Queso Anejo Substitute – 5 Top Alternatives You Don’t Know

Cheese has long been a popular dish worldwide due to its nutritional value and appealing flavor. It will be a shortcoming not to mention Queso Anejo among Mexico’s world’s greatest cheeses.

They have a solid texture produced from skimmed goat or cow’s milk. According to some experts, there are numerous components in the nutritional composition of this cheese that are good for our health.

Though it is quite famous, many of you might haven’t heard of it yet. If you want to try its flavor but don’t know where to get it, check out our Queso Anejo substitute list for a similar taste!

 What Is Queso Añejo?

Substitute for Queso Anejo
Queso Añejo

“Aged cheese” is the direct translation of “Queso Anejo” in Spanish. The condition of cheese is determined by how long it has matured. It might be firm or soft. Therefore, we can grate and cook condensed cheese, or crush shredded cheese by hand.

It seems that many individuals are curious about the flavor of this specific cheese. Since Queso Anejo is produced from goat’s milk, it has a fatty, aromatic flavor. The aging process further adds a salty flavor that compliments the taste of Western fast meals.

People prefer to use it with baked dishes because of its dried form. The shredded or crushed Queso Anejo will be strewn throughout the surface of the food, then melted and uniformly distributed by the impact of temperature. Some often combine it with olive oil on salads as it has a salty flavor.

This cheese is blended and cooked with various foods depending on the location and nation. The cheese melts and distributes its flavor throughout the dish when cooked over high heat. In addition, this food will offer you Phosphorus, Calcium, and Protein.

Although Queso Anejo is a well-known cheese that tastes great and is suitable for many foods. But according to a report from the FDA, overusing them will have adverse effects on health.

Not only Queso Anejo, but other cheeses made from unpasteurized milk can cause tuberculosis in its users. Besides, it can also cause some serious infections such as listeriosis, brucellosis, salmonellosis

How about using it on top of a dish? Queso Anejo will then keep its structure and add saltiness when paired with a splash of cream. If you’re wondering, “what can I use instead of Queso Anejo?”, the following section can give you some Queso Anejo substitution.

Queso Anejo Substitutes

Let’s see which methods mentioned below can solve your case!

1. Feta

feta cheese
feta cheese

Feta is a well-known Greek cheese made slightly different from Queso Anejo. It is made from goat’s milk and sheep’s milk grazed organically in different locations. As a result, the flavor and hardness, and texture of Feta vary by area.

However, the interaction with the salt solution during the soaking process makes it a saltier and more aromatic pickled curd cheese than Queso Anejo. Different soaking periods will result in different properties of this type. If you soak them for a short time, they will become extremely soft.

Yet, you will get hard and dry Feta if you soak them for a long time. After soaking for two months, Feta may be used to produce a variety of meals, including melting over salads, spanakopita, pizza, and baking. If you want to remove the saltiness from the Feta, rinse it with cold water before cooking it.

2. Queso Fresco

Queso Fresco
Queso Fresco

Queso fresco, which means “fresh cheese”, is another category of Feta. It also has a salty taste, but it is white, soft, fresh, and easier to melt than Cotija Anejo. It is created from fresh cow’s milk, goat’s milk, or a mixture of different types of milk.

Queso Fresco is fragile and frequently used to top foods like enchiladas and tacos. Moreover, it gives you a great taste and is suitable to prepare with many different foods. Therefore, Queso Fresco is an excellent cheese to use as a Queso Anejo alternative.

3. Pecorino Romano Cheese

Pecorino Romano Cheese
Pecorino Romano Cheese

Parmesan cheese is another Queso Anejo replacement we can’t miss. Like Queso Anejo, it is created exclusively from the milk of wild-caught Italian cows. The most notable distinction of this cheese is that it has been matured for a lengthy period. Creating a firm granular texture that is ideal for grated cheese in meals. In fact, it is also a great sub for Parmesan Cheese.

The flavor of parmesan is well-known for its freshness, attractiveness, and processing adaptability. It’s usually served as a garnish over pasta or soup, but you can eat it as a snack.

4. Ricotta Salata

Ricotta Salata
Ricotta Salata

The titles ‘Ricotta’ and ‘Salata’ imply re-cooked and salted, respectively, and this cheese is manufactured from Italian sheep’s whey. Because Ricotta Salata is brewed for a short period and has a particular salinity, its texture is very soft, similar to cream, or it can be broken into little pieces after processing.

Ricotta Salata has enough power to be used for various purposes, such as garnishing that we can eat with a spoon, or you can even try it directly with some dishes such as Tacos.

5. Cotija Cheese

Cotija Cheese
Cotija Cheese

Here’s a Mexican cheese that you might use to substitute for Queso Anejo. Thanks to its easy-to-melt feature, you can easily recognize this type among this Queso Anejo substitute list.

Cotija Cheese is created from cow’s milk and needs longer to soak than Queso Anejo, similar to Mexican cheeses. As a result, it has a firmer texture and is frequently sprinkled over foods.

You may use it with enchiladas, beans, and tacos, much like Enchilado Cheese. In Mexico, it’s also used to boost the saltiness of meals by crushing or adding it straight to them.

Final Thoughts

Cheeses from Mexico, such as Queso Anejo, are adored by food lovers worldwide. However, it can be difficult to locate this ingredient in grocery shops. That’s why it’s important to find a suitable sub for Queso Anejo

Still, because this type has a highly distinct and intense salty flavor, you must find some substitution that meets comparable standards in terms of taste and flexibility of usage.You can use a Queso Anejo substitute like Feta, Queso fresco, Pecorino Romano Cheese, Ricotta Salata, Cotija Cheese. Let’s see what your recipe requires and pick the best one!

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