10 Best Pepper Jack Cheese Substitute For Your Cooking Recipe

Pepper jack cheese is widely used in the culinary world for its mild texture, buttery, and slightly spicy taste. With such flavor, it works well as a topping for many dishes like soup, cake, fried pork, etc.

Suppose you want to use pepper jack cheese, but your kitchen is out of this ingredient. Then which food will be the best pepper jack cheese substitute for you?

Let’s read this post to discuss that.

Top 10 Spices Used As Pepper Jack Cheese Substitutes

pepper jack cheese substitute

Cheddar Cheese

The first ingredient that we want to introduce is cheddar cheese, which is also the first answer for “What cheese is similar to Monterey Jack?”. Specifically, it is the most popular Monterey Jack substitute due to its affordable prices and easy cooking. 

Cheddar cheese and pepper jack cheese are not too similar regarding taste because the pepper jack cheese is creamy and spicy, while the Cheddar’s dominant tastes are creamy and greasy.

However, the Monterey cheddar can substitute the jack cheese as they have the same melting temperature, and the effect in baking is mostly the same. In our opinion, you can replace the jack cheese with Cheddar in baking recipes.

Also, there are two types of cheddar cheese: yellow and white. Their tastes are the same, with a color difference. The older the Cheddar is, the crumblier it turns.

Colby Jack Cheese

Colby Jack cheese will be the second answer for “Cheese similar to pepper jack”

Colby cheese is usually called interchangeably as Colby Jack cheese because of its similarity to Monterey Jack Cheese’s “family.” The Colby cheese provides a thick creamy flavor similar to cheddar cheese, which originates from cow’s milk. 

In terms of texture, the Colby is semi-hard but quite moist and easy to melt. The food will slowly turn crumbly as it ages like the Cheddar, so we advise you to use it after opening as fast as possible.

However, creamy is not the only term to describe the Colby cheese. It is sweet and gooey, too. This light yellow cheese can be used interchangeably to most jack cheese variants in any recipes such as grilling, frying, BBQing, sauteing, etc.; we will choose pizza as the best dish with Colby cheese.

Havarti Cheese

We select Havarti cheese as a substitute for pepper jack cheese because its taste is similar flavor with pepper jack and the melting heat. Compared to jack cheese, the Havarti shares the same creamy and fatty level and temperature.

To be specific, the Havarti is a white, semi-hard cheese that originates from cow’s milk. With the secret recipe of the Danish, Havarti cheese provides a signature buttery and sweet taste that you will never forget.

Based on our experience, with such a demi-hard, creamy flavor, this substitution works well on grilled recipes. Indeed, Using it with grilled spicy pork in a hamburger or tacos must be the best combo ever!

Swiss Cheese

Swiss cheese is the big “umbrella term” for any Switzerland-originated cheese such as gruyere, Jarlsberg, etc. They all share the same feature: big air holes, silky and semi-hard texture, and a mild buttery flavor.

All Swiss cheese is quite easy to blend with other foods in a recipe, so we believe that it is suitable for any recipe like grilling, sauteing, stirring, etc. Additionally, household cooks prefer Swiss cheese since it is quite easy to remix the taste if you accidentally overuse any seasoning.

Most of the Swiss cheese is made from cow milk, but some also originate from sheep or goat milk like gouda. Hence, if you ask us which Swiss cheese is the most compatible to replace the pepper jack cheese, it is really hard to get you the precise answer. We can say that any type is acceptable, but you should choose the one with your favourite taste.

Additionally, most Swiss cheese is unavailable to store for a long time. We suggest you only use them within four months after opening. Otherwise, the taste will slowly fade away.

Mozzarella Cheese

Mozzarella cheese must be the most popular option on this list. Recently, you can find it anywhere, in any recipe on TV shows and supermarkets. Here are the reasons why it is so common: it’s cheap and easy to cook.

Regarding the taste, mozzarella is considered lowkey creamy and fatty, making it a “healthier” cheese than others. The light buttery level of pepper jack and mozzarella is the same, so it is compatible as a substitute. However, the mozzarella cannot offer a peppery taste.

