5 Excellent Masa Harina Substitute Will Make You Satisfied

The majority of us knows that tortillas are vital when saying to Mexican cuisine. Yes, you can serve it as a side or main dish.

Correspondingly, not few people are ready to pay for planning to make Mexican food.

Nonetheless, in fact, it is not difficult to get this dish at home. If defined the recipe, you can perform countless tortilla as desired, in particular, flour tortilla, corn tortilla, cactus tortilla,…

And to make tortillas, it cannot be short of masa harina. But, apart from masa harina, you still have other options. Let’s see masa harina substitute below!


About Masa Harina

When coming to Mexican cuisine, it cannot ignore masa harina – an essential ingredient in there. People use it for tortillas, tamales, and an array of other Mexican recipes.

Masa harina, which means the dough flour in Spanish, is a kind of flour used in processing the dishes.

In fact, to get masa harina, you have to take more time and effort. It is the combination of a dried masa with a dough corn. That’s why you need a masa harina alternative.

Masa Harina Substitute – It’s Simple That!

You ought to know that masa harina is the major ingredient if you want to make the Mexican and Latin American dishes.

Nevertheless, to begin, we want you to understand that you are never utilized all-purpose flour as a substitute because masa harina is made from corn while that alternative is derived from wheat.

So, what can we use? Let’s feel secure! There are more alternatives than you thought. After spending much time for studying Latin American food, I have found the excellent ingredients to replace masa harina. Going on reading!

1. Corn Tortillas (Ground-up)

masa harina substitute

It is certain that most kitchens frequently have corn tortillas ready, especially to make burritos, tostadas, or tacos, you can lack them.

Don’t throw them away despite being stale. You can still utilize them as long as you do not recognize any mold. It is actually a great option to churn into the masa harina flour in case you are making the related recipes.

Let’s use that do not need to wonder or doubt why they are. As mentioned, masa harina is originated from corns that masa harina is the main ingredient to make ground-up corn tortillas.

But, it does not mean that corn tortillas and masa harina are similar.

Essentially, they are dry, so you need to process a bit in order to make flour. Prepare some of the corn tortillas, a drizzle of kosher and warm water. Depending on your needs, add 3-4 or more of corn tortillas to your blender to grind until fine.

The consistency is very important. Based on the recipe, it applies a certain consistency. Keep in mind, find a proper consistency for your applied recipe.

2. Fresh Masa Preparada

If compared to masa harina, fresh masa does not require many preparations in most recipes. According to Spanish, masa preparada means “prepared dough“.

As a result, if you choose it as a substitute for masa harina, you likely eliminate some steps. Yes, it is not different from purchasing the dough, which is raw and prepared.

Instead of adding sugar, yeast, flour, and water so as to make the dough, you will only start with the made dough.

Due to being derived from masa harina, masa preparada acts in a similar way to masa harina in the majority of recipes such as tamales and the classic dishes.

Remember that fresh masa does not have a long shelf-life and is packed in a plastic bag. Correspondingly, if you tend to use it right away, don’t buy it because you cannot store it in your refrigerator.

Go to the Mexican or Latin American grocery shops. You may easily find the available fresh masa preparada.

3. Ground Hominy

When saying to a traditional drink of Mexican, atole, polenta, or even masa harina, people cannot ignore the main ingredient in there – hominy.

It can simply understand that hominy is the corn kernels. Based on a certain chemical process, they are entirely hulled.

It means that you are utilizing the corns without including the outer shells. In case you are not having masa harina in the kitchen, at least, hominy is also a good idea to replace for it.

That’s why my kitchen always has a can of dried hominy. Simply, it is a good option if I need a little masa harina for your own recipes.

You can get hominy at the Latin American food shops. Or, you may also purchase online. Don’t have to worry about how to use. You just need to follow the instructions on the dried hominy case.

To achieve the fine like masa harina, add a right amount of hominy to the grinder and start grinding until fine.

4. Cornstarch

You want to thicken gravies, Mexican stews, or sauces, don’t you? Well, cornstarch – perfect option is a masa harina substitute.

Similar to the substitutes above, cornstarch is also made from masa harina. Thus, if you have intended to cook southern recipes that are thickened by masa harina, remember that cornstarch is the best alternative for that.

The corn endosperm is the major ingredient in cornstarch. After being made into slurry, it will be added to your gravy, soup, or sauce to thicken it.

You don’t add cornstarch directly to your dish if you do not want it to become lumpy or even unappetizing. The best plan would be to make the slurry after adding it to your liquid.

All in all, it is important for those who heavily cook is to know how to add a proper amount of slurry if you do not have masa harina.

5. Flours of Various Kinds

Some cases do not have masa harina – no problem. You can utilize flour of various kinds as an alternative. But, you should also know that they do not apply to all recipes.

Although the flours without being derived from corns will make the recipes based on original masa harina taste change the flavor, texture, and consistency, they can effectively work for soups, chilis,…

Coming to flour, we think of the ground dishes right away. In fact, in additional to being ground to add to the recipes, the grains are made into flour. For masa harina, it forces the grain to be corn.

On the other hands, there have the flours, which are ground from barley, almond, quinoa, rye, millet, rice, and more. These types will be used for the equivalent recipes. Cake flour is to make bread flour, for example.


masa harina substitute from richard pantry

Masa Harina is widely used in Mexican Foods.

You enjoy cooking, right? It is sure that you know the uncomfortable feel when you do not have an substitute for your recipe, masa harina, for example.

And of course, you will not want to renounce your recipe. Accordingly, a replacement is necessary.

At present, it is not short of masa harina substitute available. But, after applying a variety of alternatives for masa harina in my own recipes, we decided to share this list with you.

Depending on the recipes, you will choose to use the proper substitute. You also can discover other Foods Substitute from my blog: ranch style beans substitute, rosemary substitute.

Happy cooking enjoy!!!

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