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  • How To Tell If A Turkey Burger Is Done? The Easiest Guide For Newbies
    You are cooking turkey burgers for the first time, but when are turkey burgers done? Do you know the answer? You do not want to have either an undercooked turkey burger that might lead to food poisoning or an overcooked one with terrible tastes. So, do you know how to tell if a turkey burger […]
  • List of Substitutes for Soy Flour for Your Perfect Cooking Recipes
    Soy flour has a deeply rooted origin from China, but in recent years, it has gained a certain presence in the West. The thing is, you can’t always get your hand on soy flour. So, what is the best soy flour substitute? Our article outlines some of the most commonly used alternatives to soy flour. […]
  • What Does Tilefish Taste Like? Tastier Than You Might Think
    Tilefish are known to be healthy fish with beautiful skin and delicious meat. Unlike catfish and haddock, tilefish have a very interesting story and flavor profile that not many people know. So, what does tilefish taste like? Let’s find out amazing facts about this type of fish and some cooking tips in my post!
  • How To Clean Cauliflower? The Best Way To Have Clean Cauliflower!
    With green winter vegetables, you can keep them fresh for a long time by freezing cabbages or turning them into beautiful dishes. However, what about the middle step that tends to be the most important procedure – cleaning them?  In this article, let’s learn how to clean cauliflower properly so that either you cook or […]
  • Top 8 Alternatives For Cashews That Will Make You Surprised
    Nuts play an important role in giving our bodies healthy and beneficial nutrients, which is why they are usually used as snacks or garnish in dishes. Cashew is one of the most used nuts in Asian cuisine because of its nutritional value and tasty flavor.  But in case cashew is not available in your region […]
  • How To Crush Candy Canes After Holiday Season?
    When the holiday season comes, I always know there will be plenty of candy canes in the house for the kids and food decorated with crushed candy canes. So, how to crush candy canes without scattering them all over the place? Read more for detailed methods!
  • What Makes Brownies Chewy? – What You Need To Fix In Your Recipe!
    Making desserts is always fun and entertaining. Imagine the moment you get your freshly baked brownies out of the oven. It surely must be one of the best feelings ever, right? However, they seem to be not as delicious and chewy as you would expect. Chewy brownies are indeed tasty, but what makes brownies chewy […]
  • Provolone Cheese Substitute- Alternatives To Save Your Dish
    Provolone is a very famous type of cheese in Italy. You can use this cow’s milk cheese in many different ways and in various recipes. However, when speaking of a provolone cheese substitute, the first name that pops out in most people’s minds is Mozzarella. Still, what are other options? If you are up to […]
  • Sweet Vermouth Substitute – The Ultimate List for Alcohol Lovers!
    We all love to have a cocktail glass to enjoy at the end of a tiring day at a local bar, for example. But did you know that you can create your cocktail recipe with some main ingredients, including sweet vermouth? However, if that alcohol is too hard to find, we’ve got your back with […]