8 Affordable Ramekins Substitute Will Make You Surprised

Ramekins or French ramequins are beautiful bakeware vessels that create an aesthetic for your French desserts. With their small, firm, and distinctive look, they provide enough room and heat movement to your desserts, whether it is Crème Brulee or soufflé, to rise and be super fluffy and evenly baked. 

As beautiful as they are, unfortunately, they are not so affordable in some countries. It can be costly as you need to buy more than just one serving portion.

So, if you want to enjoy these favorite dishes from France without getting an expensive container, you can try out a glass Ramekins substitute in my post below!

What Is A Ramekin?

A ramekin is a vessel that is used mostly in baking. A regular ramekin would have 3 inches to 4 inches that fit for a singular serving. The overall shape of the ramekin is round, with vertical flutes surrounding the body. In the market, ramekins tend to be available in white as it is their traditional color. However, you can find them in a variety of shapes, textures, and colors that match your style.

Regarding their material, ramekins are normally derived from ceramic, so it is oven-safe with a non-stick surface. This would help them to resist the high temperature and be stable during the baking time.

Sometimes you can find ramekins in glass, cast iron, steel, and aluminum. In this case, you need to consider whether your dish will withstand a high heat process as these materials are not as durable as ceramic and porcelain, especially for popular dishes like Brulee. You need to use a blowtorch to create a caramelized sugar surface on top.

The depth of ramekins should be comparatively profundity, without being excessively deep or shallow so that baked foods won’t be burned or raw inside. 

What Is A Ramekin Used For?

If you’re a fan of desserts, you will probably see ramekins in chocolate soufflé and Crème Brulee dishes. Without the small vertical sides, the souffle’s size wouldn’t reach that puffiness. 

However, their possibility doesn’t stop at French desserts. With their round shape and perfect size, the ramekin dish is flexible for containing prepared ingredients before cooking. 

You can also use them as a beautiful container for your treats, nuts, snacks, and dipping sauce. When you’re on your snacking spree, putting them in ramekins will help you control your intake portion and avoid overeating.

Recommended Ramekins Substitute

ramekins substitute

When looking at individual ramekin substitutes, you need to ensure the shape and heat-resistant material to achieve the same quality. Using rectangular or other unfamiliar shapes might alter the way your ingredients form while baking in ramekins, affecting the dish’s color, texture, and taste. Then, what to use in place of ramekins?

Without further ado, let’s find out the best ramekin substitutes below!

1. Coffee mug

Mugs or coffee cups are a popular product for enjoying a nice coffee in the morning. Now you can also use them as a cheap ramekins substitute in baking. Mugs made with ceramic or porcelains are good enough to be used in the oven. 

Due to the smaller size of ramekins, it is best if you choose mugs with a shorter length similar to ramekins. Using a tall mug can result in lopsided cooking and ruin your souffle quality.

Suppose you need to present your baked goods at a party or event; you can also choose a white mug, so it is close to the classic ramekins.

When cooking the French onion soup, mugs are likewise an ideal vessel whenever your soup has been cooked. However, as they can be heated tremendously in the oven, you should use a cloth or mitt to take the mugs out of the oven.

You can also use mugs for reheating dessert in the microwave as well. Nonetheless, it’s better to look for any metal appearance along with the handle, edge, or prints on the mugs as they are not microwave-safe material.

2. Baking Dish

Baking dishes and casserole can also be a great ramekin substitute for creme brulee dishes. Still, you should be mindful of the size and ingredient quantity because of the size difference.

There are various diameters for baking dishes which range from 6 to 15 inches in diameter. However, to bake Ramekin dishes, you only need those with a maximum size of 8 inches, so the rise and details of your dish don’t change too much during the baking process. Moreover, the bigger the ceramic dish, the longer it takes for you to cook them evenly.

Most casserole and baking dishes are easy to put in the freezer and microwave. However, their size can be tricky to fit inside these containers.

