6 Best Strawberry Extract Substitute Will Make You Surprised

You plan to make some pastry such as strawberry cupcakes to treat yourself and your family on the weekends. Unfortunately, you’ve run out of strawberry extract to make strawberry-flavored delicacies.

In this case, what strawberry extract substitute can you use instead? We’ll suggest to you some of the most beneficial and easy-to-find ingredients. Though they may make your recipe taste a little different than you originally intended, the final result is still worth it!

What Is A Strawberry Extract?

What Is A Strawberry Extract

Before scrutinizing the strawberry extract replacement, let’s take a look at the strawberry extract concept. Though some people may know this kind of fruit like the back of their hands, it may be unfamiliar to others.

Strawberry extract is a combination of natural juice concentrate of fresh-picked strawberries and other extra ingredients such as alcohol, water, or sugar, depending on the availability of materials and the intended use of each person. 

Despite the presence of some other elements, strawberry extract still imparts a sweet, juicy, and slightly sour taste with a beautiful dark red color. When added to dishes, it will turn an attractive slight pink shade. 

How To Make The Strawberry Extract?

Instead of worrying that fruit extracts with artificial flavors are unreliable, why don’t you make your own DIY strawberry extract?

How to make strawberry extract at home? Let’s refer to two ways for homemade strawberry extract recipe below. 

1. Make strawberry extract with alcohol 

  • Prepare simple ingredients like fresh strawberries, vodka, and the tool, including a glass jar.
  • Sterilize tools in boiling water for about 15 minutes.
  • After the sterilization process, dry them and let them cool completely.
  • Chop the strawberries into small pieces and put them in a glass jar so that the amount of strawberries is 2/3 of the jar’s height.
  • Pour in the vodka until the solution completely covers the chopped strawberry pieces.
  • Then store this jar in a cool, dark place for about eight weeks, and you’ll get the all-natural strawberry extract.

2. Make strawberry extract without alcohol

If you don’t have alcohol, you can substitute it with sugar following the below strawberry extract recipe.

  • Prepare ingredients including strawberries, sugar, water, and other equipment like a pan, cheesecloth, funnel, and dropper bottles.
  • Finely cut the strawberries, then put them in a pan with water and sugar. Then, cook over low heat for about 20 minutes.
  • After 20 minutes, let the mixture cool completely.
  • Then, use a cheesecloth to filter this mixture.
  • Use a funnel to pour the filtered extract into the bottle and store it in a dark, cool environment.

You can apply one of two ways to get pure strawberry extract.

6 Ingredients Used As Strawberry Extract Substitutes

Cakes with strawberry extract are great, but you can’t always purchase strawberry essence for baking or make it. What can I substitute for strawberry extract? As far as alternatives go, the list below may be helpful for your job. 

#1. Vanilla Extract

The best strawberry flavoring substitute you can easily find in any baker’s basket is vanilla extract. That’s because it also gives a sweet scent and a gentle taste like strawberry fragrance. 

Additionally, vanilla extract is present in almost all pastry to amplify and elevate the aroma of the main ingredients in the cake. You just add a few droplets of this sweet extract, and you can freshen up your cake. 

#2. Cherry Extract 

The succulent fresh cherries can satisfy even the most fastidious person, and you’ll surely love its tart pastries. Like strawberry extract, cakes with cherry extract will give you a sweet and slightly sour feeling when enjoying. 

#3. Almond Extract

Another strawberry flavor extract alternative you can consider is almond extract. It brings a sense of light sugary flavor, which reminds you of almond macaroons.

Just add some drops to your pastry for a slightly more intense savor. It may change your initial strawberry cake idea slightly, but the delicacy with almond extract is also fabulous.

#4. Mint Extract

If you don’t have any strawberry substitute above, you can give thought to mint extract. However, not all people love the taste of this extract, so you need to consider it carefully before adding a few drops to your cake.

This option is the top choice for a strawberry emulsion substitute for those who love the refreshing and summertime mood that mint brings.

#5. Lemon Extract

Some kinds of the lemon extract are easier to find than strawberries because strawberries are seasonal fruits. This extract is suitable for many types of cakes, especially super creamy pastries with high-fat content.

#6. Coffee Extract

The last substitute for strawberry emulsion in this list is the coffee extract. It can accentuate desserts with rich coffee flavor and is particularly good for chocolate creations. However, because of the well-defined taste of coffee, your finished cakes will be different than expected.

What Is The Strawberry Extract Used For?

If you already have strawberry food flavoring on hand, we suggest some super delicious recipes.

You can add strawberry extract to desserts, pastries, or different cheesecakes. The strawberry flavor is not picky, so you can feel free to add as much or as little as you like. 

Besides, you can enhance the natural strawberry flavor of your beverages with just some drops of its extract. This is how bartenders often use to quickly and easily create strawberry smoothies or strawberry-flavored drinks.

Moreover, strawberry extract can be an ingredient in sauce to spice up your foods, such as chicken with strawberry sauce, or create a savory dish such as lamb courses served with the strawberry couscous.


1. How Long Does Strawberry Extract Last?

It depends on storage conditions. If you put it at room temperature, its shelf life can be 3 to 4 years. If in better preserving condition, its shelf life will be longer.

2. Does Strawberry Extract Taste Like Strawberries?

The main ingredient is strawberries, so basically, the strawberry extract will taste like strawberries. The presence of alcohol or sugar does not take away this characteristic smell.

3. Are Strawberry Extract And Strawberry Essence The Same?

The answer is yes. Both have a joint function of creating flavor for foods or beverages, although there is a slight difference in form. They can be either imitation extract or a highly concentrated structure of pure extract. 

4. Is Strawberry Extract Good For Diarrhea?

Strawberry can treat intestinal diseases, and its extract may be great for people with diarrhea or obesity in those with Crohn’s colitis or illness.


Almond Extract

Below are the best strawberry extract substitute recommendations. You can take one of them into account in case strawberry essence is not available in your basket of baking ingredients. Most of the elements above are easy to find or even easy to make at home and help you create delicious pastries.

Give them a try! Maybe you will discover some new cake recipes unexpectedly.

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