There are two types of mozzarella: moist and dried versions. We advise you to choose the dried one since it retains the creamy taste better.

Muenster Cheese

There are many variants of Muenster cheese, so it is impossible to correctly describe this food’s taste. The European (or French) Muenster cheese tastes intense, thick, and smoky.

Meanwhile, the American Muenster version is much milder. The American muenster has a pale yellow color, with orange rind, delicate texture, and creamy taste.

In fact, you can use French or American Muenster cheese to substitute jack cheese. But we consider that the American is the better-to-mix one.

Besides, the muenster cheese can melt and blend well at low temperatures, making it a good complement for any recipes. In our opinion, with such a soft and light flavor, the muenster works best for pizza or sandwiches.

Gouda Cheese

Gouda cheese is the next recommendation for you. Originated from Holland, gouda provides such a signature flavor of goat milk pasteurized products.

What makes gouda cheese distinctive from others on this list is its tanginess, aside from the strong buttery taste. The longer the gouda lasts, the more intense it becomes. Hence, when using old gouda cheese, the tanginess and citrusy can be seen clearly.

In terms of texture, this Holland dairy product is firm, semi-hard, and hard to melt. Despite these cons, it provides a unique, signature flavor similar to aged pepper jack cheese. Therefore, gouda cheese is considered a great and special pepper jack cheese substitute.

Comté Cheese

For those who are questioning, “What is comte cheese?”. Let us clarify it for you. To be more specific, this is one of the top famous cheeses in France, but it possibly sounds unfamiliar to foreigners.

Comte cheese originates from unpasteurized cow milk, so the taste and maintenance method will be significantly different from others in this list. This dairy food could offer the best, the finest sweet and buttery flavor ever in terms of taste.

Like other cheeses, this food has a creamy and buttery taste, but the level of sweetness will be different because of the unpasteurized origin.

How about the product’s texture? Well, it looks demi-hard from first sight, too. However, it can blend well, easily melted, and quite silky when you touch it with your bare hands.

You must also be aware of this when buying comte cheese: The cheese can only be available for a maximum of 4 months. After this period, dairy food can slowly spoil.

Emmenthal Cheese

Is it your first time hearing about Emmenthal cheese? Don’t worry, we feel you. Just a short time ago, we didn’t know what Emmenthal cheese was. In fact, this is a Swiss locality, so it’s understandable if foreigners don’t know it.

In short, Emmenthal is a light yellowish cheese with a semi-hard texture. Originated from Bern, Switzerland, this food usually comes out in bulky packages or slices, not in sprinkle form.

The reason why we choose Emmental cheese is because of its melting quality. The Emmenthal can be melted and blended at the average temperature and complements well with other foods.

Regarding the taste, Emmenthal is buttery, creamy, and fatty, but the younger one will taste lighter than the old aged one.

Parmesan Cheese

Parmesan cheese is also another suitable substitution. In terms of texture, the food is quite hard, dry, but crumbly.

To compare, the parmesan and the aged jack cheese resemble each other.We need to base on the types of jack cheese you seek for a substitute to advise you which parmesan cheese you should choose.

If you find a replacement for immature jack cheese, then parmesan may not be the right choice. Because parmesan cheese can be kept for long-term use with a proper storage method.

In case you want to alternate the aged jack cheese, then parmesan is the good option. But, how does the parmesan cheese taste? Well, according to our experience, the parmesan impresses people for its mild, nutty, and fatty taste, distinguished from its crumbly look. With such flavor, the parmesan is the best choice to cook with pasta dishes.

Final Thoughts

Through this article, we have analyzed in-depth the top 10 substitutes for pepper jack cheese. Did you find out the best Pepper Jack cheese substitute for your recipe? Each food provides a signature flavor to the dish, so it’s hard to choose the best overall.

However, we would select the gouda cheese as the replacement since we love its unique tanginess. The texture is also available for baking, which we (and most people) do most when buying cheese.

Is this post helpful to you? Hope that you can learn many insights through this guidance!

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