Why Does Broccoli Smell Like Gas? How To Prevent It?

Broccoli has high nutritional value, making it a favorite vegetable in family meals. However, many people do not like the broccoli smell and feel uncomfortable every time they cook it.

It will be a pity if you ignore this vegetable. So, if you feel haunted every time you cook it, this article will help you explain the question “why does broccoli smell like gas?” and how to get rid of broccoli smell! Scroll down for more!

Why Does Broccoli Smell Like Gas?

Why Does Broccoli Smell Like Gas
Broccoli Smell Like Gas

Like cauliflower and other cruciferous vegetables, broccoli has more sulfuric substances such as hydrogen sulfide than the others. Broccoli doesn’t usually smell intense, strong, or farts smell like propane; and you will only spot out that stink smell in a spoiled broccoli or when you overcook it.

It is not such a weird thing if the vegetable releases some smell, as the odor is also one of the best parts that mark the uniqueness of broccoli – the foulness comes with health benefits! Yet, you should get rid of this odor if it comes from the two reasons above.

Hydrogen sulfide gas is a substance with a rotten egg smell, very toxic, just in the air containing a small amount of gas can cause flatulence, poisoning for humans. This substance is found in some spring water sources, in closed cellars, or from rotting proteins. That’s why rotten broccoli will cause such an unpleasant smell.

In the case of overcooking it, the reason for that annoying stink comes from the burning smell of the sulfurous compound. By overcooking the vegetable, you are welcoming all the foul odor of this compound to spread over the air of your kitchen.

How To Protect Broccoli From Bad Smelling?

How to Protect Broccoli From Bad Smelling
Protect Broccoli From Bad Smelling

As there are two reasons behind the stinky smell of broccoli, we will give you two solutions to avoid them.

Preserve Broccoli from Spoiling and Rotten

So, how do you keep broccoli fresh?

  1. The first way is that you can make broccoli into a bouquet. This is an effective way to keep it fresh. You need to plug its body into a bowl of water containing about 1.5cm of water, the head of the broccoli facing up.

Then you use a perforated plastic bag to cover the head of the broccoli to let the air through. With this way of storage, you will be able to keep broccoli fresh for about a week. Additionally, you should change its water daily for optimal results.

  1. The second way is to wrap the broccoli in a damp paper towel. Use a clean, empty spray bottle, and then spray the head of the broccoli. Then, use a paper towel to wrap it to absorb the moisture. You can store broccoli in the refrigerator for about three days.
  2. Another way to preserve broccoli is to put it in a ventilated bag. This is a simple and easy way to preserve its freshness within a few days. You need to put the broccoli in a plastic bag, then punch a few holes in the bag for air to circulate.

Get rid of the broccoli smell when cooking

Not only does Broccoli smells like farts when it’s spoiled, but it also emits that irritating odor when you overcook it. So, how to cook broccoli without the smell?

  1. The first way is to keep some concentrated white vinegar near the pot or pan as you cook the broccoli. White vinegar can remove odors in the air very well. However, after cooking, you need to wipe off any traces left behind.
  2. Another way is to use a slice of sandwich to deodorize. You cut or shred it to the bottom of the pot when cooking; the bread has a very good effect on absorbing moisture and deodorizing.
  3. When steaming broccoli, place a steaming basket in the bottom of the pot, add water to touch the bottom edge of the basket. You can use an inch or two of water for steaming.

Do not forget that you must separate the bunches of broccoli and clean it like the way you clean  cauliflower before steaming. Be mindful that it only requires around three to four minutes for your vegetable to fully cook! No more than four minutes, otherwise, the broccoli will be overcooked – giving that irritating smell and reduction in nutrition.

What Happens If You Eat Broccoli that Smells like Gas?

It would be best if you do not use too smelly broccoli, as only broccoli gone bad emits unbearable odor. As analyzed above, when it spoils, it will produce Hydrogen sulfide gas – A dangerous toxic to our health.

In addition to the smell, moldy, yellow or dark also stand for rot. Fresh broccoli does not usually have any strange smell, and when broccoli smells like gas or an unusual smell, it means it’s spoiled.

It is better to throw it away and buy new vegetables; if you eat spoiled vegetables, it will harm your digestive system and even cause food poisoning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is broccoli smelling gas still edible?

You should not eat it if your broccoli has an unusual smell. When spoiled, broccoli produces Hydrogen sulfide gas that causes food poisoning and diarrhea. It will seriously affect the health of your family, especially the elderly and young children.

How long can broccoli keep before it smells gas?

If you do not know how to store it, the broccoli will wilt and smell after about two to three days. Better yet, it would be best if you used it as soon as you buy it to ensure the best quality.

However, if you are too busy and want to buy it for later, you can refer to preserving broccoli in the above section. Broccoli can last for about 5 to 7 days when you store it properly.

How do I keep broccoli green and fresh?

There are a lot of ways to keep your broccoli green and fresh. We have mentioned preservation methods, which you can refer to. You can make broccoli into a bouquet, plug its body into a bowl of water containing about 1.5cm of water. You can also wrap the broccoli in a damp paper towel, or put it in a perforated plastic bag inside the fridge.

Final Thoughts

So, why does broccoli smell like gas?There are two main reasons behind this issue – Overcooked & rotten.

Although broccoli is a very healthy vegetable, it can affect your health badly if you consume a rotten one. Hence, make sure that you note down all the tips for storing and identifying bad broccoli we’ve mentioned in this blog!

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