Top 6 Alternatives Used As Media Crema Substitute In Your Pantry

Media crema is a famous sweetener, and its presence is common among households, especially in South American countries.

Thanks to the signature condensing and sugariness, the media cream has become an indispensable ingredient in American cuisine.

With such special features, it is quite hard to find a media crema substitute, yet not impossible. No need to waste time; let’s discover some Nestle table cream substitutes that you should know!

What Is Media Crema?

Media crema is a product from Nestle manufacturing commonly used in American countries, especially South American.

For those who are asking, “what is media crema in English?” then the answer is “Table cream”. We will use two names interchangeably in this post.

Originally, it is made from milk and cream with light compression. The food offers a rich and creamy flavor to all recipes.

It can blend easily with most liquids and complement well to meat, vegetables, and fruit to complement the taste. 

You can use the media crema straight out of the can without any refrigeration.

Top 6 Things Can Use As A Media Crema Substitute

media crema substitute

We highly recommend the list of 6 alternatives for Media Crema as below

  • Condensed Milk
  • Evaporated Milk
  • Clotted Cream
  • Heavy Cream
  • Creme Fraiche
  • Double Cream

Let discover their texture and flavor with me now!

1. Condensed Milk

The first and the best substitute for media crema is condensed milk. As described above, the media crema is sweet and rich, so does the condensed milk.

Besides, they share the same origin: milk and cream, making them even more substitutable.

What is the difference between condensed milk and media crema, then? Well, let’s compare the nutrition element of each food.

The crema (table cream) only contains about 18 – 30 percent of fat. Meanwhile, this ratio is about 8 percent for condensed milk.

However, the condensed milk contains a high amount of sugar, while there is no added sugar in the table cream. 

In other words, the sweetness of the condensed milk is the taste of sugar, while the table cream contains the sweetness from its cream base material.

2. Evaporated Milk

If the table cream (media crema) contains about 18-30 percent milk fat, this percentage for evaporated milk is just 6.5.

That being said, the fattiness of the evaporated milk, compared to the crema, is significantly less. 

In terms of sweetness, the evaporated milk tastes like the sweetened condensed milk but less sugary. They are both condense and gooey, but the evaporated milk is less unpalatable. 

The evaporated milk seems to be a great Nestle cream substitute for those who prefer light sugariness.

3. Clotted Cream

Compared to the evaporated milk, clotted cream is literally the opposite in terms of sweetness. Made up with 55 to 60 percent of milk fat, this cream is incredibly sweet and creamy.

Given this fact, the clotted cream is the perfect substitute for Nestle cream. Not only does it taste sugary, rich, unpalatable, but it also offers a dense, thick texture.

Therefore, the condenseness and sugariness of the clotted cream are similar to the table cream. 

Typically, people use clotted cream to make ice cream cones or blend with English tea.

4. Heavy Cream

The heavy cream, or heavy whipping cream, is the sweetener used to make creams, cakes, or recipes that demand high levels of sugariness and creaminess. 

Just from the name, you can imagine how sweet this food is, right? Made from cream, milk, sugar, thickening, and stabilizing substances, the heavy cream contains at least 36 percent milk fat.

Therefore, compared to the media crema, its sugariness and richness are much higher.

In terms of texture, the whipping cream is denser than the media crema. It can whip up twice as much as the table cream.

5. Creme Fraiche

You may not know about this creme fraiche since it is not as famous as other selections on this list, but in fact, it is a quite popular sweetener in France. 

What is creme fraiche? It is a matured, thickened, dried sour cream with a nutty and tangy flavor. Made from unpasteurized types of sour cream, this product contains natural bacteria to thicken it without using any preservatives. 

Given that fact, the taste of creme fraiche is rich, buttery, and tangy naturally and unconditionally.

Based on the food fermentation, its taste can fluctuate slightly but still retain the sweetness and creaminess. And the texture is gradually thicker and thicker.

6. Double Cream

With the name “Double cream,” you may have an idea of its taste, right? Just take the richness, creaminess, sugariness of the cream and double it up; you will get the overall flavor of the double cream.

Typically, people think that double cream is a British term for heavy cream and whipping cream in the States, but in fact, they are not 100 percent alike.

The double cream is thicker and sweeter than whipping cream with 48 percent of butterfat

In terms of texture, the double cream is also “doubling” the thickness and denseness of other creams on the list. You can whip it slightly and get the super thick double cream immediately.

How Does Media Crema Taste?

Made from milk, cream, and preservatives, the media crema tastes extremely sweet. In terms of texture, it is thick, condensed, and gooey. The media crema has a similar taste and composition as condensed milk. 

If we have to describe the taste of the media crema, we will let you imagine: it’s like combining whole milk, lots of sugar, and cream into one mix. Can you imagine how sweet it is? Yes, that is how the media crema tastes.

The media crema is a great sweetener for those recipes demanding a high level of sweetness and condenseness with such flavor.

What Is Media Crema Used For?

The media crema is particularly sugary with a thick and condensed texture. With such features, the crema is usually used in making cream, milk, cakes, cheese, or sauces with cheese and sugary flavor.

To be specific, let us list out some famous recipes of media crema:

  • Macaroni and Cheese (Mac and Cheese): you can add the media crema to the cheese and blend it with macaroni to raise the sweetness and cheesiness.
  • Potato soups: smashed potatoes are sweet, but with the addition of media crema, the cheesy and sugary level will increase strongly. 
  • Irish cream: the crema will add richness to the cream
  • Fettuccine alfredo: adding the media crema milk to alfredo sauce will make the sauce creamier and more blendable to the fettuccine.
  • Salad dressings: salad is juicy but bland, so, with the creamy and cheesy sauce made from media crema, the taste of the dish is balanced.
  • Cake: Using sugar and butter to make cake is a must. But, suppose that you want your food to be extra rich, pouring the media crema into the mix is a great idea.

Bottom Line

Through the post, we have learned the top 6 media crema substitutes that you must know. There is no option above that can perfectly replace the media crema since its formula is copyright and unique. 

However, among the top 6, we prefer using the condensed milk most because it is cheap, easy to buy, and cook. It is sweet and condensed, just like the media crema!

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