4 Best Meyer Lemon Substitute That You Can’t Ignored

You may have or may not have heard about Meyer lemon before. In case you are thinking of Meyer lemon as an exquisite kind of citrus fruit, it is quite normal and closely related to all of your food and drinks.

Today we will present the best Meyer lemon substitute you can find on the market!

What Is A Meyer Lemon?

What is a Meyer lemon

Meyer lemons are typically recognized as the combination between a citron and a tangerine. This hybrid originally comes from China, where the fruits are usually implanted in garden pots or ornamental trees.

Thanks to Alice Waters and her discovery of this kind of lemon, soonly Meyer lemons made their way to the US and started to grow their popularity among the tropical fruits on the market.

The Best Meyer Lemon Substitute You Can Find

So, you must have wondered: “Can we use ordinary lemons to use as a substitute for Meyer lemon?” The appropriate response is: it depends on how you need the flavor to be.

We will investigate numbers of possible substitutions and see how we can modify its flavor on the scale of Meyer-alike:

1. Eureka Lemon

Eureka lemon is one of the most frequently used types of lemons on the market. As for its wide availability compared to Meyer’s, you can go for Eureka lemon once there is a Meyer lemon zest or juice shortage.

Since they are both lemons, they can be used in the same way without modifying much.

Both Meyer lemon juice and Eureka lemon juice can be utilized in multiple dishes such as cocktails, dessert, etc. if lemon is a small element.

But when it comes to dishes, when these acidic ingredients tend to be important, you must reduce the acidic content in regular lemon to make it less sour and sweeter.

Since Eureka lemons are not as sweet as sweet Meyer lemon, adding sugar is a great way to compliment Eureka’s sweetness.

For dishes whose flavor depends on Meyer’s natural, light sweetness, the reckless add of Eureka lemon without modifying flavor will make the dish’s formula turn out unexpectedly.

So, it is crucial to balance Eureka’s acid content to make it as much like Meyer as possible for the perfect dish outcome.

2. Lisbon Lemon

Besides Eureka, Lisbon lemons are quite popular on the market as well. Eureka and Lisbon lemons are practically the same, so when it comes to substituting Lisbon and Meyer, the same rule must be applied: less acidic and sweeter.

When you use Lisbon as a replacing alternative, feel free to go slow, add juice, and taste the flavor along the way before adding the rest.

The most significant contrast that can be seen when substituting lemons for each other is the taste. Traditional lemons like Lisbon are adequately tart to make your mouth pucker up.

Meyer lemons, which are local to China, taste conspicuously lemony, and they do have corrosiveness as well, yet essentially not as much as Lisbon’s.

They’re sweet enough that they can even be added crudely to different dishes.

Even though you presumably still wouldn’t have any desire to eat one entire like you would an orange, you can blend pieces or cuts of Meyer lemon with a bit of Kaffir lime leaves into a cocktail, salad, or salsa.

3. Lemon And Tangerine Juice

The combo of lemon and tangerine is the to-go one if you are running out of Meyer lemon to make juice. As we all know, Meyer lemon is the “birth child” of citron and tangerine.

The fact that we put these two ingredients together to cover up Meyer is exceptionally suitable. So, how can we use lemon and tangerine to substitute Meyer lemon?

You will need half of a tangerine and half of a regular lemon to proceed with this recipe. Due to how you want your Meyer lemon juice to taste like, feel free to adjust the amount of these two ingredients squeezed in.

The regular lemon does not have much sweetening content like Meyer, so tangerine will help give the substance tender sweetness. Both these citrus fruits will work beautifully in their space.

As a matter of fact, the lemon-tangerine combo will taste a little bit sweeter than the juice of Meyer lemon itself due to the difference in size between lemon and tangerine.

To ensure that you get the right sweetness, try slicing the same portion of these two fruits so that the juice amount is approximately the same. Feel free to taste and change the flavor on the go.

This juice recipe is not something to drink only. Meyer lemon juice, or lemon-tangerine juice, can be added to many fine dishes as the dressings to elevate the flavor.

