What Does Sushi Taste Like? Facts Will Make You Surprised

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Have you ever tried eating sushi? If you have never eaten sushi then you might wonder what does sushi taste like. If you are to ask this question to different people, you might as well receive different answers. There are people who might not have a clear understanding of whether what items would really qualify as sushi because the category is indeed broad.

You might not get a very consistent answer if you are not to get specific with regards to the types of sushi that you are interested in. There are different types of sushi and the main ones are Nare, Oshi, Chirashi, Inari, Maki, and Nigiri.

how does sushi taste

Most people might think that sushi is a raw fish but that is definitely wrong. In fact, Sushi is a Japanese form of food preparation that mainly consists of cooked rice (You need a good rice cooker to make it), vegetables, and seafood. Sashimi is the raw fish that you might be thinking of.

The taste of sushi might be hard to specify because of the ingredients that are being used in every type of Sushi, however, you will get to experience a harmony of different flavors. You could taste the sourness of the vinegar in the sushi rice, the saltiness of soy sauce, the hotness of wasabi and definitely the sweetness of its rice.

Since there are a number of variations in sushi that are available now indeed the taste of sushi might become so good making you taste some seasoned vegetables and tropical fruits in the mix. Right in a small bite you could already be satisfied having no feeling of stuffiness. And there could be a number of new flavors with different tastes.

Some people asked me that "does sushi taste good". I can say for sure with everyone, but with me it is definitely good taste.


Taste The Different Types Of Sushi

Alright, so now how does sushi taste?. To answer that question is not easy because sushi have dozen of types with various flavors. Even a Japanese hasn't tried all types of sushi yet, trust me. Below I'd like to introduce to you some popular and famous types of Sushi. Hope you may like it as me.



This one might be your next step to sashimi once you already tried eating some maki rolls having raw fish. Nigiri would literally mean hand-pressed sushi. There are a number of chefs that would add wasabi in the middle of the slice of seafood or fish, neta and rice for a more delicious taste or add spiciness and kill any present bacteria on the raw fish.  Almost choose salmon for Nigiri because raw salmon taste is good.



This is another type of sushi which appears good at its taste. It has a brown pouch that is a tofu filled with sushi rice. You might as well add some more ingredients making this sushi taste a lot more exciting such as carrots, mushrooms, and sesame seeds.



These are rolled sushi that is being made from meat, fish and vegetables. These ingredients are rolled into nori or seaweed or you could also roll the ingredients in soy paper, cucumber or egg omelet. You will definitely savor the taste of the ingredients.

But if you are new to sushi then start eating California roll Maki that is made of crabs sticks, avocado and sushi rice. You could also consider tekka maki or tuna sushi roll wherein tuna has a sweet and delicate meat along with a very pleasing taste.

If you a foodaholic, I bet you can’t hate the raw tuna. Because it is not chewy, not fishy and definitely firm. However raw tuna taste also various from strong flavor to slightly flavor. The best way feel it, let take a piece of tuna from store and try it.



This one is a lot closer to sashimi. It is being covered with raw fish in a bowl of sushi rice. In most cases, there could be nine ingredients used however this could also vary. The raw fish tastes too strong however if you want a milder taste then try those less oily fishes.

Tuna, red snapper, and squid are some great examples of fish having a lighter taste allowing you to experience the real taste of sushi without being overpowered by those fishy fish.



Temaki is known as the most special shape of sushi "cone-shaped". With my experience, Temaki has the flavor nearly the same as Maki but a bit better because of more nori outside.
When trying Maki at home, don't hesitate to use your hand instead of chopsticks to get the best experiment.

These are just among the most common types of sushi having different tastes because of the variations of ingredients that are being used for each type. Apart from that, there are some other factors that could affect the taste of sushi including the preference of the one making it.

Savor The Real Taste Of Sushi With These Tips

In addition to knowing what does sushi taste like, there are certain tips on how to eat sushi. Some of the tips are the following:

  • You must not mix wasabi with soy sauce since flavor would be diluted rather use the chopstick in order to put a small amount of this wasabi on the sushi then dip it in the soy sauce.
  • In order to clean your palate, you could eat a bit of pickled ginger slices or gari or you could drink hot green tea as you eat different types of sushi.
  • Japanese soy sauce could be a lot better compared to other soy sauce since it tastes a lot sweeter and it complements with sushi a lot better

Consider these tips as you eat sushi in order to savor the real taste of sushi.

Why not try sushi today? The taste of sushi is definitely delicious once all ingredients are to create great harmony.

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