What Does Butternut Squash Taste Like? Answer Here

Nowadays, I find it is very usual that everywhere I go to, butternut squash is greatly on sale. I ponder on if I am at the grocery store or the market of a farmer. This is the time of butternut squash dynasty.

I have discussed with my family and friends on “queen of fall produce,” the name I like to call it. The result was so astonishing that many of them neither have ever eaten butternut squash nor know anything about what does butternut squash taste like, how to prepare this vegetable and whether they are good or not.


It is relatively simple. Its taste is charmingly sweet, which is much similar to Pumpkin and Sweet Potato mixture; however, butternut squash is softer. Besides, the best way to taste it is using it with savory dishes. That is not all about butternut squash, nevertheless; I will show you more.

What Does Butternut Squash Taste Like?

Butternut squash is by far sweeter than other squashes thriving in winter. On the one hand, it is compared with butterscotch (made in confectionery with main ingredients being butter and brown sugar). On the other hand, it is compared with turnip and carrot.

It is a nutty dose, but sometimes it is similar to other vegetables. For instance, its flavor is particularly the same as sweet potatoes when in purees, or as a pumpkin but a little sweeter.

Butternut squash is also more beneficial than pumpkin at one feature. The feature is that butternut squash does not have so many strings as pumpkin, which turns it into an ideal ingredient in purees and soups.

Furthermore, its delicious taste and aromatic spices and herbs, such as tarragon, cinnamon, and its substitutes are perfectly matched.

What Makes Butternut Squash Special?​

Abundant Nutrition

Butternut squash has the shape of a pear, very few seeds, bright-orange flesh, and a smooth cream-colored exterior.

This vegetable is extremely nutritious. Abundant vitamins A and C are contained in its flesh. These vitamins create a naturally sweet taste that is much better when roasted. Its seeds are full of heart-healthy fats and protein.

Moreover, there are various ways to cook this appetizing seasonal squash such as roasting, baking, in stews, in puree, in soups or an extra sweet to some hearty winter dishes.

Improve Your Health

As a matter of fact, Dr.Axe claimed that the amount of vitamin A contained in one serving is enough for an individual’s daily needs. Besides, this squash has a great effect on prevention of cold and weight loss as well.

Another benefit of butternut squash is that it can help people with diabetes and regulate blood sugar. The more you eat this squash, the more you prevent yourself from cancer. That results from its high level of anti-inflammatory and antioxidants compounds.

Like other members of Cucurbita fruit family, butternut squash is rich in vital nutrients. In fact, butternut squash contains an adequate amount of vitamin A, more than 50% amount of suggested vitamin C intake and other some vitamins and minerals in the surprising list.

About 7 ounces of this fruit contains more or less than 82 calories and just 0.007 ounces of fat. One of its most popular features is the high level of the antioxidant load whose main functions are decreasing inflammation, boosting the immune system and preventing numerous diseases.

Despite its basically being fruit, its role is much like a vegetable in food preparation.You may find arranging a hard-shelled butternut squash intimidating, it is not necessary to be nevertheless. Follow my step-by-step instructions; you will find what you need.

How to Peel and Seed It?

Because of butternut squash’s thick and tough skin, an extremely sharp knife or a durable vegetable peeler is necessary. Understanding the steps carefully will make the job easy.​

Step 1:

  • Cut off the end of the stem
  • Horizontally cut it into two pieces

Step 2:

  • Remove the fibrous flesh and seeds with a spoon
  • Peel its skin from its neck
  • Peel the round base

Step 3:

  • Separate it into two
  • Cut it in voluntary pieces​

What Is the Best Way to Cook a Butternut Squash?​

This has raised debates for a long time. However, it is relatively simple. There are 5 best ways to cook a butternut squash. They are cooking whole in the microwave, roasting, baking, steam-baking and peeling then boiling.

In my opinion, I love my butternut squash oven-roasted. I have found the best way to cook it. I cut it into cubes, drizzle with my preferred oil (olive oil), roast it at 180 Degrees for 40 minutes, then I sprinkle a diced ginger and garlic mixture. Finally, I roast it for 10 to 15 minutes.

There are also many other ways to cook butternut squash. For example. You boil it (best for curry), mash it then cut it into pieces and grill; you can enjoy it with some rice or pasta.

How to Choose Butternut Squash?

Butternut squash is a seasonal fruit. If you want to buy U.S ripe local squash, the time from September to late October is the ideal time. You can also find it at other times, but that is imported.

You should pick a solid beige-colored butternut squash, having no bruises or deep cuts. The surface is scratched little no problems. The squash you choose should be heavy in size, without brown punctures or patches because they can contain mold and bacteria.

Keep butternut squash in the dark and cold area of you kitchen about few weeks. It is not essential to put it in a refrigerator. Turn your butternut sometimes to make sure that storing too long does not perish it.


I hope that this guide is useful for you to know more about what does butternut squash taste like. However, to know exactly its taste, you should purchase it, peel it and cook it in one of my suggestions. If you are sweet-toothed, you will not regret having tried this healthy food.

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