Why Put Egg In Ricotta Cheese In Lasagna? Short Answer For You

Lasagna is widely cooked in households for its delicate texture and delicious taste. However, making a lasagna that is satisfactory is easy, but making a dish that tastes great is on another level.

When eating lasagna, what people seek the most is the creamy richness of lasagna’s layers. The more adhesive the lasagna strips are, the more delicious it tastes. To achieve such demand, most chefs recommend putting eggs in ricotta cheese into the noodles while cooking.

Why put egg in ricotta cheese in lasagna? When baking lasagna, the cooks often mix Ricotta Cheese and Mozzarella, then adding eggs to this mixture to hold them will not be oozed when cutting finished lasagna. Moreover, the egg will increase the creamy of lasagna for the best taste.

Why Put Egg In Ricotta Cheese In Lasagna?

How To Put Egg In Ricotta Cheese In Lasagna Properly

Bind The Layers Together

Eggs are widely recommended to add to lasagna. However, have you ever guessed the reason behind such a tip? Let me explain to you.

To be specific, ricotta cheese is made from the whey of cows, sheep, and goats. Hence, it contains a high amount of coagulation of proteins like globulin and albumin. These substances will stimulate the binding process of the cheese to the lasagna strips.

Eggs have a similar composition as ricotta cheese that can urge the layers-gluing progress. Therefore, when adding eggs to ricotta cheese, the lasagna will have double layer-binding effects.

Typically, the lasagna is thick and dry. Even after boiling these special “noodles,” the strips are still not wet and “adhesive” enough to create the slurping effect. However, most people prefer the sloppy sucking noise since it provokes the feeling of tastiness, right? Adding eggs to lasagna to bind layers together is a great choice then since it “revives” the dish from a not-so-yummy taste.

Raise Creaminess

Typically, ricotta has a creamy richness. When adding ricotta cheese to the lasagna dish, the cheese will raise the fattiness, creaminess, and even sweetness to the originally-bland lasagna.

Now with the addition of eggs, the richness is increasing significantly. The egg, containing many protein coagulations just like ricotta, even supports the layers-binding process. In short, the eggs have a similar feature as the ricotta, but they take it to a higher level and work well as an adhesive binder for the dish.

Therefore, adding eggs in ricotta cheese in lasagna is a helpful step that you should do when cooking this noodle, as the dish will definitely taste more delicious. The texture will also attach better, boosting the creaminess and richness.   

How To Put Egg In Ricotta Cheese In Lasagna Properly?

Let’s list out all the necessary ingredients. Based on our experience, 1 pound of ricotta cheese and two eggs are perfect ratios. Besides, please prepare cheesecloth, colander, oregano, salt, and pepper to season. It would be better if you also had a large mixing bowl with a mixing spoon to stir the mixture.

Now, let’s start putting eggs in ricotta cheese in lasagna. First, coat a colander with a piece of cheesecloth. Cover the colander-cheese strip with ricotta cheese, and store it in the fridge for 4 hours.

The second step is to take out that colander strip. After 4 hours of drying, now all juice retained was evaporated. Place the ricotta-coated colander into a large bowl. Add eggs and oregano to the bowl, then stir with a mixing spoon.

Finally, season the mixture with salt and black pepper as you want. That’s the end of the guidance.


Which Ingredients Should I Use If I Can’t Consume Eggs?

As mentioned above, lasagna with eggs will have a signature creaminess and sweetness that can satisfy even the cockiest customer. However, if you are allergic to eggs and cannot add them to the mix, how does the lasagna taste then?

Well, you will have to think about how to raise the thickness of the lasagna sauce then. In our viewpoint, the best solution is to increase the amount of ricotta cheese. Just put the sauce on a big pan, heat it, then stir slowly until it starts stalling.

Suppose that the ricotta cheese still isn’t thick enough, then changing the cheese type is a better option. We advise choosing mozzarella cheese to substitute eggs. The mixing procedure is the same: stir two cheese types: mozzarella and ricotta, until the mixture turns thick.

What Are The Perfect Eggs – Ricotta Ratio?

There is no ideal ratio for eggs and ricotta because the “tastiest” taste varies from each person, right? However, based on our experience, the ratio that works well is 1 pound ricotta to 2 lightly beaten eggs.

Just take our recipe as a reference. You can increase the number of eggs if you want more creaminess. For instance, you can increase the rate to 1 cheese – 3 eggs to raise the richness level.

Besides, if you have another cheese type aside from ricotta, try to mix it with ricotta, as mentioned above. If you follow this case, then the rate changes into one cheese to 1 egg in lasagna. The cheese portion exceeds the egg, so you can find that the lasagna dish tastes less creamy but sweeter.

How Does Lasagna Taste Without Egg?

Well, we add eggs in lasagna to raise the creaminess and thickness of the food. Hence, without eggs, the dish will taste a bit bland and detached. The beauty of a lasagna dish was lost then, right?

Just imagine what you can think of whenever mentioning lasagna? Noodles tangling together, soaked in a creamy sauce and scrambled eggs. Without eggs, then the lasagna looks like steaming separate strands together. The taste is quite “bland”, either.

Final Thoughts

Bind The Layers Together

We have analyzed the reason why put egg in ricotta cheese in lasagna. It’s proven that the eggs will bind the different layers in a lasagna dish, making the food creamier and tastier.

There are many ways to put egg in ricotta for lasagna, and the perfect rate is nowhere to be given as the definition of “best tasting” varies from person to person. In our case, it is 1: 2 with the excess from eggs.

When applying this recipe, there is a need to consider whether you are allergic to eggs or not. Enjoy your meal, and good luck!

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