5 Best Substitute For Chives Will Make You Surprised

A substitute for chives will be necessary when your kitchen runs out of these plants. Imagine you are hosting a party in which chives should be a vital ingredient, but you are unable to find any of these around; that will be a big problem!

So, whatever your purpose of using this herb is, keep in mind these best substitutes so that you can quickly solve the problem the next time.

Also, these ingredients are easily available in your kitchen or the local grocery store. Read on to find out what they are!

What Are Chives?

What Are Chives

Chives are edible plants with an easy-recognized bright green color. This plant is close to other food ingredients such as onion, leek, garlic, and scallion families.

This herb has been grown for a long time and can be found in many different cuisines worldwide nowadays, from Chinese cuisine to European cuisine, from non-vegan to vegan cuisine.

Thanks to the hollow characteristic, they create a beautiful circular form when cut. Therefore, chives are an ideal topping or garnishing for dishes, especially the savory ones, as they contain a light, mild onion flavor.

Based on the season and interests, you can also use dried chives vs fresh chives for your cooking. Both will surely be perfect additions to your dish!

Best Substitute For Chives That You Should Know

1. Scallions


Have you ever thought that you would substitute scallions for chives? If so, you are a truly smart cook. Scallions, also called spring onions, will be a great substitute for chives in your cooking recipe. They have the same green color appearances; however, their flavor is still stronger than chives.

So you should begin with a smaller quantity of this ingredient to obtain the same taste for your dish when you use scallions as a chives replacement.

2. Leeks


Leeks, the plant that is a part of the subfamily Allioideae, can substitute chives perfectly if your kitchen is running out of that herb. As you may not know, it is super hard to eat this plant raw since it has a strong pepper-like taste.

However, if you cook them, it will produce a mesmerizing taste in which the sweetness takes up the most. A small tip for you: Soaking your leeks in cold water before cooking can help lessen the peppery taste.

You can also cut it into small pieces like chopped chives to decorate your dish. You may want to use a smaller quantity of it than chives. Only use more if you feel like your dish requires a stronger flavor.

3. Welsh Onions

Welsh Onions
Welsh Onions

Welsh green onions are exactly the answer you need for the question “what can I use instead of chives”. This chives substitute has another scientific name called Allium fistulosum and is a part of leaf vegetables.

Most people use welsh onions when they are fresh and uncooked to avoid losing flavors. You should add them only after your dish is finished cooking. Or else, its flavor will disappear right in your dish.

Some foods that go perfectly with these green onions, such as baked potatoes, egg variations, mixed vegetables or salads, etc. Not only an amazing sub for chives, but welsh onions are also a wonderful boost for your dish’s flavor.

Now if anyone comes to you and asks, “Can you use green onions instead of chives?’’, you know what to tell them.

4. Parsley


For those who have been questioning, “what can I use in place of chives?” parsley is the one to go. Parsley is a good substitution for chives, especially if your recipes require a small garnish.

There is an endless controversial topic of chives vs parsley: which one is a better garnish? The truth is, both ingredients are perfect for garnishing dishes such as fish, baked potatoes, eggs, etc.

Nevertheless, parsley’s flavor may get bitter and mushy after a long time of cooking, so it is best that you add these garnish leaves at the end of your cooking process.

Since it often goes well with ingredients that use chives as a part of the recipe, parsley is a good 1:1 substitution.

5. Garlic

How Long Does Minced Garlic Last

Another chive alternative appearing in this list is garlic – one of the healthiest root vegetables. Because garlic contains a really strong smell and flavor when eating raw, you should only use it in moderation. A small pinch of it is enough to boost your dish’s flavor to the next level.

Above all, remember not to overuse this ingredient, or else your dish will be ruined completely!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to grow chives?

A: First and most importantly, chives thrive in cool climates but prefer full sun. The best time for these plant crops to be cultivated is early spring when the temperature is about 15-20°C. It would be best to ensure that the soils are rich, moist, and well-drained.

You can also add some nutrients such as fertilizer or organic matter to enrich the soil. Remember to check it weekly and water it when needed. Chives normally start flowering in May or June. One more point, do not get rid of the purple flowers as they are also edible.

Q: Can I use green onions instead of chives?

A: Not only can you, but it is also an excellent substitute. As mentioned above, you can use green onions such as the Welsh onions to get the job done. 

Cut them into small pieces and add them into your dish like what you do to chives. In case you do not have green onions, there are also some good substitutes for green onions for you too!

Q: Can I use onion powder instead of chives?

A: If you can not find any chives for your food and drink preparation, onion powder might be a good way to solve the problem.

This may work in cooked dishes or some salad or mixed vegetables. As long as it makes sense to your dish, onion powder is good to go.


Those are the best substitute for chives that you should know. Hopefully, our article has given you some useful ways to solve the problem of lacking chives for your next dish preparation.

We believe that your cooking will be much easier from now on and after, thanks to these informative guides. Roll up your sleeves and try a new dish with one of the substitutes now!

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