Bear in mind that once your recipe calls for Meyer lemon juice substitute, the lemon-tangerine tag team can also do the job perfectly.

4. Lemon And Mandarin Orange

As well as tangerine, mandarin has the same characteristics and taste, so if tangerine is not your favorite, you can pick up some mandarin orange, along with lemon, to create a Meyers lemon juice recipe!

For the substitution, you can add these two kinds of juice altogether but make sure that you keep track of the flavor so as it is not too sweet or too sour.

For Meyer, lemon peel, lemon, and mandarin orange zest can also be a great alternative!

What Is The Difference Between Meyer Lemons And Regular Lemons? 

There are many differences between Meyer lemon vs regular lemon that can help you separate them.

First of all, a Meyer lemon is rounder, smaller, and yellower than an ordinary lemon about its appearance. Its size is approximately the same as an orange.

While touching and feeling the skin, we will notice that Meyer lemon’s skin is smooth, fragrant, and thin with deep-yellow skin and yellow-orange pulp, compared to the ordinary’s thick and yellowish skin.

Opening up a Meyer lemon, we can find dark yellow pulp and ten seeds per lemon. When these two fruits become ripe, Meyer changes its color to dark yellow with an orange tint.

Second, Meyer lemon is sweeter than the common lemons in the flavor because it does not contain as much acid content as the others.

A pH test has found out that Meyer lemon is 1.3 less acidic than standard lemon (with the values of 2.33 and 2.23, respectively).

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are Meyer Lemons So Expensive?

While normal lemons like Lisbon and Eureka are promptly accessible throughout the year, Meyer lemons are more occasional. So, when are Meyer lemons in season? The Meyers lemon season is from December through May.

Their restricted window of accessibility, combined with their more delicate nature (which makes dispatching them more troublesome), normally makes them more costly than the all-year ordinary lemons as well.

How To Store Meyer Lemons?

All lemons, including Meyer lemons, must be kept in the fridge for storage as it is the best way for them to stay fresh longer than put at room temperature. Meyer lemons’ shelf life can last for up to a month if you store it at a low temperature.

One more tip for preserving Meyer lemons’ freshness is to wrap them in a zip-top bag before placing them in the fridge. This extra step can help retain the juice’s quality and flavor until you grab it out for usage.

So, that’s how to store whole lemons. What about the other circumstances?

  • For wedges and slices: If you have only used half a Meyer lemon yet, wrap the remaining with a plastic wrap or place it in the zip-bag. Try to use it within a few days to make sure that it is fresh enough.
  • For lemon juice: You can keep new lemon juice in the cooler for a couple of days with no decreased quality. Following a couple of days, the juice is best utilized for cooking or preparing (not a new lemonade). Go through it inside for about fourteen days or freeze the rest. Simply pop the juice into an ice solid shape plate, eliminate it when frozen, and store it in a fixed holder.

How To Use Meyer Lemons?

Generally, Meyer lemons are ordinary lemons that can be utilized reciprocally, for example, in dressings, sweets, lemon extract, etc. Be that as it may, before trading them, you should investigate different fixings in the formula.

A few dishes may require that sharp tang you can get just from customary lemons, while with others, Meyer lemons can be consistently traded-in.

Regarding utilizing the zing, you have less to stress over and can substitute without agonizing over losing the equilibrium of flavors.

Here are some of the most popular Meyer lemons recipes and dishes:

  • Meyer Lemon Thyme Icebox Cake
  • Meyer Lemon Tart
  • Meyer Lemon and Rosemary Focaccia Bread
  • Roast Chicken with Meyer Lemons and Potatoes
  • Greek Lemon Chicken Soup

The Final Words

Lemon and tangerine juice

And that’s all of the best Meyer lemon substitutes! After reading this article, we hope you can understand what to replace with Meyer lemon if there is an out of stock situation.

We would love to hear about your experience making your own Meyer-alike recipe! Thank you for reading our article, and we will catch up with you soon!

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