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  • Grenadine Substitute – The Ultimate List of 5 Alternatives For Cocktail Lovers!
    The hot sun, the beach’s high waves, the wind’s breezing sound – such a picture of summer, right? However, how can this scenery be finished without a glass of fresh, juicy grenadine cocktail?  Many kinds of syrups are available in the summer, but we certainly cannot live without grenadine. But what if one day, you […]
  • What Does Chai Taste Like? A Full View of Chai Flavors
    Masala Chai tea is known for its delicious taste and great health benefits from a blend of many herbs and spices. This unique tea has won the hearts of many tea lovers all over the world. But exactly, what does chai taste like? Here’s our answer.
  • How To Keep Rice From Boiling Over? 5 Secrets Might Be Ignored
    Rice is a nutritious food that provides starch, which is essential for the development of the body. However, in some cases, just a little carelessness will cause your rice to spill out, affecting the dish’s quality. So, how to keep rice from boiling over, here’s our advice!
  • Tamarind Concentrate Substitute – The List of 5 Alternatives For Sour Lovers!
    Tamarind is frequently used in Asian cuisine. It gives off a perfect balance between sweet and sour flavor that compliments dishes beautifully. Not only concentrated in the form of liquid, but tamarind is also sold as a concentrate, and this kind of tamarind extract is used a lot in cooking.  If you are cooking using […]
  • Top 10 Farro Substitute – Some of The Best Suggestion For Homecooks
    Farro is an ancient wheat grain that originated in Mesopotamia. Recently, its popularity is on the rise. Not only does Farro taste great, but it also does wonders for your health. If you can’t find Farro around where you live, the following Farro substitute list is our suggestion for you. Farro is a nutritious and […]
  • What Does Pomegranate Taste Like? A Best Flavor Citrus Fruit You Will Love!
    No one can resist the tempting flavor and color of tropical fruits in the summertime. Sitting under a palm, enjoying the waves breezing with a fresh, delicious citrus fruit juice like mango in hand sounds magnificent, right?  There are many kinds of tropical fruits out there, but there is one unique fruit that you may […]
  • How to Eat Raw Garlic Without Smelling – Way to Keep You Confident
    Garlic is an indispensable spice of many delicious dishes. This wonderful condiment can help prevent many diseases and improve health. However, the fact that eating garlic causes bad breath makes many people hesitate. If you want to know how to eat raw garlic without smelling, check out today’s post for more detail.
  • Quinoa Substitute – The Ultimate List Alternatives For Quinoa Lovers!
    Quinoa has been famously named one of the best super grains you can find for a healthy eating habit. If you are familiar with a clean diet, quinoa must be regularly found in vegetable dishes or even dining meals.  Other than quinoa, there are other kinds of super seeds that greatly impact people’s health as […]
  • What Does Celery Taste Like? Brief Introduction To This Unique Green
    Celery is widely used as toppings in a variety of recipes for its versatility. Besides, it is well known for its strong “herb” aroma and spicy yet salty flavor.  However, for those who just started eating celery, the above terms “spicy,” “salty,” “earthy” are not clear enough. In this post, let us clarify the question […]