

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How To Store Marshmallows – Save Your Favorite Sweet

Marshmallows are perhaps the all-time favorite type of candy with lovely appearance and unique texture. However, once you have opened a bag of marshmallows, you have to consume them quickly since they will get goopy and stick together over time.

How to prevent that? How to store marshmallows – your beloved sweets to lengthen their shelf life? Let’s go through this post to find what you have longed for!

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The Best Ways to Freeze Hamburger Buns

Whether you get your buns from the store or you make your own straight from the oven, you still need to know how to freeze hamburger buns to keep them fresh for spontaneous feasts that call for burgers.

From now on, you won’t have to worry if you accidentally go overbought and buy more buns than needed. Without further ado, let’s get started on today’s article.

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How To Store Summer Squash So It Stays Fresh Forever?

Summer squash harvest time is coming! It is time to harvest and use these versatile summer vegetables in diverse summer squash recipes, such as zucchini casserole, chocolate zucchini cake, and create tons of flavorful dishes.

However, summer squash storage life is pretty short that if you don’t store it properly, its quality will quickly go down. So how to store summer squash suitably? Follow the article below to discover the step-by-step guidelines.

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How To Store Biscuits: The Best Way to Store Baked Goods

You made a batch of chewy chocolate chip biscuits and want to save some for a midnight snack, but you don’t know how to store biscuits? This is quite a common problem for those who love making little treats like biscuits or Langue de Chat for their loved ones.

Worry not! This article covers some of the greatest tips to store your sweet treats so that they can remain soft and chewy for a long time!

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How To Freeze Parmesan Cheese: A Step-by-step Guide

If you’re familiar with Italian cuisine, you know there is one ingredient that constantly appears in the recipe: delicious cheese. Parmesan or Parmigiano Reggiano cheese is the most popular name in the cheese industry with its rich and creamy texture.

However, you only need a few slices of cheese for a recipe. That leads to the fact that more than half of a cheese block is wasted. However, you can reuse the cheese plenty of times once you know how to store parmesan cheese properly.

So if you want to enjoy Italian dishes and save your money from buying new cheese, check out how to freeze parmesan cheese in my post!

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The Ultimate Guide on How to Freeze Cranberry Sauce Properly

The main ingredient of cranberry sauce is fresh cranberries, a small, red berry mostly found in European countries. Homemade cranberry sauce is usually sour and is rich in vitamin C, K, fiber, and manganese.

Due to its unique taste, many people often produce a lot to store for later use, but this process can spoil the flavor and nutrients in the product. So, in this article, we will show you the full instruction on how to freeze cranberry sauce.

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The Ultimate Guide on How to Freeze Bok Choy

Vegetables like bok choy play an essential role in the human diet. However, bok choy is very difficult to preserve due to the high amount of water in the cell, which is a favorable environment for microorganisms to grow.

So can you freeze Bok Choy? Yes, you can. Bok choy should be frozen within 12 hours after purchasing. After freezing, place them into freezer bags in bulk. For best freezing quality, don’t over-pack bags, just 4 – 5 pieces per bag are enough.

Hence, today, we will show you the ultimate guide on how to freeze bok choy.

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How To Store Fried Chicken Overnight

Have you ever over-eaten your favorite dish when you’re hungry? I am guilty of this when it comes to fried chicken leading to a whole extra portion left when I’m already full. 

As a fan of chicken dishes, I’m in love with the crispy, tasty yet tender fried chicken, and it is a waste to throw it away. Instead, I have learned to store fried chicken for the morning after.

Some people might think storing chicken is easy, but if you don’t know how to store it properly, the dish might get spoiled easily.

If you’re looking for how to store fried chicken overnight, you’re in just the right place.

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How To Store Bean Sprouts Useful Tips You Should Know!

Beans are among the healthiest vegetables for both humans and animals thanks to their enormous health benefits.

Different types of beans can be cooked, processed into various tasty dishes, and used as a chickpea substitute in certain nations, where chickpea is not native and can hardly be cultivated.

More interestingly, through some easy-to-follow steps, you are likely to grow bean sprouts from these tiny beans on your own! It is not difficult to find fresh bean sprouts like Chinese type in a delicious Asian dish.

However, how to store bean sprouts? Keep reading to find the answer!

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Can You Freeze Liverwurst? The Ultimate Guide On How To Store Liverwurst

You may, or may not, have heard about liverwurst or what does liverwurst taste like. In case you haven’t known, it is a special type of sausage that is extremely popular in Europe as its meat ingredients come from organs.

Once you have had a bite of liverwurst, its flavor will leave a remark in your cuisine journey.

Like any other food, liverwurst requires careful and decent storage to be freshened all the time. Out of all the storing options, freezing has always been an ideal method, but would it apply to liverwurst effectively?

Can you freeze liverwurst and how to freeze it? Join in this article, and you have all your wonders solved.

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Can You Refreeze bread? The Ultimate Key To Keep It Fresh

In some circumstances, it is more preferable to refreeze bread than keeping them in ordinary storage places like pantry and bread box. However, there may be a lot of problems as the refreezing process can spoil the bread by accident.

So, is it true that a loaf can still be able to refrozen after thawing? And how to refreeze bread without ruining it? That’s the question this article will dig into with a detailed guide on how you can refreeze any type of bread and many relevant, informative hints. So, make sure to stick around!

You are wondering that Can You Refreeze bread? Yes, this one is possible and even safe. You can refreeze your bread as long as you do not leave them outside for over 48 hours. Although the bread after refreezing likely becomes drier and lower-quality, you might still use, instead of leaving them to mold due to overdate.

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Can You Freeze Cabbage? Yes, Given That You Do It In The Right Way

Freezing cabbages has long been a skill that every single cooking enthusiast tries to excel in. 

Now, to those who pay little mind to the culinary world, this must have sounded rather ridiculous as, at first glance, this does not even sound like a challenge at all.

‘Can you freeze cabbage?’ – Is this a question for a 6-year-old? Aren’t they just cabbages? What problem could stem from them? Just throw them in the freezer and your job is done – how hard could it possibly be?

Well, no offense, but if you actually think like that, there is no surprise that you have never managed to get cabbage freezing right.

It is easy to turn your cabbage into frozen veggies, even kids can do that. But keeping their quality during their time in the fridge is another story.

You have to get everything right, otherwise the only mouth your cabbages will go into after you take them out would be that wide opened mouth of your trash bin.

But how? How to exactly get everything right? What order should you follow to freeze your cabbages? No need to fret! All will be disclosed right here so just stay tuned!

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