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12 Most Delicious Brown Rice Syrup Substitutes

With the signature sweetness and mild butterscotch aroma, brown rice syrup is widely preferred in the culinary world. From Asian, European to Middle Eastern, the rice syrup complements most recipes with its mild flavor.

However, suppose that you run out of rice syrup in the kitchen but still want to use some seasoning with a similar taste to substitute. In this case, what should you select then?

In this post, let’s dive deep into the top 12 most delicious brown rice syrup substitutes and pick out your favorite one.

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Paneer Substitute: The 8 Best Options You Can Try

Paneer is a delicious Indian cheese, but the ingredient isn’t always around when you need it. So, what is a good Paneer substitute?

This article includes a list of the eight best alternatives to Paneer. Of course, each of these substitutes has its distinct taste and cannot completely replace Paneer. For that reason, they will work well in one recipe but not another.

For further information, read on!

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