Why Do Claussen Pickles Have To Be Refrigerated? All Explained

Pickles are a typical food in world cuisine, originating from Asian cuisine. They are made by immersing vegetables in saltwater brine or acidic liquid until they are no longer raw or susceptible to deterioration.

That’s why many people believe that they can store them outside in the pantry for a long time. Yet, can pickles be left unrefrigerated? Many studies show that you should keep it in the fridge.

Claussen is a famous US brand of pickled cucumber. For those who are their fans, the question “why do Claussen Pickles have to be refrigerated?” might boggle their mind. Scroll down to find a detailed explanation.

Main Reasons Why Do Claussen Pickles Have To Be Refrigerated

Main Reasons Why Do Claussen Pickles Have To Be Refrigerated

Slow Down The Fermentation 

As mentioned before, Claussen is a refrigerated pickles brand from America. Compared to many other brands, their products are famous for their superior crunchiness, although some are still confused about Claussen vs Vlasic.

They are fermented vegetables with condiments. That’s why preserving them is akin to the way to store probiotic foods, such as sauerkraut.

Bacteria can grow tremendously at room temperature. So storing them in the fridge can slow down the fermenting process. This is also true for Claussen, especially when its products are all unpasteurized.

When purchasing this food type, the most critical factor to consider is whether it has been pasteurized or not. Most pickles at the grocery are pasteurized. Yet, if you search carefully, you may often find unpasteurized ones.

So what’s the difference between these two types? If you go around the supermarket, you will see 2 types: refrigerated vs non refrigerated pickles. You can often find pasteurized ones sitting on the store shelf and at room temperature. 

Because the pasteurization process will kill almost all the beneficial bacteria inside, stopping the fermentation process. So, does pickles need to be refrigerated? While unopened, all that jar requires to be kept away from any sunshine and heat sources.

Therefore, a cabinet is an ideal storage place. Yet, after you’ve opened the jar, store it in the fridge, covered and well sealed.

Preserve Its Signature Crunchiness

Claussen Pickle is a different story. They are fresh products, not cooked to sterilize them. The bacteria in the jar are still alive, and the fermentation process is still in progress. For those asking, “are Claussen pickles fermented”, now you have your answer.

If you kept it on the shelf at room temperature, the fermentation process would restart, and the vegetables would get sour. And after a long time, it will entirely transform the flavor and texture of Claussen, making them terrible and no longer crunchy.

This is also why you should always keep these pickles in refrigerated section whether you have opened the far or not.

Signs Of Bad Pickles

In fact, this food has an extraordinarily long shelf life that many people believe can last for centuries, but they’re not true. Pickles need to be refrigerated, or they might go bad soon.

Is it safe to eat pickles that have not been refrigerated? If poorly eaten, it might cause severe consequences for your health. Unfortunately, it’s challenging to determine whether they are spoiled due to their pungent taste.

So, here is a checklist for you to refer to. If any of these indicators appear, especially if you know it has been opening for a while, throw it away, and find some cucumber substitutes instead!


Color changing is a quick method to detect whether your pickled veggies are rotten. Because the fungus is present, the color will change. If your pickle color becomes dark or no longer as bright as initially, it’s a sign of spoilage.

Mold And Texture

When bubbles appear in the jars, but no one shakes them, a warning flag is that they are rotten. This is a sign of mold development. You’d better throw it away because eating it might be a cause of cancer.

It might be difficult to distinguish the feel of brine or vinegar, but you will notice if you pay close attention. The juice within the jar when preserving these is thick.

If the fluid becomes unexpectedly water-like and thin, this sign indicates bad-going products. Therefore, toss them away. This will prevent you from getting more harm to your health.

Smell And Taste

Although they are fermented foods, many people will wonder, “how long do Claussen pickles last?” or “do Claussen pickles go bad?”. The manufacturer always specifies the exact date that the product is still fresh.

Do not buy them even if they are in perfect condition but have expired. This suggests they might have gone bad long ago. Their nutrition is no longer the same as before, but only harmful bacteria.

As a result, if the Claussen pickles expiration date is passed, its smell will be terrible. As soon as you open the lid, this foul odor will burst into your nostrils.

If you haven’t opened the jar and can’t smell it, just take a look at the lid. In detail, if it has bulging lids, it suggests the pickled cucumber placed in that jar is already contaminated.

This happens because food with too much acid causes pressure, and if the pot can’t withstand it, it will burst.

Besides changing the smell, its taste is also very worrying. You will remember the fresh taste of it. If any pickling veggies have a different flavor, either bland or bitter, they might go bad.

How To Store Claussen Refrigerator Pickles

How To Store Claussen Refrigerator Pickles
Storing Claussen Refrigerator Pickles

Food preservation is always a factor that should be of top concern. There are some conditions that you should note to store them properly:

The Jar

To keep pickled cucumbers from rotting, you might store them in small jars to limit the open times. After opening, your Claussen jar has violated the tight conditions, making the storage time decrease.

Thus, keeping the jar tightly sealed can preserve it for a long time. At the same time, you also need to follow the temperature note: as low as possible, no more than 10 degrees Celsius (approximately 50 degrees Fahrenheit).

The Refrigerator Temperature

This food is typically kept at temperatures ranging from 30 to 50°F. The greater the temperature is, the shorter the shelf life can be. Thus, pickles in the refrigerator section will last longer.

This is because the higher temperature also creates an excellent environment for the formation of side microflora, which reduces the product’s quality.

The lower the temperature will slow down this process. As a result, the optimal temperature for storage is between 30 and 34 degrees Fahrenheit. You can keep Claussen pickles refrigerated in this manner for up to 1-2 years.

You can buy as many as you want to pair with mac and cheese, fried chicken, burgers, etc., as long as you keep it in the fridge properly.


To have a delicious pickle dish, food preparation is not enough. We need to make sure the pickled veggies are well preserved for the best taste.

This article has answered “why do Claussen pickles have to be refrigerated?” and other helpful related information. Apply them to have a wonderful Claussen pickle dish for your family!

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