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Best Pastry Blender Substitute In Your Kitchen

If you are into making sweets and desserts at home, you must know the importance of a pastry blender. This hand-held tool is amazing at cutting pieces of butter and blending them into the flour mixture evenly to create an amazing dough.

However, you don’t exactly need this tool to mix the flour if you don’t usually make dough and baked goods. Find out the best pastry blender substitute in your kitchen in my post!

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Best Substitute For Instant Pudding Your Recipes Need

Pudding is my favorite go-to treat on the weekend, and I can always make it in a few minutes with an instant pudding mix. Whether it is banana pudding or cookies, there is nothing impossible with this amazing ingredient. However, it is not good if you only depend on this ingredient to make good dishes.

Therefore, I have worked out the best substitute for instant pudding in this post. Check it out if you’re running out of this ingredient!

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