What Do Hazelnuts Taste Like? Let’s Enjoy This Sweet Nut!

Suppose you are a fan of nuts, then congratulations! – You have a chance to taste millions of different nuts all over the world. All nuts vary with unique characteristics, from simple cashews, almonds, etc., to complicated hazelnuts.

Speaking of hazelnuts, do you know the answer to “What do hazelnuts taste like?” or can you only briefly describe it as another nutty, buttery nut? Have you ever tried eating hazelnuts alone or just experienced drinking hazelnut frappuccino? In this article, let’s have a deep look into hazelnuts’ flavor to know its exceptional taste compared to other nuts you have tasted before. 

What Are Hazelnuts?

What Are Hazelnuts

What are hazelnuts? Well, hazelnuts are nuts coming from Corylus trees, mostly found in European and American regions like Turkey, Spain, and the US. A hazelnut, or filbert, is a hazel tree’s fruit that comprises Corylus seeds.

When the seeds ripen after seven to eight months of pollination, they automatically fall out of the husk, and that’s when they can be harvested. In case you wonder, “What does a hazelnut look like?”, they have a signature dark brown skin wrapped around a yellow, buttery, edible kernel.

Hazelnuts are primarily used in making sweet desserts and drinks because of their fat yet nutritional content. The combination of hazelnut and chocolate is one of the most popular candies, cakes, and drinks since these two sweet treats relate to each other well, making their taste support each other effectively.

Hazelnuts are incredibly healthy since  these two sweet treats relate to each other well, making their taste support each other effectively.

Hazelnuts are extremely healthy since they contain numerous healthy nutritional values such as protein, unsaturated fat, and tons of beneficial minerals like manganese, iron, vitamin A, E, etc.

What Do Hazelnuts Taste Like?

Hazelnut flavor can be described as buttery, earthy, with a slightly sweet and toasted tone. Since hazelnuts contain hazelnut oil, which includes ketone, these nuts have a fiber-tone that is extremely signature when significant hazelnuts alone.

Unlike peanuts or pistachios with a whole sweet, buttery sense, hazelnut taste description is wild and earthy with a roasted feeling. This unique sense is delivered by bean pyrazine, one of the special compounds found in natural hazelnuts. This compound contains a nutty, hazelnut smell that makes up the hazelnut flavor.

With these characteristics, if you want to find another substitute for hazelnuts, go for the nuts that satisfy most of these unique contents to have the best hazelnut replacement.

Hazelnuts’ flesh tastes buttery and sweet on the inside, but unfortunately, you cannot experience that sweetness with the skin. That’s why it’s best to remove hazelnuts’ skin before trying its flavor for the first time.

People usually roast hazelnuts to make them more crunchy instead of buttery. If you love to have a bitey snack on hand, roasted hazelnuts are good company without losing hazelnut’s signature taste.

Do Hazelnuts Taste Like Chocolate?

Before getting to know if hazelnuts taste like chocolate, let’s think of “What does Nutella taste like?” If you successfully capture Nutella’s flavor in mind, let us surprise you by saying that Nutella is a combination of hazelnuts and cocoa. Yes, you have been eating hazelnuts all the time, and you may even love it! If you know how to melt Nutella, you can taste the hazelnuts’ flavor more obviously!

With hazelnut flavor description, these nuts go well with chocolate and cocoa, but they alone don’t taste like chocolate. But let’s say that hazelnuts and chocolate make a perfect combo, so if you taste hazelnuts and feel a sense of chocolatey, it will become a discovery in hazelnuts’ taste findings!

Does Hazelnut Taste Like Coffee?

As we have said before, hazelnuts contain a natural smell-delivering compound called bean pyrazine. Surprisingly, this compound can be found in coffee as well, so if you sense the coffee smell from hazelnuts, it can be counted as one of the characteristics of hazelnut taste.

Both hazelnuts and coffee share the buttery and earthy content, but hazelnuts’ flavor is on a lower-level impact, while coffee, as we all know, is much stronger and more bitter compared to sweet hazelnuts.

So, what does hazelnut coffee taste like?

Like chocolate and hazelnuts, coffee and hazelnuts make a delicious combo and drinks and desserts. You can easily find a coffee frappuccino with hazelnut extract in a coffee shop or a coffee cake with hazelnut toppings. These sweet treats will make you embrace hazelnuts’ taste more vividly while enjoying the warm, bitter coffee.

What Goes Well With Hazelnuts?

Other than sweet ingredients like chocolate and coffee, hazelnuts still line up well with savory ingredients so that you can use this nut as a special twist in entrees!

1. Dill

This combination sounds odd in the first place, but let us tell you why it is one of the most loved recipes by famous chefs. If hazelnuts have a buttery, nutty flavor with a pea-like texture, then dill is an opposite twist by being vegan with a sharp herbal flavor.

The difference between these two ingredients makes up a party to your mouth if you know how to combine them. You can have an entree with dills as garnish and hazelnuts as final toppings. This sophisticated couple ensures to deliver your dish to the fullest.

2. Garlic 

Garlic is not a strange ingredient to us anymore, but hazelnut with garlic? – will that be a bold or risky option?

To enjoy this couple most deliciously, try to fry garlic to have a caramelized flavor, then combine with roasted hazelnuts to engage in the warm, buttery spice.

Use this seasoning combo with some lemon extract as the last step in cooking chicken’s sauce, and you will get a magnificent sauce with hazelnut and garlic.

3. Avocado

Hazelnut and avocado is a healthy combo for those of you who want to spice up your daily diet routine. Both avocado and hazelnuts contain healthy fat, fewer calories, and rich texture, supporting diet people in fat and effective fullness. You can also use hazelnuts to spice up recipes, including avocado, to increase the nutritional fat level with a subtle buttery vibe.

The Final Word

And that’s everything we can answer on “What do hazelnuts taste like?” If you have never tasted hazelnuts before, make sure to hop to your nearest market and purchase a bag of hazelnuts to enjoy its delicious, unique flavor.

Once you love hazelnuts’ taste, we bet that you would love to see it more in savory and sweet dishes.

Thank you for reading this article, and enjoy your hazelnuts!

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