What Does Rabbit Taste Like? An Exotic Meat To Taste Now!

Nature offers humans tons of wild animals, from outrageous ones like tigers, lions, etc., sea creatures like an octopus to smaller species such as snakes, rabbits, etc.

To your surprise, you can eat wild animals, even little bunnies. We know that you can never imagine eating rabbits unless you go hunting rabbits on your own or enjoy a meal at a high-quality restaurant, but still, you are cautious. 

In this article, let’s find the answer to the question “What does rabbit taste like?” to see if this species’s meat is lovely to eat or not!

Why Do We Eat Rabbits? 

If you are looking for a slice of lean, healthy meat to consume other than all the popular kinds of meat you have tried before, you must consider rabbit in your diet. 

Compared to pork, beef, turkey, etc., the rabbit turns out to include the highest protein – an important compound in nurturing the human body. It also has the least amount of fat, making rabbit meat the ideal protein for people who have a diet to consume or for sport-loving people to control their weight and fat. 

With the least calories, you can eat rabbit meat without the fear of gaining weight or gaining extra fat into your body system. 

The especially healthy characteristics of rabbit meat also result in the meat being cholesterol-free, making it one of the friendly white meats for heart patients. When comparing the sodium level between rabbits and other kinds of white meat, we can see a dramatic difference between rabbits and lower sodium content. 

On the other hand, the level of beneficial minerals like calcium and phosphorus is high, supporting human’s nutritional value to a great extent.

There are many reasons to consume rabbits for all these reasons above as these animals bring a considerable amount of nutrients to humans’.

What Does Rabbit Taste Like?

what does rabbit taste like

To describe the taste of rabbit for those who haven’t ever tried rabbit meat before, you can imagine it as chicken, but with a more intense, gamey flavor. 

Overall, rabbit meat is tender, easy to chew and swallow once you cook it at the right temperature. In case you ask “Does rabbit taste like chicken?”, the answer is yes. However, it is far drier than chicken. Since rabbit is an environmentally friendly white meat, it brings more nutritional value to humans than red meat. 

So, does rabbit taste good? Well, the rabbit taste can alter depending on what kind of rabbit you choose to eat. There are two kinds of rabbit meat: farm rabbit and wild rabbit. 

From the names only, we can determine that wild rabbits will have a stronger and gamier taste than rabbits raised at the farm. Indeed, wild rabbits tend to run and hop a lot for their survival, so they will be lighter while their muscles and fat will develop more, resulting in wild rabbit meat becoming harder with a more wildly gamier taste. 

Wild rabbits are healthier than farm rabbits because their frequent activities have influenced their texture and taste, making this kind of rabbit a more realistic choice if you want to experience what rabbit meat is. 

Other than that, farm rabbits contain more fat than wild rabbits since they are on farms. Farm rabbit meat has a light pink color, rabbit meat’s signature color, with a lighter taste of gamey and softer texture. 

If you are trying rabbit meat for the first time, and having the question “How does rabbit taste?”, it’s best to use a farm rabbit so as the gamey effect won’t get to you too much. With milder taste and more approachable availability, farm rabbit meat is consumed more often than wild rabbit meat.

Overall, bunny meat is a tender yet dry, environmentally friendly white meat suitable for those on a diet who are looking for a healthy kind of meat. Rabbit meat is personally dry because it is a wild animal, but with proper cooking such as stewing or putting it in the oven, the meat can turn out to be tender to be chewed and swallowed with ease. 

The best rabbits to eat, for your information, are Silver Fox, Cinnamon rabbit, and Californian rabbit. And that’s our answer to “How does rabbit meat taste?

What is the best way to eat rabbits?

Rabbit meat tastes phenomenal under the correct way of cooking. There can be many cooking techniques to cook rabbit meat, but the best way to cook is braising or stewing. 

Braising and stewing are two cooking techniques that allow water to moisturize the protein, and that’s what we need for our dry rabbit meat. Along with proper seasonings, rabbit flavor can be highlighted while keeping the rabbit meat moist and full of flavor. 

Braised and stew rabbits are healthy cooking options as we don’t require any oil or fat to include in the cooking process. The answer to “Is rabbit meat good?” lies on you and your cooking skill solely!

If you don’t feel like braising or stewing your rabbits due to the long waiting time, there are other ways of cooking rabbits, including baking and roasting. 

Although baking and roasting dishes taste wonderful when we cook protein, these two ways used to cook rabbit may even dry out the rabbit meat more if you don’t know how to handle it professionally. 

However, once you follow the instructions correctly, a roasted or baked rabbit can be a delicious dish for your dinner, like a roasted or baked raw chicken you normally did.  

What spices go well with a rabbit?

You can determine which spices go well with rabbit once you are clear on what cooking method you will use on that meat. 

Overall, rabbit meat makes a perfect combination with ordinary seasoning flavors such as herbs and spices: rosemary, coriander, bay leaf, basil, garlic, lemongrass, parsley, marjoram, thyme, etc. These basic seasonings can be used all the time to spice up the rabbit meat taste while tendering and moisturizing it. 

If you want some sauce to use with rabbit meat to highlight its meat’s texture, you can create a wine-based sauce and fruit-based sauce with bold tasting fruits like raspberries, apples, etc. A substitute of wine-based sauce used with rabbits can be the combination of grappa and balsamic vinegar. 

A small tip for you to make all spices go well with the rabbit while cooking is to marinate the rabbit in a bowl of olive oil or wine vinegar with herbs and spices before seasoning it. This method will make rabbit meat more tenderized, and flavor will flow and absorb into the meat more naturally. 

Why Is Rabbit Meat Not Popular? 

Contrary to how healthy rabbit meat is, you cannot see rabbit meat sold frequently like other proteins on the market. There are two big reasons for that:

  • Reason #1 : Due to the rabbits’ appearance of being lean and small, they are considered to be not profitable for the market. The feeding for rabbits requires quality, and that quality demands extra money compared to easy, cheap feeding for chicken, for example. 
  • Reason #2: In many regions of the world, rabbits are considered pests, so the thought of eating your pets is something that a lot of people can’t process. Bunnies are meant to be kept as pets, not kept for food making. As more people adopt this thinking behavior, the eating rabbit action cannot be widely tolerated. 

The Final Word

And that’s everything in our answer to “What does rabbit taste like?” We hope you have had a vision of “What does rabbit meat taste like?”. If you want to know exactly how this exotic protein tastes in real life, get yourself dinner at your favorite restaurant and order a rabbit plate to enjoy its intriguing taste. 

Thank you for reading our article, and happy to enjoy rabbit meat!

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