What Do Black Currants Taste Like? Reveal Black Currant’s Secret!

We all love colorful fruits! – From shiny mangoes, papayas to gorgeous strawberries, watermelons, etc. Their vibrantly attractive color makes us think that it influences their sweet, fruity flavor as well.

Yet, have you ever considered the taste of black currants, such fruit with an odd color? Black currants are delicious, but sometimes people refrain from eating them because of their color. To those people, the question of “What do black currants taste like?” must have been a headache.

Let our article review the wonderful blackcurrant taste in mouth. We bet that you can’t stay away from it anymore!

What Is A Black Currant?

What Is A Black Currant

What is black currant, you may ask? Blackcurrant, or cassis, is an edible berry-type fruit coming from the Grossulariaceae family. They usually grow in bunches, as you can see small bunches like grapes with tiny black circle fruits drooling down from the image above. Unlike home gardeners who harvest this fruit by hand, farmers usually use machines to speed up this process.

Since black currants tend to grow in tropical, soft soil, people mostly cultivate them in Asian, European tropical areas in the summer, whether for import or export.

Contrary to its dark appearance, black currant includes many beneficial nutritions valuable to humans’ health, including vitamin C and polyphenols that act as antioxidants to protect your immune system. A cool thing about currant fruit taste is that you can eat them raw or cooked when mixed in savory dishes or sweet treats.

What Do Black Currants Taste Like?

So, what do currants taste like? Currant flavor is the combination between raspberry and grape, as you can merely feel both of these flavors the first time tasting it. However, this earthy, rough dark berry sense makes up the true flavor of black currants.

Cassis fruit taste is not sweet but rather tart, similar to a passion fruit’s taste that is not a common feature of berries, which is quite a unique taste from the rest of the berries.

Then, what does currant smell like? Black currant reflects a lightweight aromatic smell in the air. When you harvest fresh currants from the garden, you can immediately smell the acidic aroma coming out that resembles grapes and cherry.

What Does Black Currant Preserve Taste Like?

Other than fresh black currants, black currant preserve is a favorite choice for those who want to consume currants immediately. It can satisfy any fruit jam’s sweetness lovers for its sugar content that surpasses the natural ones.

If you have had a brief understanding of black currant, you can easily imagine the flavor of black currant jam. It will have a much stronger currant taste but less sweet and vibrant in color than natural fruits. Besides that unique taste, you can enjoy the chewier and denser texture with fruit flavor-aroma from this amazing jam.

What Are Black Currant Substitutes?

Purchasing fresh black currants in the market might be a challenge. Instead, you can refer to these black currant substitutes:


Cranberry is the most suitable candidate for black currant substitute. They share the same family’s name, and so have many things in common.

This brother can give us a similar blackcurrant taste, texture, and appearance, so you can feel free to swap them when one ingredient runs out. For example, you can use black currant jelly as a red currant jelly substitute and vice versa.

Like black currants, cranberries are extremely healthy with numerous nutritional values. That’s the reason why you can frequently see the recipe for cranberry juice detox on the Internet. If black currants are not available, then you can trust cranberries and use them to replace black currants in your needed recipes.

Dried Raisin/Berries

Since dried black currants are rare, you can save time running back and forth the market finding this exact dried fruit by grabbing dried raisins or berries to substitute for them.

As we have said before, dried black currants are sweet and earthy, which resembles your ordinary raisins. Raisins will reflect the grape profile from black currants, while dried berries or cherries will take after the sweetness. Depending on what black currant flavor you want to get, you can get an equal trade with raisins or dried berry fruits.


Are Black Currants Nutrition?

Here are the health benefits you can receive from daily black currant consumption:

Boosting immune system’s health

Besides numerous important antioxidants, this fruit also includes anthocyanins which can help boost the immune system and protect it from viruses and diseases. This compound also fights with unknown radicals in the body by eliminating them and reducing potential cell damage.

Another crucial antioxidant in black currants is vitamin C. With anthocyanins and vitamin C from one bunch of black currants; you will have the power to fight against viruses and infection while preventing future diseases.

Inflammation reducing

The high amount of gamma-linoleic acid in black currant helps us overpower inflammation and reduce rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. Therefore significantly reduce joint pain and stiffness in older adults and arthritis patients.

Why Is Black Currant Illegal In The US?

For one and a half centuries, growing and harvesting black currant has been illegal in the US because many believe this agricultural activity can spread a fungus. 

Scared that this fungus can destroy the timber industry in the US, the government decided to shut down black currant growing, making this fruit illegal in the whole country. It was difficult for farmers to handle the situation, but logging was necessary to save a more precious production.

Some US states like New York, Connecticut, Oregon, and Vermont have demolished the banning program, allowing black currants’ commercial and agricultural activities. However, it’s a long journey for people to recognize black currants as a healthy fruit for diet in this country.

What Pairs Well With Black Currants?

Black currants are diversifiable fruits as they can mix and match all flavor tones to create stunning dishes.

It’s best to combine black currants with subtle ingredients to highlight both flavors while not letting one overwhelm the other. Here are some dishes you may try:

  • Combining black currants with walnuts and yogurt for a healthy dessert.
  • Including fresh black currant in baked cinnamon apple fries to tone down the sweet flavor. Doing this will add a dark color to create a beautiful contrast for your lovely cake.
  • Mixing black currants with tropical fruits like mangoes, bananas to create a beautiful, healthy summer drink.
  • Pair up with savory dishes like using them as toppings on your salad with tomato, mint, and mayonnaise.
  • Pair some fresh black currant with red wine to make a dressing sauce for your steak. The bitterness of wine and the tartness of currants will make your meat melt effortlessly in your mouth.
  • Another choice is duck meat – try to combine this protein and black currant sauce, and you will see the splendid result. 

The Final Word

Are black currants nutrition

That’s everything we have to answer about “What do black currants taste like?” Not only has an interesting taste, but black currants can also greatly benefit your health.

After reading this article, we hope you’ve changed your mind about black currants – a unique fruit with extraordinary taste. If you have a chance to enjoy black currants or their jam, share your dining experience with us below, as we would love to hear your thoughts about this fruit.

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