8 Substitutes For Cremini Mushrooms Will Make You Satisfied

Cremini mushrooms are a great ingredient that shows up in a variety of excellent recipes. However, for some reason, not everybody can have them in their meals.

For example, some people dislike their flavors or meet difficulty in buying them. Or when you are in a hurry for a party, but there are not many cremini mushrooms left, you will also need some suitable replacements for them.

Therefore, in this article, I will give you the best substitutes for Cremini Mushrooms on your menu. Read to discover what they are!

What Do Cremini Mushrooms Taste Like?

First of all, before we go to the list of appropriate alternatives, I will describe the precise taste of cremini mushrooms.

Hence, those who have not known about them yet can imagine their flavor, and others can even find different replacements on their own. 

Commonly, most kinds of natural mushrooms have a smell of soil as they grow up from the underground.

And so do cremini mushrooms. They are also slightly fleshy.  I can describe them as being soft and chewy like beef, but their taste is somewhat like half beef and half pork.

It is also a reason why vegans can use these mushrooms in their meals to replace types of meat. If you have eaten white mushrooms, cremini mushrooms are quite similar yet with a stronger flavor.

Their smell is rather aromatic, and their taste is naturally a bit sweet. In my opinion, cremini mushrooms are very delicious and especially preferable by intense mushroom-flavor lovers and vegetarians.

However, even if you are non-vegetarian or have never eaten mushrooms, cremini mushrooms are worth trying.

The Best Substitutes For Cremini Mushrooms

cremini mushrooms substitute

When Cremini Mushrooms Are The Main Ingredient

1. White Button Mushrooms

Some people call them Button, table mushroom, cultivated mushroom, supermarket mushroom, common mushroom, or champignon mushroom.

As I mentioned above, white button mushrooms are very similar to cremini mushrooms except for their weaker taste.

Moreover, they are also available all year round in most supermarkets in the world. 

White button mushrooms and cremini mushrooms are nearly the same in shape, size, and flavor.

Nonetheless, the former have either an eye-catchy bright white or off-white color, a good texture as well as a lightsome flavor. 

Thus, they are the top 1 alternative to cremini mushrooms in our list, specifically in salads, dips, barbecues, stir-fries, or pasta dishes.

2. Portobello Mushrooms

Called as giant cremini,  field mushroom, open cap mushroom, Portabella, Portabellini, or Portobello. 

Portobello mushrooms can be called the full version while the cremini is the demo because they share nearly all the same characteristics except for the contrast sizes. 

Like white button mushrooms, Portobello mushrooms are widely available all year round in most supermarkets. 

They have a meaty texture and soil smell because they are too large to retain moisture.

Hence, they are ideal for barbecues, roasting, baking, sauces, and pasta.

3. Shiitake Mushrooms

Other name are Shiang Ku, Donko, oak, golden oak, brown oak, black forest, forest mushroom, black mushroom, black winter, Chinese black, or oriental black.

Apart from their similarities in shape and size, Shiitakes have a brown color and a spongy, soft woodsy texture, just like cremini mushrooms.

Nonetheless, you need to note that fresh Shiitakes are much better than dried ones, especially for their nutrients.

Although many people may feel that they are too chewy, they are very suitable for stews, stir-fries, pasta, and risotto, barbecues or use for thicken sauces.

This type of mushroom is more common in Asian countries but it is not too hard to find anywhere else.

4. Eggplant

Also known as Garden egg, guinea squash, melongene, and “brinjal” in some areas.

You dislike the taste and odor of mushroom, or you are allergic to them? Then, eggplant can replace cremini and other types of fungus perfectly.

In particular, if you are a vegan, eggplant, with its meaty flavor (nearly like creminis), is a wise choice.

It goes without saying that you can meet this purple plant very frequently in the markets.

When Cremini Mushrooms Are Sub-Ingredients 

The following ingredients share not many similarities with cremini mushrooms as the above ones.

However, in recipes where creminis play a sub-role, they can ensure you a savory dish.

1. Cauliflower

With its density in texture and slight flesh flavor, cauliflower can combine with seasonings and marinades to make a fantastic substitute for types of mushrooms.

2. Ground Chickpeas 

When it comes to cremini mushrooms, I often think of the tiny piece of mushrooms.

In this case, you can grind chickpeas and mince them, then add some spices and fry them thoroughly.

One or two additional eggs are optional to create even more flavors. 

Done! You have got a tasty replacement of creminis.

If anyone doesn’t like Chickpeas, don’t worry let found some chickpeas substitute but no change dish taste.

3. Marinated Tofu

Cut your tofu into equal cubes. Next, marinate them with a vegetable broth to create sufficient tastes of cremini mushrooms.

In some cases where your tofu is not dense enough or too soft, you may need to fry them to make them chewier.

4. Zucchini

There are many recipes in which cremini mushrooms are used merely for their texture but not their odor.

In such dishes, zucchini can be a good alternative

You can not only feel like you are eating mushrooms but also absorb the same nutrition.

The List is OKAY!

cremini mushroom substitutes

It is normal that I can hardly find any 100% perfect replacement for anything. The same rule applies to types of ingredients. 

Nonetheless, our recommendations are the best for you to use when cooking foods that need substitutes for cremini mushrooms. 

Besides, you can seek other fantastic choices that fit your preference by yourself. Thus, I am happy if you can leave your opinion below this post and I can discuss it together.

Thanks for reading!

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