9 Best Substitute For Powdered Sugar Will Make You Surprised

Not only bringing you the tender and crumbly taste, but powdered sugar also improves the dish’s aesthetics. Despite being such a great ingredient, it is not always suitable for every cooking recipe.

If you are pondering upon a good substitute for powdered sugar in your recipe, this blog is for you! Read on!

What Is Powdered Sugar?

What Is Powdered Sugar
powdered sugar

The name of this sweet-tasting compound varies in different countries. For instance, Americans call it powdered sugar, while British and Canadian consider it as icing sugar.

What’s more, another name for powdered sugar can be confectioner’s sugar or 10X. With this piece of information, we assume that it also answers many people’s question ‘What’s the difference between powdered sugar and confectioners sugar?’

You can find this sweet-tasting compound as a must-have component in making fudge, candy, or icing. Besides, it also serves as an embellishment for your dessert.

Recommended Substitute For Powdered Sugar 

1. Granulated Sugar

Granulated Sugar
Granulated Sugar

When mentioning substitute for powdered sugar in icing, it would be a mistake if we forget the granulated one.

Besides icing, granulated one can make up for the lack of 10X sugars in processing dense desserts. Ideally, a cup of it can generate the same impact as a ¾ cup of 10X. 

Since this is only the unwanted alternative, it can’t provide you with the sense of a smooth and dense dessert or icing. On the other hand, if you apply this ingredient for baking cakes or cookies, the results are still appetizing.

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2. Powdered Coconut Sugar

Powdered Coconut Sugar
Powdered Coconut Sugar

When using coconut sugars, you have to expect a decrease in sweetness along with the appearance of caramel flavor.

Creating this replacement is effortless. All you have to do is to blend a tablespoon of arrowroot powder with a cup of it. Then, add this ingredient into the desserts with the exact ratio as usual.

3. Dry Milk Powder

Dry Milk Powder
Dry Milk Powder

If you are going on a diet, we bet that powdered milk is the most optimal substitution for powdered sugar. This alternative doesn’t contain sugars in its texture, so it will significantly limit the amount of calories intake.

Forming dry milk powder won’t cost much of your time and effort. Firstly, blend ½ cup of the sugar-free component with a cup of cornstarch and a cup of milk powder.

During the blending stage, you can put in extra water to reach the decent consistency of the combination. Dry milk powder will be as effective as a sweet-tasting compound of a similar ratio.

4. Hot Cocoa Mix

Hot Cocoa Mix
Hot Cocoa Mix

Cocoa itself can’t be a decent powder sugar substitute, but the mixture of cocoa with other ingredients can deal with the lack of hot cocoa mix. Before processing it, you need to prepare sweetener, hot chocolate or cocoa powder, and heated milk.

The sweetener will make sure that the bitterness of cocoa won’t ruin your sugary dish. Next, properly blend these ingredients together to achieve the ideal consistency.

The ratio of hot cocoa mix applied to your cooking is the same as usual with the icing one.

5. Snow Powder

Snow Powder
Snow Powder

The word “snow” and “powder” may confuse you a little bit about the features of these two variations. Typically, you can find the difference in the taste and the purpose.

10X sugar’s sweetness is stronger than snow powder. What’s more, you can notice that people mainly use snow powder as a decorative pattern for dessert and cakes.

Especially, snow powder plays its best role as a substitute for 10X sugar in icing.

Making snow powder is simple. You can form this ingredient by combining a tablespoon of titanium dioxide, 2 tablespoons of arrowroot, and a cup of glucose.

6. Homemade Powdered Sugar

Homemade Powdered Sugar
Homemade Powdered Sugar

You can rely on this alternative when mass-produced sweet-tasting compounds are not readily available in the convenience store in your area.

This ingredient consists of a cup of granulated sugar/sweetener and a tablespoon of arrowroot or cornstarch powder. The processing method is even blending.

When you notice a powder-like consistency, the mixture is ready to use. You can put this ingredient into your food as much as with commercial 10X sugars.

7. Powdered/Chalky Dextrose

Powdered/Chalky Dextrose
Powdered/Chalky Dextrose

Dextrose is also a powdered sugar replacement that has a similar outlook as 10X sugars. But, there are a few notices you have to focus on when applying this variation to your food.

Firstly, you should increase the liquidity in the dish made with chalky dextrose because this ingredient consumes lots of liquid. Moreover, it is not as sweet as ordinary icing sugars, so you need to add a large amount of it when cooking.

Last but not least, don’t use this ingredient at the beginning of your cooking, or else this substance will easily get burnt. The time right before you tend to put off the fire is appropriate to add it.

8. Xylitol Powder

Xylitol Powder
Xylitol Powder

Xylitol powder is a powdered sugar alternative that provides users with great nutrition due to its sugar-free feature. You can turn xylitol from the crystal into a powder-like substance by blending or grinding it.

If you desire a more excellent consistency, you should add in cornstarch while blending. Xylitol powder is as sweet as 10X sugars, so you can use a similar ratio while applying either of these ingredients.

9. Erythritol


All you need to know about erythritol appears in the above section about xylitol powder, except for one point that erythritol is less sweet than icing sugars. For this reason, 13 portions of erythritol will ensure the identical sweetness as 10 portions of the other one. 

How To Make Powdered Sugar?

Icing sugars are one of the most common food ingredients, so you should accomplish its processing stage for use at any time.

Firstly, you have to prepare raw substances that are capable of substituting powdered sugar. We recommend you go for the refined and white sugars for better results.

Next, blend the ingredients into a fluffy dust form. Blenders or food processors sometimes can’t deliver the smoothest texture without graininess. In this case, you should sift the sugars to remove all the left grains.

How To Choose The Best Powdered Sugar Replacement?

To pick the best substitution for powdered sugar, you need to look at these factors to decide whether the alternative is suitable for your taste and the cooking stage or not.

  • The sweetness of the variation?
  • The calories and the sugary amount it contains?
  • How fast the sub for powdered sugar absorbs the food’s liquidity?
  • Which ratio of the equivalent will make the same impact as 10X sugars?


1. Can I Replace Powdered Sugar By Regular Sugar?

The answer to this question is also the key to “Is powdered sugar equivalent to granulated sugar?” Of course, you can replace it with the regular one. The method to turn the raw ingredient into chalky form is in the above heading for you to follow.

2. Can I Use Honey To Replace Powdered Sugar?

Honey is a noteworthy alternative. However, the icing sweet-tasting compound is not as sweet as honey, so you need to adjust the proper ratio.

Bottom Lines

Powdered sugars are beneficial in adding flavor and improving the aesthetics of your food. Yet, for some reason, you may want to opt for a substitute for powdered sugar.

Last note: Before opting for any substitution, you should carefully consider all the features of the alternative, how to apply, and the way to process it.

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