3. Bowl

Another popular vessel you can use to substitute for ramekins is a glass bowl. You certainly have a decent glass or ceramic bowl in your pantry. With a round shape and various sizes, you can easily use them for many savory dishes. The important factor you need to ensure that the material is oven-safe and heat resistant so it will be stable when presented to high temperatures.

Bowl can work better when you are making a larger serving portion. You can adjust the formula to utilize the bigger space. Before cooking, it is necessary to coat the oven-safe bowls with some oil or butter to create a non-stick surface. 

This would be helpful when you eat them directly from the bowl, like ramekin baking dishes. When choosing the bowl, make sure you choose a moderate size that fits into a microwave or freezer so you can keep the food longer.

4. Custard Cup

Custard cups are known for their usage in single portion custards. That’s why it is also an ideal ramekin alternative in desserts. When comparing custard cups vs ramekins, we can see some similarities. The small glass cups are generally round with a wide range of sizes and shapes. They are made for baking, so the materials are usually porcelain or stoneware, which are oven-proof.

A regular custard cup can hold up to 6 oz of souffle batter. When using custard cups to substitute for ramekins, you should put them inside the oven with a hot water bath so the heat can penetrate the cup better. As custard cups are built solely for oven usage, I would recommend you not use them in the freezer and microwave to keep the material intact.

5. Muffin pan

The lava cakes are exceptionally soft and gooey when cooked with shallow ramekins. Until now, you can also make delicious chocolate lava cakes with a great ceramic ramekin replacement, that is, a muffin pan. Muffin pans or muffin tins have a relatively more modest size than ramekins, but they can hold up to more than one individual portion.

The muffin pan doesn’t have a quality non-stick feature like shallow ramekins, so you should note to apply flour or oil on the muffin pan surface before putting in the ingredients. 

The last thing you would want is to have your chocolate lava cake stick to the side and collapse itself on the pan. If you’re not a fan of flour, you can also sprinkle cocoa powder on the pan to create a delicious chocolate flavor.

6. Jam jar

If you have any empty jam jars at home, it is time to make them useful as a ramekin substitute. A bonus point for these glass jars is that they are quite affordable, so you can make a big batch of Mini – desserts without overspending your budget. However, jam jars are usually glass, so they are not as durable as ramekin moulds.

You can use them for simple dishes like custards and green onion soups to avoid being damaged easily. Besides ovens, jam jars should not be put in the microwave or freezer as their material cannot handle the temperature range.

7. Canning jar

It can be a creative way to serve pudding in an individual serving portion. You can present them by using a canning jar with half a pint capacity as one of the best alternatives to ramekins. Most pudding recipes only need low heat, which the canning jar can endure in the oven.

To substitute for a ramekin pan, you should look for a wide lip jar, which can be helpful when you need to remove the pudding out onto a plate.

8. Souffle Dish

Ramekins and souffle dishes are usually mistaken as the same. Souffle dish vs ramekin: are they the same?

In fact, they have the same shape, which is a round lip and vertical sides outside. However, an individual souffle dish has a bigger size which can hold around 2 quarts. 

Thus, when using a souffle dish to substitute traditional ramekin, you may need to adjust the recipe to a larger amount. Fill the ingredient to ¾ of the dish, and you leave the rising level to accommodate the rest of the area.


  1. Are Ramekins Oven Safe?

Ramekins are used for baking and withstand a high temperature, so they are made with oven-proof materials like ceramic and porcelain.

  1. How To Measure Ramekin Size?

A regular ramekin size can have a diameter of 4 to 12, containing 2 ounces to 12 ounces. You can use a measuring tape and apply it from the bottom to the rim of the ramekin.


The airy and light egg whites and chocolate chips of the soft souffle grow as they are cooked and expand against the ramekins’ vertical sides. With ramekins, you can make a delightful, flavorful, and decadent dessert. As you need to spend extra bucks for these small vessels, it should be easier to use a ramekins substitute instead to save your money while making amazing and fancy dishes.

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