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If you are wondering what healthy vegetables to choose in your diet menu, but are already tired of carb-veggies like sweet potatoes, let’s move to another cool sweet potato substitute called yams!

We understand that many of you may have never heard of yams before. Well, yams may sound distinct to you at first, but once you get to know them, we make sure that you will love yams’ characteristics, especially the flavor. That’s why it’s crucial to know “What do yams taste like?” before getting to know yams by diving into this article right now!

What Are Yams?

What Are Yams

Yams are edible starchy tubers from the genus Dioscorea’s yam plants. To plant yams, you need yam seeds for A yam plant to grow high while the tuber will grow into the soil up to 1.5 meters deep.

These carb vegetables have tube shapes, dark, rough skin on the outer layer, and white flesh on the inside. This “meat” can change its pale color to pink when it ripes. They are mostly grown in Asian, African, and Caribbean tropical regions.

What Do Yams Taste Like?

So, what does a yam taste like? Yams’ taste is earthy and nutty, compared to the sweet potatoes’ overall sweet, subtle profile. Yams have a slight natural sweetness, and this flavor can be highlighted under proper seasoning. Overall, yams taste like a neutral carb-veggie that is significantly rich in earthy and buttery flavor.

Since yams are merely divided into two popular types: purple yam and yellow yam, there is a difference between these yams’ flavors. Yellow yams are mostly well known in Japanese cuisine for their subtle, gentle background with a lightweight sweetness suitable for Japanese culinary style.

On the other hand, purple yams have a rough, nutty sense with vague sweetness from the first bite. Yams’ texture also supports its unique flavor by having a soft and starchy texture.

What Tastes Better: Yams Or Sweet Potatoes?

Since yams and sweet potatoes share so many similarities, people usually confuse these two vegetables and ask, “Do yams taste like sweet potatoes?”.

Yams are mostly known as sweet potatoes’ cousins since they are both tuber vegetables. However, if we take a deep look and a bite of these two, some differences make up the distance.

What do sweet potatoes taste like that makes them easily confused with yams? While sweet potatoes have a general buttery profile sweet from the first bite, the yam taste is not as sweet compared to, but it is more subtle with an earthy and nutty tone.

The reason for this difference lies in these two veggies’ texture. Yams’ texture is more similar to potatoes’: dry and grain-like. On the other hand, sweet potatoes are extremely soft and mushy.

So, there are clear differences between yams and sweet potatoes that make each veggie stand out. As a result,  we cannot answer correctly whether yams or sweet potatoes are more delicious. The answer relies on your eating and cooking choice.

If you prefer a sweet, mushy veggie to eat alone, then you can eat sweet potatoes with numerous nutritional values under a delightfully sweet background. On the other hand, if you are not the biggest fan of sweetness, yams will be your favorite company since its flavor is not overwhelmed by sugar only but also filled with a unique earthy tone that can be delicious to your senses.

Now that we have the answer to “Do yams and sweet potatoes taste the same?” Let’s see if yams are healthy vegetables to eat or not.

Are Yams Good For You?

Yams are one of the most health-beneficial tuber vegetables that can be found besides sweet potatoes

You can extract a great source of important minerals for humans’ bodies in one yam, including fiber, manganese, potassium, and copper. These minerals are vital in strengthening bones, increasing metabolism, and red blood cell production. A tube of yam also includes vitamin C, which acts as an antioxidant to protect your immune system.

Scientists have done some research lately and found out that there are anti-cancer elements inside yam’s components. It has been investigated that a regular healthy diet containing yams can help soothe cancer tumors and eventually reduce their growing process thanks to yams’ antioxidants.

However, these researches need more consideration before scientists make the final assumption. In the meantime, eating yam is beneficial for your health.

How Do You Eat A Yam?

Since yams’ flavor is subtle and lightweight, it can be added to sweet dishes to tone down too much sugar naturally. Baked cinnamon apple fries are delicious, as we all know, but sometimes it can be too overpowering with sweetness coming from apple and cinnamon.

In that case, we should use a tone-down veggie like yams as a topping or a filling’s ingredient to make sure the cake is not fully attacked by sweet flavor only. Including yams in such sweet dishes will highlight other ingredients while ensuring your dish is not too fed up.

If you want to enjoy yams alone, you can eat them when they are completely ripe. Raw yam can be deadly to your body once you ingest it, so remember to always eat ripe yams.

To add more spices to this veggie, consider frying it to make fried yam sticks, which are incredibly delicious to dip in sugar or honey. For a healthy snack, roast yam thoroughly on high heat with yam skin on, and enjoy hot, tasty yam while picking out its skin.

For entrees and high-quality dishes, yams can be a star if you know how to handle them in your dishes. Since yams and potatoes share similarities in texture, yams can substitute mashed potatoes, giving a much healthier replacement with a neutral-tone flavor. You can also use yam texture as a base to mix ingredients if you want to know how to thicken grits or loose liquid.

What Goes Well With Yams?

To answer what goes well with yams, you may think of the answer to “What goes well with sweet potatoes?” If you have the answers in mind, then you have listed possible options for what goes well with yams. Tubers vegetables, especially yams, work well with ginger, honey, caramel – all-natural spices that can elevate yams’ gentle sweetness under every cooking method.

Before roasting yams alone on the stove, drip on them some honey or caramel sauce so that they can generate a delicious caramelized smear. You can stir fry yams with onion, red pepper, and pumpkin to have a delicious veggie dish resembling ratatouille for a quick dinner!

As long as you understand well how yams taste, we believe that you can create tons of delicious combinations of yams and other meat or vegetables.

The Final Word

And that’s everything we can answer on “What do yams taste like?” We hope you have had a brief understanding of yams, which makes you eager to taste them as soon as possible.

Don’t hesitate to visit your local market and get your delicious yams. Let’s see each other in another article and don’t forget to enjoy yams with your loved ones.

See you soon!

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