Top 6 Substitute For Cane Syrup That Will Make You Surprised

There are many sweet seasonings used in the culinary world, such as sugar, kraft caramel, etc; and cane syrup takes a back seat. However, among these products listed above, it is still preferred because of the unique sweetness that not too many ingredients can replace.

Given that fact, cane syrup is such a great sweetener for your cooking. But, suppose you run out of them in the kitchen but still want to find a new substitute for cane syrup except for sugar, then, which product should you choose? let’s start!

What Is Cane Syrup?

Cane Syrup

Sugarcane syrup is made from cane sugar blended and mixed at high temperatures to create a condensed, golden-brown liquid. Given that fact, there are not many ingredients made up of cane syrup except sugar cane.

So, with the 100% cane sugar origin, you may wonder what does cane syrup taste like? Obviously, the cane syrup mostly has only one major taste: sweetness.

However, based on sugar intensity, we can divide cane syrup into three groups: medium-sweet, low-sweet, and high-sweet. According to the cane syrup’s sugar ratio, the level of sweetness will vary.

In daily life, cane syrup is used in many different recipes. People commonly use it as a seasoning to main dishes that are bland like potatoes, peanuts, sandwiches, and so on.

Top 6 Substitutes For Cane Syrup

Base on the texture, flavor and ways to use in cooking, below is 6 best thing which can alternative cane syrup when necessary.

1. Golden Syrup

You may wonder: “What is golden syrup?” right? We can understand your thought because we just couldn’t figure out what “golden” referred to when we first heard about this ingredient. But now, we know.

Made of sugar, water, and lemon, golden syrup is definitely the hidden gem that you will regret not finding sooner. It’s a thick liquid sweetener, smooth and golden-colored syrup that contains a signature buttery aroma and a strong sweet taste in terms of texture.

Golden syrup contains various Vitamins, omega 3 and minerals fiber. That is the reason why Golden syrup can be used to make cookies, ice cream, caramel snacks, etc.

Compared to cane syrup, golden syrup is less sugary. However, with the same sweet flavor and neutral smell, this golden syrup can still serve as a sweetness supplement such as ice cream. So there is no reason for not using Golden Syrup substitute for Cane Syrup.

2. Corn Syrup

Corn syrup is a liquid sweetener which usually was used at a low-temperature in each recipe (depend on case by case but it is about 220 degrees Fahrenheit).

Made from corn (of course!), sugar, water, and stabilizer substances, corn syrup is considered a suitable cane syrup for its similarity in ingredients.

Just like cane syrup, Corn syrup provides a sweet flavor. However, compared to other sweeteners like honey or molasses, corn syrup seems to be less sweet. Because Corn syrup is a type of inverted sugar, which can stop sugar crystals from forming ( invert sugar will break the bonds between glucose and fructose, then they become free form).

On the other hand, as it is a harmonious combination of corn, sugar, and water, the sugar density is less than the cane syrup, making the cane syrup sweeter than the corn syrup.

Because of the mild sugariness and neutral fragrance, corn syrup can be used in daily cooking, and for almost any recipes, except making ice cream. Because it requires sweeteners with higher sugar density.

You also can refer to the Brown Rice Syrup that can be a good replacement for Corn Syrup when it was empty in your pantry.

3. Honey

Honey must be the most common seasonings on this list. It is produced from the nectar of flowers when blooming and liquid extracted from beehives. With such a thick, golden-colored texture, the honey is a quite proper cane syrup substitute.

In the past, before the discovery of sugar, people in ancient times used honey as a sweetener. It means that it can provide sugariness the same as sugar and other sugar extracted substances like cane syrup.

However, compared to cane syrup, honey isn’t as sweet. Thus, please note that suppose you tend to use honey as a substitution for cane syrup, the level of sugariness won’t be similar.

But it doesn’t mean that there isn’t any way to make your food as sweet as the cane syrup did. Just mix corn syrup and honey altogether, and the mixture will serve the sweeter taste!

4. Maple Syrup

This syrup, made of the sap of maple trees and water, is a popular sweetener in daily cooking because of the harmless nutrition elements.

The typical industrial manufacturing process of maple syrup is boiling the sap of maple trees and then going through adding preservative substances. Then, after extracting harmful minerals and bacteria, the maple syrup is ready to use.

Compared to another cane sugar syrup substitute, maple syrup is the most expensive as the main ingredient – maple tree – can only be grown and harvested in some countries in the North American continent. However, it’s worth investing in.

So, what about its taste? The maple syrup is made mostly from the maple tree’s sap, which means that its sweetness comes from the maple tree, not from sugar. Hence, compared to cane sugar syrup, its sweetness is weaker, and the smell is more earthy.

In case you have don’t any on your cabinet, let use dark corn syrup instead. Because both are the same on texture and flavor.

5. Molasses

Among these sweeteners, molasses seem to be the most robust, sugary, thick ones. What makes the molasses distinctive from other sweeteners is that it has been boiled to catalyze crystallization, put in a centrifuge, and extracted into the liquid, called molasses.

Going through such a process, the molasses conserve an extremely high sugar density, most of which are burnt and extracted the water, making the molasses have a signature taste: burnt bitter, rich, dark, robust, sweet flavor.

Because of the molasses’ sugariness taste, you can freely use it as a cane syrup substitute in cooking. However, people mostly apply molasses for special cases such as cooking jam, gingerbread, ginger cookies, and dark chocolate recipes because of such rich sweetness.

6. Sucrose

So, what is sucrose? It is processed from sugar beets and sugar cane, mixed with water and extracted into the hard, white, solid sugar-lookalike particle. In other words, it is basically 80% similar to sugar but was created with a different density of fructose and glucose.

That being said, sucrose tastes almost similar to sugar. The sugariness level in these two seasonings is literally the same, so there is no problem using sugar and sucrose interchangeably.

In a nutshell, you can use sucrose as a substitute for pure cane syrup because cane sugar syrup’s main components – sugar – and sucrose are extremely similar. You can freely use it in making whipped cream, cake, vegan casserole, linguine, and so on.

Final Thoughts

cane syrup substitute

Through this post, we have informed you of the top 6 substitutes for cane syrup. We hope that, based on my review of these alternatives, you could find out the appropriate simple syrup substitute for your cooking.

Each product has its strengths and limits, and you should base it on its compatibility with your needs to select the best one. However, if we are about to choose, we will pick the honey because it was cheap, sweet, and easy to find at any neighborhood store.

Thank you for reading!

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