What Does Porcupine Taste Like – The Ultimate Guide

It is understandable that dishes made from urchin meat are many people’s favorites because hedgehog meat is delicious, rich in nutrients, and offers many health benefits. For those who desire to learn about porcupine recipes, understanding its taste is crucial to creating great dishes.

So, What does porcupine taste like? Porcupines taste pretty close to wild boar or classic lamb taste with strong taste, low-fat content. In addition, chefs also evaluate urchin meat to be quite chewy, crunchy, and foul-smelling, so they need to handle these pieces of meat skillfully and use a variety of spices to drown it out.

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What Is Porcupine?

What is Porcupine

Porcupine is a large, slow-moving animal that belongs to the rodent order. They have a characteristic identity of sharp back bristles. This bizarre food made many people wonder, “Is porcupine edible?” Well, the answer is definitely. Porcupine meat is not only delicious but also beneficial for your health.

They live on all continents, except Antarctica. Scientists divide the porcupine species into two different groups: the Hystricidae (Old World porcupines) and the Erethizontidae (New World porcupines).

What Does Porcupine Taste Like? Detailed Explanation

Since the 19th century, porcupine meat has been considered a rare type of meat and has a distinctive taste. We can only enjoy it if we have the opportunity to travel through the mountains.

You can say that porcupine provides us with a delicious and nutritious dish that can be useful in curing many diseases, such as chest cavity conditions. Hedgehog meat’s distinct taste is quite close to wild boar or classic lamb taste because it has a strong taste, low-fat content, and is considered one of the delicious specialties with extremely useful nutrients.

Therefore, you can cook this dense muscle meat according to the porcupine meat recipe to create a great food experience.

However, what porcupines eat affects the texture of the meat quite a bit. Since they live in the wild, there will be dark, even black flesh. Unusual diners may feel uncomfortable eating porcupine because of its appearance.

In addition, experts also evaluate urchin meat to be quite chewy and foul-smelling, so the chef needs to handle these pieces of meat skillfully and use a variety of spices, such as curry leaf substitute or rosemary substitute, to drown out the fishy taste. Of course, this also takes a lot of time. But it’s worth the wait.

Another thing that home cooks need to be aware of is that the hedgehog meat raised on farms cannot match the hedgehog meat in the wild. However, a wild porcupine recipe is often quite difficult to make, uncommon, and also expensive.

But do not worry too much about this because the owners often feed their porcupines with vegetables and fruits according to the diet, so they still ensure the quality of the meat.

In particular, the porcupine meat flavor will be much better if it is dipped with soy sauce, which is thick and fragrant. When cooking porcupine, you can also combine it with a bit of freeze chili to suit your taste and increase the flavor.

Enjoying the slightly chewy, crunchy, and distinctive taste of the urchin meat, combined with a cool tartness or of the sauce, that would be the best thing ever!

What are The Nutritional Factors of Porcupines?

Hedgehog meat is rich in Protein. 100 grams of porcupine eggs contain at least 13.3 grams of protein, which is healthy for the body. It can provide you with the same amount of nutrients as the best grass-fed beef.

Modern science found out that hedgehogs contain many protein vitamins A, B2, B1, fat, and many other trace elements. According to medical experts, porcupine meat has a great effect in helping to treat stomach upset and improving the function of the digestive system.

In addition to the meat, the hedgehog’s stomach is also used a lot as a medicinal ingredient in treating common ailments in life. Besides, the urchin’s hair is used as jewelry, treating otitis media, toothache. Not to mention the large intestine, liver, and porcupine feces are used a lot in treating diseases like stomach pain.

What Dishes Can You Make with Porcupines?

Porcupine meat is one of the specialties served at even luxurious restaurants to welcome guests. However, you can easily perform porcupine dishes if you follow these recipes on how to cook porcupine meat.

Porcupine Meatballs

To make this dish, prepare about 1 kg of freshly prepared urchin meat, crushed with pound ground beef. It would be best not to choose roast beef or spoiled beef.

In addition, the home chefs also need to prepare basic spices such as pepper, ½ teaspoon garlic powder, butter, sour cream, canola oil, brown sugar, tomatoes, and Worcestershire sauce.

The simple way is to put the urchin meat, grass-fed beef, and spices into a large bowl, mix well and mash into small balls. Then, let the pan on the stove, add canola oil and chicken fat, and chopped tomatoes to make a tomato sauce.

Add in butter, brown sugar, and Worcestershire sauce to make the sauce richer. The final step is to cook the meatballs over low heat until cooked. If you want to make meat pie, this recipe is also useful.

Roasted Porcupine

Because porcupine meat is very lean and low in fat, hedgehog meat will maximize its appetite when grilled.

For this dish, you need to prepare ingredients such as Hedgehog bland meat that has been prepared and chopped, spices such as onions, ½ teaspoon garlic, curry leaves, or rosemary. Besides, a little olive oil, chili, and spices such as sugar, salt, and pepper are also necessary.


You add the sliced ​​urchin meat that has been fully seasoned with spices such as salt, pepper, and curry sauce. Then add rosemary leaves, chili butter to the pan and stir, and sweep over the meat to add color to the dish. Let it rest for about 10 minutes to half an hour for the spices to be evenly absorbed into the meat.

Next, add the marinated hedgehog meat on a cookie sheet and bake in the oven for about 20 minutes on each side. Be sure to turn the meat over regularly and add a little extra olive oil or chicken fat to the meat to reduce scorching. And your roasted porcupine is ready to be served.


Hedgehog meat is a macho food that deserves to be called a specialty when it is nutritious, delicious, and interesting. However, the preparation of porcupine food is not easy; it requires the chef to be skillful.

We hope you found an answer to the question “What does porcupine taste like?” and thank you for reading.

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