What To Serve With Chicken And Dumplings? Here Are The Best Recipes!

When you try to create stunning dishes with the best duo in the culinary world, chicken and dumplings is the match that you cannot neglect. With a long history of being combined and producing great dishes, chicken and dumplings can serve your lunch or dinner with finesse.

However, if you are still not familiar with what to serve with chicken and dumplings, we will help you with the best recipes containing these two foods. Follow us to have a look at what the recipes are!

What To Serve With Chicken And Dumplings?

what to serve with chicken and dumplings

Here is the best homemade chicken and dumplings recipe that you can master for your culinary exquisite to be spectacular.

Green salad

With such a high amount of protein and calories provided, chicken and dumplings may not be the best healthy-cleaning duo. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to add some green spices to the dish to balance the nutrition content?

The best way to do so is to compromise this chicken and dumplings dinner with something light and tender, such as a green salad. It adds crispness to the dish, and its lightweight veggie will prevent you from overwhelming it.

You can choose any veggie you prefer to stir them up in this salad to serve with dumplings, but our choice would be spinach, nuts, etc. Since the combo of chicken and dumplings has been thickened already, the side dish for chicken can no longer emphasize its density. A tangy, fresh salad is the best choice to wash away the unpleasant umami flavor.

Furthermore, the first meal to prepare is undoubtedly a gentle, delicate appetizer if you do a three-course. With chicken and dumplings recipe, you can create a cool, crisp green salad that can spice up the courses afterward.

Corn Bread

If you are looking for a mild, gentle sub dish to eat side by side or together with chicken and dumplings, then using cornbread is a wise choice. The soft, tender cornbread will emphasize its already exquisite flavor, especially for creamy chicken and dumplings soup.

When making chicken and dumplings, most people prefer to have the dumplings premade for ultimate convenience. But if you want to make the dumplings by yourself, let us show you a helpful tip. You can utilize cornbread powder to make dumplings as an alternative.

However, this option only works if you have had your cornbread already in the freezer, for example. All it takes is to reheat the cornbread, and it will be perfectly fine for making dumplings.

Once you successfully combine that creamy goodness from chicken and dumplings with a nice hunk of warm cornbread, that’s how you get the best dish of chicken and dumplings with cornbread.


The ultimate criterion in looking for the good sides of chicken and dumplings is that it is light and different in texture from the main dish.

Here, we have coleslaw, one of the crispy green vegetables that can be cooked into multiple dishes to complement the rich flavor of chicken and dumplings. Add a nice crunch to your creamy chicken and dumplings.

One tip to handle the coleslaw while cooking it with chicken and dumplings is to toss it in a mix with some salt and seasoning ingredients.

This action will help the coleslaw to completely extract the moisture and get deep seasoning at the same time, which can boost its flavor to a greater extent.

Another thing is to compromise chicken and dumpling soup well with coleslaw is to use mashed potato to create coleslaw with baked potato. This side dish is popularly used for many words with protein content to add rich, creamy flavor. You should try this recipe if you have these four ingredients on hand.

Fried Okra

There seems to be a lack of fried side dishes up to this point. Don’t be disappointed yet because we will present one of the easy Chinese side dishes that can satisfy fried food lovers, fried okra.

This simple-to-make Southern classic will drive your chicken and dumplings making to the next level. Cornmeal-seasoned okra fried until golden is not only tempting to eat, but it also boosts the flavor of the original chicken and dumplings soup with a crunchy feeling.

Fried Apples

If you are tired of the pale velvety soup, it means that the dish lacks the sweet element to adjust its wealth. When it comes to natural sweet seasoning, nothing works in a better way than a basic plate of roasted apples. The soup will automatically embrace a taste of lovely difference, yet also a pleasant crunch.

Also, you don’t have to be a master in culinary to nail this dish. Consolidate cut apples with white or brown sugar (brown is preferable) in a skillet. Cook the mixture for 20 minutes and stir once in a while so the apple won’t stick to the pan.

Let me tell you a secret while making this dish. Since apples are naturally sweet and might cause your chicken and dumplings to become overwhelming, a spice of fried is also needed, and in this case, fried chicken is the solution we are talking about.

You can utilize these extra chicken pieces in the soup or eat them along with the apples, as long as you reheat the chicken well once you pull them out from the freezer.

On the other hand, if you are comfortable with fried apples enough, include more cinnamon and sugar, cook for several minutes, and voilá! A scrumptiously sweet side next to chicken and dumplings.

Grape Salad

Presently, here’s another reviving side that includes a dazzling natural product. Not meant only for making drinks, grapes can be a star if you cook it the proper way. They additionally make an impressive serving of mixed greens that sets with any recipe of chicken and dumplings.

What’s more, it’s anything but difficult to get ready as well. All you need is to mix harsh cream, cream cheddar, sugar, and vanilla. Coat the grapes with this awesome blend and refrigerate for 60 minutes.

Top with walnuts and earthy colored sugar just before serving and there you go, fruity good side dishes for chicken and dumplings!

Brussels Sprouts

Brussel sprouts, the common cousin of asparagus, is typically considered a hard vegetable to cook and eat. However, we can change your mind once you obtain the best way to cook Brussels with chicken and dumplings.

For getting the sweet and crunchy Brussels sprouts, the preparation, and cooking are proper. From our view, we recommend you roast them within 20-40 minutes, and you will find that they taste amazing with chicken and dumplings.

The veggie flavors after being burned will complement the richness of the original dish. Once you cook it properly, there will be no bitter flavor, but instead one of the best choices of side dishes that go with chicken to raise your dish’s standard.

Creamed Spinach

On the chance you haven’t clear about what veggies go in chicken and dumplings, here’s one other way you can bring spinach into your recipe by making it creamy. This milky substance may sound odd, but once you do it right with the exact timing and ingredient, it will be the best side dish for chicken and dumplings to be flavor highlighted and emphasized.

Green Beans

Besides being crunchy and nutritious, green beans additionally offer a pleasant fly of shading to your supper. You can generally saute the green beans and consider it daily.

However, they taste far better when enhanced with some balsamic vinegar, chicken stock, sugar, onions, and margarine. What to serve with dumplings for dinner better than green beans?

The Final Words

And that’s how we answer the question: What to serve with chicken and dumplings? We hope that you can produce amazingly delicious easy chicken and dumplings recipes if you know what to serve with chicken dumplings.

Have fun cooking and enjoy the creamy, rich flavor of chicken and dumplings with spice!

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