9 Ways To Make Ranch Style Beans Substitute Like A Expert

Ranch style beans are one of the unique features in Texan cuisine, and barbecues cannot be perfect without them.

Nevertheless, ranch style beans are not something you can find everywhere. Even if they are available in your place, the likelihood is that they can be sold out anytime, especially when you need.

Thus, it is a good idea to know a type of ranch style beans substitute.


What You Need for Ranch Style Beans Substitute

In fact, ranch style beans substitute is not a single ingredient. Instead, you have to combine a series of ingredients and undergo several steps to have the same taste and quality of ranch style beans.

The flavor of ranch style beans is quite various because it depends on which ingredients are added. They might include from Pinto beans to pepper, salt, tomatoes or several sweetening agents.

To help you understand ranch style beans substitute more easily, we will make a list of ingredients you need to prepare first.

Pinto Beans

It is undeniable that each type of beans possesses a different texture and flavor. They play an essential role in our recipes. Therefore, we have to make a decision on the best substitute bean.

Kidney beans are an outstanding example to replace pinto beans in the recipe. If possible, you should go for light red kidney beans as their flavor is the closest to that of pinto beans.

In case you cannot find it, dark red kidney beans are acceptable.If both of them are not available, you have very limited options.

Red beans might be used instead, even though you have to admit that other flavors will be overwhelming.


The market is packed with a variety of chili. Each of them gives you a different flavor when it comes to ranch style beans substitute.

To get the real flavor of ranch style beans, it is recommended that you need chili with a smoky flavor.

As a result, you have to choose chilies whose flavor is natural, for example, chili ancho, chile California or chile guajillo.


There is little to say about this ingredient to make ranch style beans substitute . We have been familiar with it since childhood because people keep talking about its health benefits.

Having appeared on Earth for millions of years, the tomato is now one of the most popular vegetables in every kitchen around the world. It is available in every form, whether you need fresh, dried or even canned.

In rare circumstances, the fresh tomato is not found. Then, you can resort to tomato sauce. At this moment, please remember that the sweetness level varies from one brand to another.

When you find the sauce too sweet, then it is better to rethink about the proportion of sweetener in the next step.


Widely used in the world, cumin is a great smoky addition to your food. It belongs to the parsley family, and its original places are Asia and the Mediterranean area.

Nowadays, Cumin is a popular spice in many cuisines, such as India and Mexico. As it is known as the smokiest flavor, it is not easy to find cumin either.

Remember that cumin is a very important ingredient in the making of ranch style beans substitute.

Nevertheless, even in that case, you can usually choose caraway seeds and coriander powder for replacement.

Here are some cumin substitutes for you: Cumin Substitutes

Garlic and Onion

Onion and garlic are other great additions to sauces, especially when they contain a great number of sulfur compounds. It is also proved that they have positive effects on our health.

These vegetables are available in many types, so you are free to choose, whether fresh, powder, roasted, caramelized or chopped. The benefits remain the same, but the difference lies in the flavor.

From my perspective, fresh onion and garlic are always outstanding. Also, you should remember to separate onion and garlic at the beginning.

Mix them slowly so as to control the proportion. This will help you adjust anytime.


Like cumin, oregano is not a too common ingredient in every culture. However, its distinctive flavor is worth oreyour attempts. It is a classic herbin Italian cuisine.

It is claimed that thyme or basil can be seen as great alternative options. Invest in two ingredients: oregano and cumin because their flavor hardly can be replaced.


Sweeteners are crucial to both barbecue sauce and beans and in most cases, brown sugar and molasses are used.

The flavor of molasses is stronger than that of brown sugar. Regarding the nutritional value, molasses also outweighs brown sugar. There are plenty of minerals andvitaminsin molasses, such as potassium and iron.

Meanwhile, brown sugar is much sweeter but less nutritious. If you do not like the strong flavor of molasses, then brown sugar would be an ideal option for you.


Stock serves as a seasoning foundation in the making of many sauces and soups. It comes from cooking down bones, meat and vegetables.

The addition of stock into your recipe will be experimental to find out the best ranch style beans substitute.

You can watch this video to know what type of stock other people use:

Pepper and Salt

Last but not least, these staples are not compulsory. They are just optional to achieve your desired results.

You have to pay attention to the proportion, based on a number of other ingredients and your personal liking.

But make sure that you always taste the saucebefore trying to mix salt and pepper into it.

How To Make Ranch Style Beans Substitute

Here is a very detailed instruction video on how to make ranch style beans substitute with all mentioned ingredients:

It will help you prepare the original classic version of ranch style beans.

The method to prepare ranch style beans substitute remains controversial on many forums. Some people prefer traditional way, such as using a campfire with cast-iron pot. Others go for a slow cooker or stove top.

Each method has its pains and gains. However, you should allocate more than 12 hours on this process, regardless of the method.

If you use canned beans and canned chili sauce, then you can cut down on the amount of time. 

The results might not be as satisfactory as you expect. Thus, invest your time and effort so that you can enjoy the true flavor of Texan cuisine.


I have listed the main ingredients in a wonderful recipe of ranch style beans substitute. I hope that this article is helpful for you!

At the same time, I also understand that some people might have their revolutionary method to get the best ranch style beans substitute. Thus, I look forward to hearing as much experience as possible.

Please write to me if you know some other wonderful ingredients for making ranch style beans substitute. I want to give you some other substitutes which are really useful : Goat CheeseTarragon , Masa Harina , Coriander . Enjoy  🙂

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